Saturday, February 28, 2009

book hunting

So.. this is my third entry of today.. i didnt have much time lately.. since i got back to the GURU DATA position i found it hard for me to surf more in the internet.. my life was busy before and now even more.. hence i have all my entries published once a week.. 3 at once..

just updating my life here.. u know how much and childishly i have became head over heels for the twilight saga rite.. as u know i already read the first 2 installments.. TWILIGHT and NEW MOON.. in the beginning i thought the first 2 were enough to satisfy my thirst of reading.. all of sudden i realized that i just couldnt get enough of them.. it was not about me being love to read only.. it was about the forbidden love between edward and bella ; a vampire and a mortal which was so irrevocably enchanting.. though the story was designated for young adult.. since im not that young.. but i have realized that some part of me still so insatiably fond for love story.. hahahha.. jiwang karat.. i was desperately hunger for the other 2 installment.. so the MZMRIZA hit for kuantan.. to fulfill my desire towards edward and bella...

poss dulu before bertolak.. ekekke.. please dont mind the bed ehhh.. kacau bilau sikit...

as we arrived in kuantan megamall.. without hesitation, i went straight to look for the bookstores which was only one there, POPULAR.. desperately went to the SA and asked for those books.. being lucky i guess, i managed to get ECLIPSE, the 3rd installment because that was the only one left.. happy and yet so frustrated because i couldnt get the final installment, BREAKING DAWN.. movie dia dah habis tayang pun, buku still mcm goreng pisang panas..

i thought people out there has get bored of it.. but i was totally wrong.. i guess it has became phenomenal.. mainly due to the movie which was excellently portrayed the story.. although it is impossible to blend all those 300+ pages into a 2 hours motion picture.. but i still think the movie was not a disappointment at all.. with the two beautiful casts, ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART.. robert was perfect to play edward.. in my opinion he matched every single details of edward's character.. his height, his cheeckbones, his jaw lines and his model like chest.. and i first taught that kristen was not good enough for the role of bella but then after watching the movie.. i could understand why she was chosen.. the chemistry between the two actor were so irresistible..

so.. since dah tak jumpa apa yang dicari.. we went for lunch.. on the way and still contemplating on where to eat.. suddenly i saw my favourite boutique.. the carlo rino.. couldnt help myself.. i went straight into the lot.. i was unstoppable.. nak2 there was a " 50% discount" sign... seriously i couldnt help myself.. i was so attracted to this one beg.. my husband gave me that disapproving look.. the beg was quite costly but with that discount it was really a bargain.. so irresistible.. so i gave my husband "that" look pulak.. and MR MZMRIZA finally agreed.. when i was about to pay for it.. suddenly he said " takpelah.. abang bayar.. this is ur b-day present".. i was jumping with joy in front of the counter and the SA said " baiknya u punya abang.. dia sayang sama u maaaa..."

i have not expect for any present this year.. since we have spend quite lavishly when we moved to dungun last time.. i am so thankful to my husband for his generosity..

so we had lunch at the rasamas restaurant and got ourselves dropped in FOS.. my husband loves shopping for his clothes there.. he got himself a nautica sweater which actually cost USD98 for only RM49.90 along with 2 shirts and a pants.. seronok sangat dia.. it was at the rite time pulak tuh to get the sweater since we are going to cameron highland this coming school break..

and so.. we need to head back to dungun.. but.. we have another pit stop.. which was KEMAMAN.. remember that i was still looking for the book?.. i asked my hubby to drop by the POPULAR book store at MESRA MALL... when i was here last time, there was only NEW MOON left... i was hopping this time it has all the installments.. i was lucky.. my hunt was a success.. i finally managed to get myself the last installment of twilight saga.. thank god.. but only new moon and breaking dawn were on the shelves.. seriously hot stuffs..

dengan hati yang girang... la la la la la.. we went straight back home.. my book hunting was merely a shopping spree and the day was not wasted.. not a single moment.. alhamdulillah..

girls in orange

my school had just had the MTQ competition last week. So we send our best 10 of vocalist to take part in the nasyid event. Best 10 eh?.. they were our best 10..but not good enough for the big event though.. takpe.. takde rezeki.. maybe some othertime.. it was good enough they experienced the whole event themselves.. to have to know what it was like.. and the most important thing was.. the certificate.. yes .. that was all that matter actually..

but i did feel pity for the ustazah who had put all her efforts in this competition.. i was so sorry that i hadnt have enough time to assist her with all these datelines that i have last week... hence.. salute to her; ustazah ILA.. she had gave her all out in preparing the girls.. she even seek help from a music teacher from another school to teach the girls how to hit the bongo and kompang.. since my school kinda lack of experience in music.. we dont even have a music optioned teacher.. even from the songs till the makeups.. she never failed in giving it all.. even staying back everyday for the last two weeks and also turning up on weekends.. that is what i called a prominent teacher.. if only fate was on our side though..

bon appetit

Just recently my hubby's colleague had a dinner by the beach side of Dungun. MR MZMRIZA insisted in having me at the dinner too. At first, I was unwilling to go, but he was begging. SO i thought, " yeahh why not.."

