Thursday, May 28, 2009

taken aback

I was taken aback of two things today..


A new teacher has reported herself a few weeks ago in my school. Me, being myself, as friendly as always greeted her and we introduced each other. She, a local girl who before had work at KL and then took KPLI.. and aged 32 years old.. slightly older than me.. well I am 29 this year.. and she is still single..

Realising she is older than I am, and its sort of my habit to address the elder with an appropriate name, I call her Kak Siti (bukan nama sebenar) but she refused to have been called kakak.. she said ," panggil nama aje takpe".. ok.. fine with me and I respect her request.. So I call her just by her name.. and today.. She came to me and said," Kak Liza... bla bla bla.. "

She does not allow me to address her like that and yet she called me "kak"? hmmmm...


There was a death in front of my school. Here in Terengganu it was sort of a culture to pay a visit to the deceased family even though they are not related or even the family friends. So most of my school staffs including the teachers took turn to pay for the final tribute.

I was asked by a senior on when to go because she would like to tag along. I replied that I am not sure. She said to inform her if I want to go. I said," insyaallah.. nanti saya bagitau".. So she went back to her class while I continued reading the newspaper when my boss asked me to go with her to the funeral.. without any hesitation I agreed because suddenly I remembered that I have to go home early because I need to go to the PPD.. I did not inform that senior that I was going to the funeral that very moment because I thought she could go with the others later. Suddenly on my way back to the school after the visit I received an sms saying that," nape pergi tak cakap akak.. sekarang akak takde kawan nak gi".. so I called and told her that there were others who would go during the afternoon and she could go along then..

I thought it was settled but during lunch ( there was a jamuan), I noticed that her face was all red and it was so obvious that she has been crying. I ignored her until one of my colleague who went along with me to the funeral told me that that senior was so terasa that I did not ask her to go together.. What was she thinking? Gi jalan2 cari makan ke? If it is I would be so happy to have her along...

conclusion : What's with this people.. grow up!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

anak-anak ku..

It has been an exam week... Its started last week, on Wednesday actually and ended yesterday.. Maths paper was held on the second day which was on Thursday.. having it early given me the advantage to finish marking the paper early too.. Sekarang tengah tunggu the other teachers to finish marking for me to do the analysis.. almaklum.. SETIAUSAHA PEPERIKSAAN.. jaga sapa yang lambat tu.. I want all the marks in the result ledger before this FRIDAY..

Talking about the exam week.. the teachers were divided into classes to invigilate the exam.. including me.. I had to invigilate the Year One for English Paper.. The time given were supposed to be 1 hour but this rugrats manage to finish their questions in just 10 minutes!!!.. Risau aku dibuatnya.. entah apa2 jawapan dia gamaknya.. so I went around and check their answers.. Not bad.. sungguh2 jugak dia orang nih jawab.. though there were mistakes here and there.. takpela..

So nak menghabiskan waktu I asked them to colour all pictures in the paper.. trust me.. kids love colouring.. Irham siap bawak keluar 2 boxes of pencil colour.. dua kotak besar.. punya suka mewarna..

Tengok Nasreen.. comelnya dia hari tu.. she had cut her long hair to this..

Mek kelate nih memang adorable.. that day she put on a blue bandana.. cute.. and today she wore a pink one.. total cuteness.. tak sempat pulak nak snap her pic today.. behind Nasreen was Anis Natasha.. Dia monyok aje hari tu sebab budak2 kept mocking dia and calling her names .. CIKGU TUA, CIKGU TUA... Anis was acting as the class teacher on last teacher's day.. she was doing good but the boys were so nakal.. suka ejek dia.. oohhh kids..

Tengah syok cuci mata tengok si Nasreen ni and Anis.. tiba2 Solihin called out for me..

Solihin : Teacher Liza...
Cikgu Liza : Saya..
Solihin : Tahu dok bakpe saya kerat rambut?
CIkgu Liza ( I didnt know he had his hair cut, sama aja hari2 pun ) : haaa.. kenapa?
Solihin : Kambing makang rambut saya..
Cikgu Liza terus gelak.. : Sebab apa jadi gitu?
Solihin : Gini.. saya nok buwi kambing tu makang daung.. daung tu jatuh.. saya tunduk nok gi ambik.. pastuh kambing makang rambut saya... abah saya pun kerat rambut saya..

