Monday, November 23, 2009

that freaky friday

Its not that freaky.. heheheeee... by the way this gonna be a long entry with lots of piccas.. ya ampun lah kalau ada yang terlebih atau terkurang.. briefly.. it was really a nice stay.. I even begged MM to stay for another nite.. but he has to be at work early the next morning.. so not much of stuffs that we did.. but we did have an ample 100% quality time together.. except masa aku nak tido.. MM sempat lagik switched on his Dell.. it was either he really doing his work task or main game.. aku dah ngantuk dah.. so biar je lah..

the moment we arrived.. my first impression was.. besarnyaaaaaaaaaa..

the first thing that we did.. ordered dinner from the room service..
two sets of chicken chop..
innitially nak order lamb chop.. but wayyy too pricey...
which is 62 each.. hahhaha.. mahal gila..
so chicken chop pun ok lah..

seeeee... dia kata nak spend 100% quality time with me..
hmmmm.. I guess he just cant live without his Dell just the way he cant
without me.. eceehhhh...

By the way.. I forgot to snap the view of the room.. but trust me.. it was worth all cents.. There was this one big king size bed.. a set of sofa.. a beautiful bathroom and toilet complete with the bath tub..

the next morning.. I was excited because the sun finally has the nerve to shine again..
so we thought we could have breakfast.. filled up the tummy first..
have a brisk walk maybe by the seaside..
and then jump into the pool..

a minutes later.. mendung balik.. laaa.. kejap je matahari tu keluar..
MM said maybe tak hujan.. mendung je.. the plan was still on..

maafkan daku.. and MM either.. kitorang melantak macam tak hengat!!
hehehehe.. the food was sooooo marvelous..
ya amat banyakla pastries.. tapi tak larat lah nak makan semua..
buat rasa2 je.. cicah sikit2 dalam mulut.. eceeehhhh..
see the pool? its hugeeeee!!
this is so wrong kan? perut penuh pastuh
nak swim pulak.. heheheh

actually there are a few restaurants.. this one is The Restoran Kampung..
they have the western restaurant.. a studio.. where there is live band..
since we check in on Thursday nite, there was no live band in order to
respect the nite.. malam jumaat kan.. bagus tak?
anyway.. tengah sedap2 breakie.. tiba2 hujan pun turun..

tak dapek la nak brisk walking by the seaside nor swimming in that hugeeee pool..
so lepak by the lobby.. read the newspaper..


camwhoring.. hehehehhe..

it poured again.. cats & dogs.. takut pulak bila tengok laut tiba2
mengganas.. I even imagined if that waves turned into tsunami..
merepek betul.. so to fill up the moments till we
checked out.. aku main bath tub lah.. MM pulak layan movie..

then.. exactly at 12.. we checked out.. before that, ingat nak curi..
eehhh.. amik candle holder in the room bawak balik..
as token of memories la konon.. it is so small which is so cute...
luckily daku baca dulu price list barang2 dalam bilik tu..
candle holder cinonet tu cost RM7!!
potong stim betul.. mahal gila.. terpaksa letak balik tempat dia..

on the way balik.. dropped by Mesra Mall.. sebab aku teringin rojak
mamak kat Restoran Hameed.. masa sampai hujan masih lebat..
bila nak balik.. pun hujan still lebat.. keluar jek dari main exit tuh..
terkejut sebab Mesra Mallbanjir.. at least to the level of buku lali.. sabar je lah..

apa nih? heeeeeee... masa kat Mesra Mall we got each other a present..
I bought MM a humble Casio Gshock and MM bought me a small Guess wrist watch..
Ini jelah yang kita orang mampu pun..

It was at the perfect timing.. since both our watch is really worn out already..MM's 4 years old guess dah tercabut buckle bagai.. and my bonia adalah sangat kusam calar2 with a few of the swarovski dah fell of..

This is sort off a delayed anniversary gifts.. which basically was impromptu!! considering that we did not get each other anything for our recent anniversary because busy pindah rumah lah, kursus lah... thus the impulsive act is forgiven.. kan? *wink*

Itulah cerita saya yang tak seberapa.. orang lain holiday gi jauh2.. overseas bagai.. Cik Jijah destinasi tempatan je lah.. sekadar yang termampu la kan? allllritteee.. thats all now.. nak bersiap2 for school.. ciao..


emmii the strange said...

tak yah pi oversea. jalan2 dalam mesia pun tak abis lagi...

by the way, i forgot i went to awana kijal before masa encik al malik kena outstation 3 minggu kat kuantan. bath tub dia best kan? boleh main ciku cak dengan orang lain dalam bilik. sexy!!!

cik jijah said...

hmmm.. setakat ni.. sarawak jek yang saya belum jejak.. teringin juga nak ke bangkok or singapore.. lain kali lah..

and yezzzaaaa.. the bathroom at awana is so sexxxaayyy.. hehehhe.. exactly by the side of the bath tub ada sliding windows.. memang menarik..

hang nadim said...

ooooo kat awana KIjal ker ni, syoknyerr nak bulan madu sana gak lah camni...hehehe
hang nadim makan steak kat Uptown damansara jer..

Anonymous said...

wahh cikgu liza pergi honeymoon :)

cik jijah said...

ecccewwwaaahh hang nadim.. marilah coti2 sini.. tapi sekarang tgh tengkujuh tak payahlah lagi.. baik ronggeng kat uptown je.. uhukk!!

huuzzzz... malu syayeee!!