Wednesday, January 28, 2009

brownies? bubur asyura lah..

Last Thursday, i had actually gave my neighbour a plate of some choc and blueberry cakes. So this evening, in return, they had given me which at first i thought was some brownies.. and it turned out to be bubur asyura. I have heard about it before but have never seen it in real. They actually passed it to Mr Mzmriza. So when he brought it in, i was screaming," bestnyer brownies!!" . Mr Mzmriza shook his head and said," bubur asyuralah.." I sincerely thought it was some brownies and u know how crazy i am over chocolates. Be it kandos.. i would go head over heels for it. My husband said there was a story behind it. It was back during Nabi Nuh as era.. So it is actually a ritual in memorial of the events. Anyway, i have tasted the "brownies".. it has a tangy flavour as a result of the combination of some nuts, some meats.. and sweet too.. it tasted a bit like rendang though... Not bad. Mr Mzmriza told me in Kedah , the bubur asyura is cook without the meat. In Terengganu, this has been some sort of culture. My school will be having this occasion too. I am not sure when but im sure will update it here.


A four days trip back to to the west coast had really blow my mind off in having a child. MR MZMRIZA and i have been married for almost 4 years now. We havent really trying to have a child though we did hope that we could conceive one naturally. Days passes by, and yet still no sign of the little one. So,what happened was this few days, we have been visiting some old friends and relatives. Almost everyday we spent during this holidays, we have been seeing and meeting babies.. so it did turn on something, or should i say a motherly instinct inside me..

It started with farisah.. one of my old friend since matriculation.. we were actually meeting Lynn who had juz got back from UK for a short holiday.. Lynn happened to be my roomate during matriculation. So we decided to meet at farisah's house in Salak Selatan. Farisah is married and now is blessed with a pair of childrens, a 1 1/2 year old boy, Rizq and a month old girl, Hana.. Rizq was tagging along with my husband quite well.. like there was a chemistry or something... at that point, the feeling of having a child is not yet so strong..

clockwise: Mr Mzmriza+rizq, lynn+rizq+me, me+lynn, lynn+farisah+hana

Later at nite after scmooching lynn, farisah and her kids goodbye we went to my PIL's house at Taman Batu Muda. There we met up with Zura, Mr Mzmriza's younger sister and her 8 months old Alif. Alif was so adorable.. last month when we saw him he was a tiny lil baby who was only crying and screaming out off the blue.. but now with his two tiny teeth and none like any other baby, Alif was actually crawling backwards. He also giggled a lot. My MIL said he was trying to learn to sitdown on his own by actually skipping the crawling parts.. funny little boy i think.. FYI all three grandchildren of my MIL are boys (including kak mona's who is Mr Mzmriza's eldest sis)

a whole lot of Alif

the next morning we were on our way to Low Yat Plaza when we dropped by at my aunts house juz to pay them a visit when we were suprised by this baby girl, Tasneem who is sooooo chubby.. look at her cheek.. my mistake that i squeezed my cheek. If not we would be a look alikesengihnampakgigi.. she is actually a 4 months old of my cousin...

Tasneem and me

Later on the late afternoon after we spend our time at Low Yat ( which we also had windows shopping at BB Plaza, Sungei wang, Pavillion and some shopping at the JJ- we wouldnt be doing this if we have kids, would we?) , we went to meet Mr Mzmriza's friend at Bandar Bukit Raja.. and i was introduced to super cute Izzah, an 11 months old of Hairy and Sal.. she was so naughty and playing hard to get. She was giggling when i played pick- a-boo with her but when i tried to lift her off her mother she screamed like i was trying to take her far2 away..

izzah and papa

with all the visiting and snapping made us realize that it is time for us to really have our own child.. the feelings were so strong when we both browsed thru the pic that were taken. The other day when we went to my PIL's, my MIL has given me some kind of fruit which she got during her hajj last month. It is called BUAH HAMIL. I have never seen anything like it before but its remind me of buah salak though. The texture of the skin is so much harder than buah salak. My MIL told me to smash the fruit and boil it with its crust. After that, it need to be drink like any other plain water twice a day. Both of us should drink it. As this is my baby quest part 1.. let me start my quest with this fruits. I know.... it sounded ridiculous but i am not ready to have a medical consultation yetgigil.. so wish me luck ehhh.. fikirwonder how it taste.. ill update with that later..

buah hamil


khas untuk tatapan teacher lynda.. my first handbag that purchased via the cyber space... i might seems like showing off here.. but real intention is to acclaim that shopping through the net arent bad at all... forgive me for this naive attitude but seriously im new in this matter. Thank u to nizza for such pleasure of the process. Eventhough i did expected that the item would be pack in a box wrapped with a beautiful papersengihnampakgigi.. too much ehh?.. juz kidding. As long as the bag is in a good condition is enough for me to jump with joy!!! Cant wait for my next purchase (Liz Clairborne bucket).. which is scheduled to arrive next month.. again.. a million of thanks to nizza...