Cikgu Liza pun terus gelak.. hehehehhe..

Jahat aku.. ketawakan dia.. bukan nak ejek dia.. tapi aku rasa cute sangat dia cerita macam tuh.. ehheheh..

This class sure is so full of life.. macam2 kisah..

Nih kisah Firdaus pulak.. last week he was admitted into the hospital... Poor kids.. he has kidney problem.. cikgu kelas dia aka KAK GEE went to visit him last week and said that he was so weak sebab vomitting banyak sangat.. kesian.. kecik2 lagi dah sakit macam ni.. anyway he came in for the exam.. and guess what did he get for his maths paper? 80 marks.. bagus kan.. dapat A tau sakit2 pun..

This is Luqman Hafizi.. he's not so bright like the others.. selalu kena buli.. That day he came to school with some cuts on his face.. I asked him..

Cikgu Liza : Nape muka Hafizi gitu?
Hafizi : Saya rebah..
Cikgu Liza : Rebah macam mana?

Hafizi did not answer me.. Maybe dia malu.. takpela.. So I let him.. Behind him was two super mischievous boys.. heroes of the class... IRHAM & SYAFIQ... hmmmm..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

time out

Masyaallah.. mak bosan!!! Nak gi aerobik kereta pun takde.. tak kuasa pulak la nak gi jalan kaki ke sana.. boleh gak carpool tapi I dont have any contact number of others in the class.. Maka tersadai lah aku di rumah ini..

Nak kemas2 rumah pun malas.. Masyaallah.. malasnya mak dara sorang ni.. baju berbakul nak kena lipat pun macam tuan dia gak.. tersadai tepi dinding dalam bilik tu.. nih belum ada anak.. so nasib baik sebab rumah tak bersepah mana.. Sesungguhnya aku ini seorang yang malas.. memang dari kecik mak selalu marah aku sebab perangai aku yang satu ini..

I have always been a very lazy person.. I hate doing all the cleaning and my own laundry.. even cooking pun.. but I also dont like all the mess and dirty floor.. Nak harap siapa la kalau kita tak buat sendiri... MAID? tak masuk akal because Im a teacher who most of the days only works for half days only...

So today.. I only sat on the couch.. I have no plan yet on what to do today.. though there are plenty for me to choose.. heheheh...

Right now I am watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. My all time favourite.. I never get bore watching them.. They humor me in every way.. side note.. I notice that Chandler has a bit resemblance of Robbie Patz (twilight).. is it only me yg perasan? heheheh..

Anyway Im watching the episode when Pheobe just found out about Chandler and Monica.. at first kesian pulak Chandler & Monica kena buli dengan Pheobe & Rachel.. hehhe.. but Chandler & Monica was so smart that they knew and things got the other way around.. and then Rachel & Pheobe knew about it too.. and things really got messy.. hehhehe...

By the way... having spending the day alone.. is not so bad at all.. I take it as a time out for both hubby and me.. :)

this is my breakfast today.. remember my pizza bodoh with tuna? this is my pizza bodoh with mushroom pulak.. layannnn...

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Pertama sekali, jutaan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga diucapkan kepada Cik Puan Baiti di atas anugerah ini..



The rules:

Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini :

1. She is actually my good buddy since in MRSM BP(1996) and used to be my classmate

2. She was among the first who came to me and greeted me when I first came to the class back then.. it was in surau if Im not mistaken..

3. She studied with me in UKM and also in the same faculty which was the Sains Hayat..

4. She is now a PTD, married.. with two adorable munchkins...

5. One of the nicest person I ever met.. and pretty too.. :)

Setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award yg seterusnya :

1. Im an internet junkie. I can spend hours in front of the pc surfing and browsing the net. Am now a blogger.. I love visiting blogs of others.. and spend time reading them.. but Im not interested in those making-money-thru-your-blog thingy.. I have no means in making part time besides than my job now...

2. I love music but I dont teach this subject in school. I only love singing. I enjoy karaoke with my husband but we dont do it at home.. we afraid we might disturb the neighbourhood with our shrilling and shrieking voices.. hence we always go out to some karaoke studio nearby..

