Saturday, May 9, 2009

when cikgu liza relaxes...

I am enjoying myself staying home this weekend.. every single bit of it..

-I did some spring cleaning but not entirely. Just on the kitchen and the store.

-I cooked lunch after almost a month not doing so. Just some sambal tempe and telur mata kerbau with hot rice.. hehehhe..

-Have my mountain loads of laundry settle.. leaving me with the folding session which will be on tomorrow's schedule

-Watch Heroes season 3 with my husband ( the whole season 3)

-I finally had the husband to hang the window curtain after bribing him with a home made treat of my own pizza.. after months of waiting..

how to? take the plain bread and spread some tuna on it and top it with slices of cheese. Bake it for about 5 minutes in about 200 degree celsius of temperature... wallahhh.. you have your cheesy gooey treat for your snack time.. :)


emmii said...

Aku ingat apa laa tadik. Rupa2nya makanan...terkejut aku. Aku ingat ke spender ke apa...heheheheheh. No offence ye?

Si Comel said...

ok..saye lapa..
saye nk pizza tersebut~!
boley x sis?

::cikgu liza:: said...

sis emmi - tak nampak ke? ha.. tinggal lagi satu jumaat je la tuh.. or else u better check ur eyesight.. :)

comel - itu namanya pizza "bodoh".. ehehhe.. sebab senang sgt nak buatnya.. kalau rajin.. instead of tuna, try mushroom with blackpepper..

chucky said...

giklllos,terliur laaa jugekkk niii