Friday, January 23, 2009

net ball

The tournament season has begun. Here in Dungun, its starts with the net ball game. Nope.. I am not one of the coaches which is thank god because i am not so fond of this game. No offense but i think net ball has a few regulations which i think a bit ridiculous. Especially when a player receives a ball and they cant move until they throw the ball back at the next player..

Mind u if i sounded so naive bout net ball. I am just not so much into sports. I apologise for that. I know its bad for a teacher to have felt that but trust me even though i dont have that much interest of the game but i do try to be part of it..

A few days ago i was asked by my school's net ball coach, kak mazni to be the guru pengiring... I was assigned to bring the players to the school which the tournament was held.. and i did which is yesterday afternoon.. so the event went well when for the first game we had tied score with SK Jerangau. The second game was with SK Durian Mas1 and this was when we had been defeated quite badly.. this brought to a decision which was made by my schoolmates.. to withdraw from all the other matches...sigh...

i didnt quite agree with her because i thought the spirit of the game was more important.. just let the girls play.. let them experience the whole moments themselves.. doesnt matter if we win or not... but who am i to out loud any opinion.. im not the coach.. maybe they know better.. and so we did went home early.. expected at 6pm but we left around 5pm..

hantu raya

yeayyyy!!!! its holiday!!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! since im at the east coast the CNY holidays start today. What am i still doing here? i should have been packing and go balik kampung. Well, in the first place.. MR MZMRIZA have been working late this few days. Last nite he was only homed at 11.30pm. Is he a workaholic? nope.. he has datelines to catch up... tuh yang macam nak gila tuh.. and rite now he is still sleeping.. so i let him be.. let him takes his enough rest.. and may be after the Jumaat prayers we will be heading back KL... he is the one who is driving after all.. and i can take my nap later in the car..

secondly, i prefer be balik kampung a bit late because lately there are to much of burglary cases.. last week a house had a break in by some men with parang and the incident happened during dawn. Almost azan subuh. The burglar kept asking for more valuable things and if tthe victims refused to do so, the burglars would threatened to slash parts of body with their parang.. nasty isnt it? And yesterday my neighbour told me that they are moving out after CNY.. being a little bit cautious.. now im freaking out too!!! My neighbour did mention there was a break in our house thru the roof 2 years back.. and also having some old friends back in perak who had been hit by breaking in.. i am now afraid to leave this house for a long period.. thats why im still here..

with all this bad circumstances.. i have been thinking.. how to avoid such nasty things from happen? for me.. all i can do is to lock every doors and windows of my house... and maybe switch on some lights.. for those who, i might say rich maybe can afford some anti theft alarm system.. but most of us are not.. these nasty human being could always find ways to get into people's house.. this remind me of our ancient days.. when there was less technology.. and my grandfather once told me in having avoidance of this burglars people back then had kept "hantu raya"... what do u think?.. maybe we should have one... eeeeeeeeeeeee... seram la plak!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


dha pulak.. this layout is color and font fixed!! tak leh nak edit.. geram lagiiii.. entah angin ape yang melanda diri aku nih.. habis caca merba jadinye blog aku.. i know.. it is 100% my fault.. keep changing the layout.. am the type that always get bored cepat sangat.. and maybe i have too much time smpi tak tau nak buat apa.. thats why i could be in front of the pc as long as i could be.. yelah yelah.. sue me.. i wont stop untill i get that 3 columns layout yang comel ok.. oh god.. my back is aching.. gila dah aku nih.. addicted .. segala bagai lah..


updated at 7.21pm

made up my mind!!! i think im going to stick with this one.. though its not really functioning like default template yang blogger sediakan.. but cukuplah.. MR MZMRIZA sudah sound tepet sama ku.. dia bilang," abg rasa memang wujud la org ada super power mcm dlm citer heroes tuh..".... "ye ke.. suka ati abg je", ku bilang.. sudah %@#$ ke suami terchentaku ini...katanya lagi," betul.. abg dah jumpa sorang.. duk dekat2 sini jek"... biar betul orang tua ni... aku pon," sapa bang?"... maka seserius wajahnya dia pun menjawab," cikgu.. cikgu liza.. power mata dia tinggi gila sebab suka duduk depan pc lama2"... cehhhhhh.....