3. I used to be an avid fan of the late KURT COBAIN & NIRVANA.. I used to have most of their cassettes.. masa tuh mana ada duit nak beli cd.. I have it from Bleach up to The MTV Unplugged.. hence the name KURT aka COBAIN aka KURUT... I was famously ( cehhh.. famous sangat la..) called KURT by my classmates back then.. COBAIN by some of my closest friends.. and KURUT during my Uni time.. tak sessssuai cikgu ni kan.. but.. even until now my ex MRSMmate and exUKM's still call me by those nicknames.. hehehehhe.. among the reason why I was so crazy bout KURT COBAIN was the fact that our birthday fell on the same date.. :)

4. I listen to all genre of music except.. dangdut & irama traditional.. but I still listen to the good ones like "Keroncong Hujan" by Adibah Noor .. though my Nirvana phase has past but the grunge and alternative music is still one of my favs.. local talent like Intoxicated, Juliet the Orange, Butterfinger, Nice Stupid Playground, Subculture among those on my list.. and I listen to all indie music.. I love Yuna and Kokokaina the most.. I listen to Plain White T's, Jason Mraz, Colby Caillat as well.. :)

5. I love reading story books ever since I was in kindergarten.. but back then My family could not afford to buy me any story book so I always went to the public library during weekend by cycling there. When I was schooling in Sri Aman, I always borrow the " Sweet Valley Twins" book from my friends.. Now.. I buy my own books.. and for the moment is reading a book entitle This Charming Man by Marian Keys..

6. To those who still do not know.. I am actually an avid fan of the TWILIGHT SAGA too.. I have all the 4 installments.. Ohhhh my precioussss...

7. My husband and I love to watch movies.. before this while we were staying in Teluk Intan we always went out for movies at JJ Ipoh.. now living in Dungun, which is quite far from the sources.. we watch movies at home.. we have quite a collection of DVDs..

8. I once went to Sabah in the year of 1999.. while I was in UKM. I actually one of the fasilitator for a motivation camp in UMS.. So after the camp, I did climb the Kinabalu Mount but I only managed to reach Laban Rata since I was not fit enough to reach the summit.. I even took almost 8 hours just to reach Laban Rata while most could make it in 4 to 5 hours only.. I still remember I had a bowl of plain maggi mee for RM4.50 there.. and I did receive a certificate for it but have lost it.. rugi betul...

9. I am in my late twenties now.. going to be 30 next year.. but I have plenty of dreams to pursuit.. I wont tell.. I am keeping it to myself.. I just love blogging.. sometime blogging keep me sane.. hehehhe..

10. Rite now I am missing my family in Klang so much.. I miss "little" Ijun.. my blabby mom.. my cold father & blur Zakuan.. basiccally I miss my hometown so much..

Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnye dan describe tentang mereka :

1. Halilah - one of my best buddy during MRSM.. used to be famous with the nickname "TUTED" among us..

2. Dila - my beloved sister who just started blogging.. hehhehe.. bagus2.. welcome to the club..

3. Aiza - one of my mate back in UKM.. the one who taught me how to swim, cook and better english.. I miss those days Aiza..

4. Chucky Mem - my long lost cousin.. reconciled in Facebook.. padahal bukan duk jauh sangat pun.. sekampung tapi tak pernah jumpa pun kat kampung.. hehehe

5. Atune - also my long lost cousin who is also Chucky's twin... depa nih kembar tak seiras.. heheheheh..

6. Cik Zugha - My long lost friend from ATPN, ex Assunta.. basiccally the "musuh tradisi" of my school, Sri Aman.. but we are good.. till now.. met her via FB.. thank god that I met her that I finally met up with other friends of ATPN.. all because of her.. :)

7. Comel - she bloghopped into my blog.. and we became the cyber buddies now.. :).. tak pernah jumpa pun..

8. Nadie - my good buddy from ATPN too.. an ex BBGS.. used to be a very close friend of mine.. but time changes everything.. and I still adore her.. actually she was among the biggest influence in my music taste.. hence the Nirvana.. :)

9. Sis Emmi - my ex housemate when I first came to Teluk Intan.. ex swimming buddy in Nova Scotia Estate's pool..

10. Teacher Lynda - one of my best friends now.. my exschoolmate in teluk Intan.. I miss her and her kiddos.. who were also my swimming buddies while I was there.. She is a good diver too.. :)

arrrhrhggg.. letih mak tau!!! dari petang menaip.. rasa cam buat proposal ape ntah.. nih bukan sebarang anugerah tau.. free2 aje dapat.. haaaa.. Anyway.. thanx again to Baiti for this award.. anything u like from Terengganu? keropok lekor or ikan aye perhaps? ekekekek...

Hopefully all 10 gorgeous people that I have picked will receive this award with open heart.. and will happily do the tag.. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Girl.. You Are Beautiful

credit to :

If only my wish ever comes true.. hehhehehe...

I cant believe that I have been living in Dungun with my husband for almost 6 months now.. how time really flies.. Living the life as a teacher cum a housewife.. I think I am comfortable with my life now.. even though.. just the two of us.. cruising life in style (pinjam ayat chucky & atune) .. :) ... Being so comfortable.. I just dont realise how fast time passes by and..

"I, Noor liza bt Jamaludin, hereby declare that I have gained 7kg since I moved and stay with my husband"

All the bloatedness, even delayed period last month.. my cheek seems fuller than before.. a few clothes do not fit anymore.. So I thought I was fat and pregnant.. not!!! A total false alarm.. I actually have been gaining extra pounds of fats.. and just fats.. :) bukan sikit2 pulak tu.. cikgu oh cikgu..

credit to

I admit.. I am a full figure type of girl.. but I never expected that I would be gaining this so much weight.. Frankly speaking.. Im not the kind who eats a lot..

Before I move in with my husband, I can live days without nasi.. by only consuming other food such as whole meal bread and coco crunch.. but I admit I do take a heavy breakfast.. usually fried noodle with fried egg.. since I tend to skip lunch.. quite often.. :)

Now.. though we live together and I often cook.. which means my rice intake has increased than before.. but still I seldom had rice for dinner.. most likely, once in 2 days.. I rarely cook meals which has santan in it.. but I do fry a lot.. because I cant eat those stim/boil type of food.. geli geleman tekak mak..

Despite the fact that I love fried food.. I seldom eat those processed food like nugget, french fries etc.. I only keep them in my fridge in case someone is coming so I serve those..

No more excuses!!!

Maybe as I am getting old.. my metabolism has really slowing down.. I used to be fast.. Yup.. I walk fast.. dating a 1.74m guy who has a pair of long legs made me walk quite fast.. kalau tak kena tinggal la jawabnya... but now.. I often panting after two flights of stairs.. My knees sometimes become painful after only a brief walk.. I even feel sleepy.. in the morning.. I repeat.. morning.. sangat dah tak fit kan..

Well.. I admit that even until now I still take heavy breakfast.. I could not have my day started without having a cup of nescafe.. sometimes nasi lemak.. tell me who could ever resist a very rich nasi lemak like the one I have in my school canteen? And yes.. I always skip my lunch.. because the canteen has already close during noon.. hence all the heavy brunches.. I know.. these are actually the reason of all my morning sleepiness..

So I enroll myself into an aerobic class nearby my house.. I went for the class twice since last Sunday.. The instructor name is AYU.. she is 30 years old.. but she looks so beautiful I never thought that she is older than I am.. macam anak dara mak aihhh.. anak sorang... ex petronas engineer.. resigned her job only to pursue her dream and passion in this field..

my aerobic class registration gift

The session was a whole lot of fun.. a mix of high low,latin, pocho2, steps aerobic and muscle conditioning.. and the class is only for muslim ladies.. so mak tak la M.A.L.U = SEGAN kan.. even though I am the most full of figure among them.. hehehhehe... tak boleh la malu2 lagi kan.. This is so important for my fitness.. I dont expect to loose so much weight and become like this..

credit to :

cukuplah macam ni saje pun..

credit to :

I finally took the first step for a healthy life style.. This is just the beginning.. I know that I need to change my diet too instead of all the heavy breakfast and skipping lunches.. I have to change everything.. My only hope is that I can regain my fitness so that I can perform well for my pupils and even for my husband.. :) To really cruising the life in style..