Monday, January 19, 2009

gatal tangan

gatal sangat la tangan nih.. hati pun sama... tukar2 layout lagi.. habis ilang semua smileys.. mmmmm... takpelah.. nanti carik lagi.. tepek sini lagi..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

faizal tahir was SUPERB!!!!

im watching AJL 2009 now.. which juz had faizal tahir performed his SAMPAI SYURGA.. composed by ezam omar and audi mok and lyrics by himself.. he astoundingly, breathtakingly delivered it so well... and i was speechless.. it was SUPERB.. i was stunned.. i could feel the song.. i could really feel him.. i have never felt this way for him.. i even got goosebumps!! to me he was juz like any other singer.. but tonite.. changes everything.. faizal is the true star<span class= <span class=<span class=.... i hope he wins.. even if not.. he is still a winner!! <span class=<span class=<span class=<span class=<span class=


updated at 11.45pm

Meet Uncle Hussin beat em all!!!!... their performance was "eerie" and excellent!! congratulation!! Indie music proved the world belongs to them again... but Faizal Tahir is the best indeed.. MUH may won but Faizal had conquered the nite superbly...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

ekin VS bawal

im thinking about changing my image.. im kinda bored with tudung bawal.. and being inspired by a friend, baiticium... how about tudung ekin/ariani?.. i bought one at nilai for RM40.. encik asben said he liked the way i look.. me too.. i looked slimmer and more mature.. but if i really changing my image what am i going to do with all my tudung bawalgarupale.. i have 2 large drawers full of it.. and they arent juz tudung bawal.. most of its are tudung bawal oktant and bawal no. 1... MR MZMRIZA once culculated the amount of RM that i spent for all my tudung.. it was nearly RM1.8ksengihnampakgigi!!! and u know what else? looking at my own pic remind me of my former school clerk; the sarcastic-ignorant-grumpy-old kak ----rindu... but who cares when i dooo look good in wearing onekenyit.. perasan tahap cipan nihsetan... so what say u?

cikgu huduh

something had happen in my class last thursday.. juz read... it took place during my seni visual period..

asri : cikgu.. tandas...

yours truly: apa?? kamu kata cikgu tandas???

the class burst into laughter..

asri : eehhhh dok... saya nak gi tandas...

yours truly : cuba minta izin elok2.. cikgu boleh saya ke tandas?..

i could see how asri's face turned red while he was walking towards the door...

a few minutes later...

asri : cikgu... huduh...

yours truly : kamu ni.. tadi kata cikgu tandas... sekarang kamu kata cikgu huduh pulak...

the whole class went mad and laughing... i could hear some said ,"tadi kata cikgu tandas , nih kata cikgu huduh pulok"...

asri : aaaaaaaa... dok... lukisang saya dok jadi.. huduh niiii... bukang cikgu...

as asri was trying hard in defending himself... i was only smiling...

yours truly : sebab tuh kita perlu jaga percakapan kita supaya org lain tidak salah faham... fikir dulu sebelum cakap.. cikgu tau asri tak maksudkan..

asri's face turned red for the second time.. but this time with a smile..

poor asri... it wasnt his fault.. he is only a kid.. who is in the process of life nurturing.. and that is my job... to correct the mistakes.. this is the beauty of it... to know that we still have the chance to mend things from the roots..

this is.. asri

Thursday, January 15, 2009

bila malas

santai saja malam ini.. tomorrow is off day... has no plan yet for this weekend... but the MZMRIZA will be having some frens for dinner here tomorrow.. it is my idea... saja nak entertain kawan2 cik abang yang masih bujang.. merantau mcm kami.. kesian plak.. they have requested to come tonite but my husband declined because we need some space together since MR MZMRIZA have been working late these few days.. and i am thinking of some dish.. maybe siakap sweet sour, kailan ikan masin, plain fishball soup or seafood tomyam.... wahhh bukan main lagi yours truly ni ekkksengihnampakgigi... we will see...

as for today i cooked a special "maggi" for dinner... hmmm maggi is in the boycott list.. but the stock has been here for a while.. nak dibuang rasa membazir.. linda mesti marah aku kalau dia baca nih.. the truth is the MZMRIZA memang suka makan maggi.. it is an unhealthy food.. tapi suka sgt lah mee dia tuh rather than mee basah which is sometimes contains harmful boric acid.. as to make it one healthy dish i dont use the given perasa in my maggi.. i usually put on my own "traditional" recipe.. ala2 mee sup.. i added on some veggies, chunk of chicken meats, slices of hotdogs.. and proudly to say here.. MR MZMRIZA loves it!!.. not showing off here.. tapi yang penting encik asben suka apa kita masak sengihnampakgigi.. tapi i only cook this when i am so super malas.. chop chop all the ingredients and toss it off ... senang giler..

nih pulak bila aku rajin.. rajin sket je.. cos the concept of my cooking still the same.. chop chop.. toss it off... and wallaaahhh.. here we have ayam masak merah with tomatoes, kailan ikan masin and plain telur dadar... apsal ader carrot in my kailan ikan masin? saja nak perabis stock.. dari biar dia rotting dlm fridge and straight to the bin baik aku masak... pelik ek? MR MZMRIZA tak complaint punsengihnampakgigi...