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Celebration

This year I had my Teacher's Day celebration for the first time in Dungun.. It was definitely a day to remember.. :)

To keep it short.. we had a blast because we had the nazir came last week.. so yesterday most of the teachers really took their revenge for all the tense and hard work all this while.. :)

Among the tentative on that day..first was the morning assembly.. we dont have hall since the school is under a major renovation..hence we had had our morning assembly under the bright sunny day.. and it was soooo hot.. so hot that I felt like my face was burning..

Pity the kids.. they should not stand under the sun.. it is wrong you know.. but there was no other option.. anyway kids are always kids.. even under the hot sun they still managed to present us some magnificent performance.. if you were there.. you would fall in love with them.. especially the year one and preschool toddlers.. soooooo cuteeee...

We took a break for about an hour for intraclass competition... 3 competition were held.. there were the colouring competition for level 1 kids.. Creating happy Teacher's Day card and Essay Writing for the level 2 kids..

The school have another competition.. it is called.. Anugerah Hari Guru 2009.. kinda ABP.. there were about 20 categories.. among them was..
- cikgu paling kreatif : cikgu zizi
- cikgu paling garang : cikgu suhardi
- cikgu paling cun : cikgu mazni
- cikgu paling cool : cikgu roslan
- cikgu paling aktif : cikgu hafizu
- cikgu paling suka bebel : cikgu hartini
- cikgu paling cerewet : cikgu rokiah
- etc

Guess what category I won?
*trust me.. it was fun.. because every teacher in my school that day was so sporting..

This was some presents that I have received on that very day..

This present, I like the most.. :)

Till we meet again.. Happy Teacher's Day..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

when cikgu liza jogs..

She merely walked and snapped pictures... hehhehhe..

Yesterday the MZMRIZA went to Seberang Pintasan.. which is about 15 minutes away from Dungun... We actually went to this beach famously called Teluk Bidara..

The view.. Subhannallah.. it was so fascinating.. and the air was so crisp and fresh..

The plan was us to jog that day.. but it turn out to be a photography session by so armature us.. hehhehe... but we did jog for about 10 minutes to and fro.. and walking around for almost half an hour by the seaside.. holding hands.. laughing and giggling.. ishhhhh... gedikssss...

Could you believe that after almost 4 years of marriage this was the first time we went jogging together.. I kept on pausing because I was panting.. hehehhehe... Now.. where did all my fitness go.. owwhhhh yeaaa.. to the extra kilos of fats that I have stored all over these years.. shame on me!!!

Do you know that we cant watch the sunset by the ocean here? Obviously we cant.. because Terengganu's beaches is located in the east coast.. and sunset only occur in the west.. kiamat dunia kalau ia terbenam di timur kan? Well, being a teacher I am ashamed of myself because I always thought that wherever there beaches, we could see the sunset.. without relating it to the geography facts of where the beach is.. Masyaallah..

Friday, May 15, 2009

16th MAY

Why God Made Teachers

By Kevin William Huff

When God created teachers,

He gave us special friends

To help us understand His world

And truly comprehend

The beauty and the wonder

Of everything we see,

And become a better person

With each discovery.

When God created teachers,

He gave us special guides

To show us ways in which to grow

So we can all decide

How to live and how to do

What's right instead of wrong,

To lead us so that we can lead

And learn how to be strong.

Why God created teachers,

In His wisdom and His grace,

Was to help us learn to make our world

A better, wiser place.

but above all.. we are only human.. to all teachers, my teachers, and me myself..

ramai tanya...

Lately I have a new obsession. I am so obsess over the tudung Ariani... bukan budak nama Ariani punya tudung.. but the brand itself called ARIANI..

Ok.. It was all started last year when I started blogging.. when my world has less boundaries.. hehehhe.. While I was so keen in collecting the tudung bawal oktant.. I noticed that most of the "cyber" friends were wearing varies of tudung style.. but only one manage to catch my eye.. the Ekin style..

I first bought one in Nilai.. at RM40.. Everything is fine with it.. but the material was a tad bit panas.. hence I seldom wear it.. plus the design make my face seem a bit square like..

I bought another one in Dungun.. cost me only RM30.. but I was not satisfy enough because the size does not match my big head even though the sales girl claimed that was the size that I was asking for.. the M size.. and after several usage the cloth seems stretching and leave marks on it.. huduh laaa... and can you see that? terserlah kejendulan mak.. tak sesssuuaiiii...