ok.. there is time when i am so super duper malas.. i would give some sort of signal to MR MZMRIZA.. dia paham lah.. it means aku malas masak ape2 hari ni.. and the pic below was what i had for dinner last sunday at mama chop papa grill, sura... mahal and the taste.. best lagi city mewah teluk intan.. but what the heck... janji kenyang and my kitchen mantained its cleanlinesssengihnampakgigi... and after all.. praise be to allah.. for such rezeki that we have...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

kotok kalang

i have been without any idea on what to write these few days.. am devastatingly sad over Palestine.. it bothers me but i can only pray and boycott anything that has to do with the Israel. including my plan to watch ''Bedtime Stories" which stars Adam Sandler... i use to love him so much.. i loved all his movies.. not all.. i did miss a few.. but i did have a lot of fun watching mr deeds, anger management, the longest yard, spanglish, big daddy, 50 first date.. so when MR MZMRIZA and I saw the big add at TGV, we thought we wouldn't want to miss it.. until last nite a gud old fren, zaharah hasanah@nina forward me a message via YM saying that some of profit collected thru ''Bedtime Stories" will be channelled for the israel to win over Gaza.. i dont know how far is the truth.. but thinking of the misery that the Palestinians is struggling thru.. and even if its not true.. i should cancel my plan.. so i did.. and i am proud of itsenyum..

ok... back to my teaching world... i have picked my monitor and his assistant..

this is muhammad ridzuan and his assistant fatin aqilah

i did a poll and let them vote.. i thought it was better for them to choose their own leader.. someone that they can work with and i believe they chose the rite person because both of them can deliver given task very well.. congratulations dear!!!!

i have some moments that happened in class that i want to share with...

scene 1 ( period: pendidikan muzik year 3)
intro: i taught them the song - jong jong inai... u all know the songs rite.. didnt purposely pick that song but it was in the syllabus.. so i gave them the lyrics and taught how to sing it... and joget too... yessss... joooooget! and of course i had to demonstrate the joget to them first!!... so i managed to have a few who could really joget... some... mmmmm... budak darjah 3 lah.. malu2... as to get the rest of the class to joget together so i joget along while cheering them up to do so... and at the end of the period i summed up by saying while panting of course...

me: bagus ye.. hari ini kita telah belajar menyanyi sambil berjoget... bagi tepukan untuk semua..

year 3: tepuktangantepuktangantepuktangantepuktangantepuktangan

me: selain daripada kita belajar muzik secara tidak langsung kita juga telah melakukan senaman...

me lagi: senaman amat bagus bukan.. lagipun kita baru lepas rehat.. makan hotdog, nugget, nasi lemak dan sebagainye.. kenapa kita makan? untuk mendapat...

year 3: tenaga..

me: bagus.. kalau tenaga tidak digunakan ia akan bertukar menjadi lemak.. dan akhirnya kita akan menjadi gemuk...

year 3 (sambil bersahut- sahutan): betul nanti pakai baju tak muat.. selalu penat.. yada yada yada.. (mcm2 la feedback diorang)

me : tapi.. kalau gemuk macam cikgu takpelah.. sikit aje...

and suddenly.. the class became silentblur... yours truly tiba2 rasa macam malu pon ada... maybe inside their head... "perasannye cikgu nih... besar mcm nih kata gemuk sikit ke?"... ohhhsigh.. i should register myself at aerobic class petang ni jugak..

me: ok kelas... jumpa lagi pada kelas seterusnya.. assalammualaikum... (with a very red and hot facemalu)

scene 2 ( period: mathematics year 5)
intro- i taught them multiplication today.. an hour period.. so after giving examples, discussing and answering it one by one, i gave them a list of question to be answer on their own for exercises.. after 10 minutes passed by i moved around the class to check how they were doing.. and there was this boy, fitri who had only started at the first question meanwhile the others have been leading him with 3 or 4 questions.. and he wasnt usually like this because he was among those who always manage to submit homework on time.. so aku pun...

me: what is wrong with u... baru soalan pertama... org lain dah nak siap dah...

fitri: packing ------- ----lang... ( loghat terengganu)

me: packing what?.. belalang.. haaa... lang.. apa lang?

fitri was not saying a word and suddenly other pupils sitting next to him said : kotok kalang...

me: haaaaa? packing kotok kalang?

fitri : pencil box.. teacher.

yours truly was about to laugh but had it control very well.. takkan la plak aku nak ketawa depan anak murid kugelakguling.. so i was like " siapkan cepat ok.. dont waste any time"...

apparently here the pencil case/box is called "kotak kalam".. kalam means pencil.. an arabic word which is in original, qalamun... so go figure why kotok kalang... sengihnampakgigi