I was bloghopping when I saw the pic of my good old friend Baiti was wearing them in her blog.. terdetik di hati ,"cantiknya..." . So I asked her a favour to get me one of those.. She bought me this gorgeous cottony grey tudung.. at RM75.. at the Ariani outlet itself in KL.. The moment I put it on, I was like.. falling in love again.. bestnya tudung ni..

The episode of Ariani in my life has begun.. Every where I went to I would go Ariani hunting.. Finally found one at Mydin Mall.. And a week ago at the Dungun night market, there is a girl who sell Ariani tudung.. This 2 , I would say, merchant.. has it in limited choice though.. and the price.. since Ariani didnt have sort of beli borong kind of trade and I think they bought it at members price so they marked up the price a lil bit.. lil bit? mahal jugak sebenarnya..

The first Ariani I have only cost me RM75. Those tudung they sell range from the lowest price of RM80 to the highest around RM130.. Anyway, I ... being a very very weak person.. yes very weak.. I bought 2 with them.. the brown and purple tudung.. Both has only half awning (the harder part of the tudung) and each cost me RM85 and RM 94.. dah berkenan nak buat mcm mana kan.. Thank god they dont have pink tudung because I need to wear it with my Puteri Islam Uniform.. if they do, I would be totally broke this month.. :)

Ariani's tudung is so comfy and came in so handy when I need to rush somewhere.. give me more time to get ready and extra time for other details such as make up.. The material that is used for the tudung is very good in quality since it is not panas like the other cheap ones.. I think that is why the Ariani is quite expensive.. it has the quality that others dont..

Here is another brand that is quite popular too.. Munawwarah.. It is a bit expensive than Ariani.. their price is slightly costly because rumour has it that our beloved Permaisuri Agong is among their customer.. or maybe simply because they do have better quality.. alah membeli menang memakai..

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Aku call mak tengahari tadi.. Tunggu dia off peak.. sebab kalau waktu pagi selalunya dia sibuk gi pasar.. kemas rumah.. basuh baju.. masak.. tak jemu2.. tak pernah jemu... hmmm.. tak mungkin emak akan jemu..

Macam2 sembang dengan dia hari ni.. kelmarin ada jugak aku call tapi tak banyak sangat sembang sebab abah ada.. kalau abah ada, mak malas nak sembang lama2 sebab dia tak nak abah "nguping".. orang putih kata eavesdropping.. hehehhe.. maknanya abah tak ada hari ni.. keluar gi "merebet"..

Mak : kak.. kamu tau kubur atuk diorang dah pasang kepung siap dah.. simen semua..
Aku : hahh.. elok la..
Mak : ish.. dema buat sampai 3 tingkat..
Aku : nape pulak?
Mak : Tak elok la ghope itu.. ( slang Perak sebab dia asal Tapah Road :) .. nyiksa mayat.. berat kalau 3 tingkat tu...
Aku : Ye ke mak.. akak tak tau pun..
Mak : Iye la.. besok kamu jangan buat ghope itu kat mak.. kamu susun aje batu sungai.. sejuk.. elok.. tak membazir.. free aje
Aku : ekkk... batu sungai? Nak gi ngambiknya free jugak ke? Takkan nak gi kutip kat sg klang tu..
Mak : hhehhehehe... (gelak suka dia) .. ate mak ko kan besor dekat sungai (sungai Kotak Besi, Tapah Road)..

Aku pun gelak sekali.. Yelah mak.. insyaallah akak ingat...

rindunya kat mak.. rindu sangat.. moga2 tuhan panjangkan umur mak.. sihatkan tubuh badan mak.. murahkan rezeki mak.. moga mak bahagia selalu..

sayang mak.. terima kasih sebab bela kami 5 beradik dan abah..

p/s: dont mind the cap ye.. looks weird because i wore it the wrong way.. hehhehe.. 1st time grad.. :)

To all mothers

Mother o' Mine

by Rudyard Kipling

If I were hanged on the highest hill,

Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!

I know whose love would follow me still,

Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!

If I were drowned in the deepest sea,

Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!

I know whose tears would come down to me,

Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!

If I were damned of body and soul,

I know whose prayers would make me whole,

Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!