I managed to get my face as tebal as it is to snap few pics.. segan gak sebenarnya.. but konon nak jadi "prominent blogger"..

seen here is.. the PM (the one who is smoking), the QS( the one in white shirt), pejal pendek( who signed peace), maula( the stripes shirt) and uncle ( the orange shirt).. not all were there that nite though.. out of three table were booked, we only filled up two and yet all dishes were none wasted.. nampak sgt kebulur.. heeeeeee

This is the newly engaged couple.. pejal panjang and gee.. they met and knew eachother as officemates.. but fate has brought them much closer.. ohhh jiwang karat aku.. now gee was not working there anymore.. she has decided to pursue her ambition to further her study by entering a poli somewhere in Dungun.. their wedding will be schedule on this September.. insyaallah..

This is azrul and nor.. just friends.. and yet seems so comfortable being with eachother.. hmmm.. I could feel the chemistry.. though they denied all the speculations but who knows.. fate may have plans for them too.. just like pejal panjang and gee..

Another girls form MR MZMRIZA's office.. who I believe without them the office will be so dull.. I guess they are some sort the attraction in the office.. jadi bahan and modal for sakat menyakat.. hehehhe.. so all are anak dara except me and zura(the one besides gee, she has 2 sons but look like anak dara lagik) ... terasa gak la kemakcikan diri ini.. huhuhuhu..

and of course.. us..

p/s : the restaurant is called LAILA.. the food was quite good.

Monday, February 23, 2009

edward & bella

missing them so much.. i had just finished reading the first installment of the saga.. TWILIGHT.. it was so intriguingly passionate story.. i had spend my last weekend reading it the whole day.. doing nothing but just indulged the very most of the books.. laying on my couch.. the tv was on but in silence mode.. i just couldn't move.. i was sinking in every words of it.. i am now suppose to be reading the second one.. NEW MOON.. but my days are getting more hectic.. i just need a day.. without any disturbance.. just to read.. to have picture of edward and bella again in my mind.. ohh darn.. i should have watch the movie in the first place..

sunday blues

This usually strikes on Mondays... normally after a relaxing and enjoyable weekends. Then when u wake up on that Monday morning u would groan.. u would be grumbling. Hating that its the day that u have to go for work again.. and do the same typical things that u did last week again.. this week. It would be much better if we can lazing around.. but to me.. its killing me more to know that the only different for me here is.. its begin on Sunday!!!

Usually it wasn't this bad.. I normally can cope well with my first day of the week. Being a teacher, the job is more flexible compared to those who stay indoors, sitting in front of their pc and so obliged to the working hours. I am grateful that I dont have to be one of those.. but something did push my button on.. especially after i just had my 29th birthday bash.. sorry.. it wasnt a bash.. it was just a simple lunch with my hubby.. but still.. when someone told me that I have to be the GURU DATA starting this very week.. I wanted to scream my lungs out of my chest!!

That teacher who held the post was being transfered to another school.. I guess my HM didnt have to think much, since i have the history of being one.. Anyway, what the heck is GURU DATA.. its just some data entry job.. where u hold most of the school data and suppose to keep it safe with u.. update it if there is any changes.. lame ehh? It is.. but not untill when ur personal laptop is attacked with all sorts of problems eg: hang, virusses, etc.. this is mainly due to the data transfering activity.. well then, why dont i use the school's lappy?.. too much hassles eg: unupdated AV, broken cd drives, mounts of old data, etc..

Anyway.. I know I can survive.. it just.. I really thought that I would be more relaxed here.. to enjoy my obsession as an internet junkie without having thoughts such as " yang nih dah update blum? ehhh yang nih dah semak blum? yg nih bila nak kena hntr? ".. I thought the idea to move here (besides than being with my hubby) is to escape from it.. well I had hoped that I wouldn't be that again.. I just really really really want to concentrate in teachings.. mingle around with my pupils.. stay back in school and marks their books.. be home and be a housewife cum internet junkie.. but now.. stay back and update those data.. be home and print those data.. it suckkss!!

Alas, I cant be selfish.. I guess it is always meant to be.. tetap dan berpencen.. I always believe that GOD wont give us such responsibility unless we are strong enough to hold it up high.. maybe it is all that I have ever wanted.. and I have to suck it up.. being a teacher is not only be like one.. but act like one..

p/s* it just my ramblings.. Im not mad at my HM.. I can do this.. I know but I just want to teach.. if only teachers just do teaching in class like it used to be yearsssss ago.. I think those kids today wont be so bad like they are now.. maybe the social problem that we are having now are not so appalling.. at home, their parents are barely around and even in school, their teachers cant give them much attention that they needsigh..

Friday, February 20, 2009


yes finally.. it is official that today i am 29 years old.. alamak.. i am going to be 30 next year.. hmmm... age is just numbers kan.. ehhheh nak sedapkan ati.. anyway.. it did not start good.. i think it was not.. nih sebab MR MZMRIZA.. at the 0001 hour of my birthday... dia cakap..

MR MZMRIZA : ayang.. happy birthday.. sorry takde ape2.. abg pokai lah..
yours truly : hmmm.. ok..

dalam hati aku... macam nak nangis pun ada.. takkkan la handmade sendiri punya kad pun takde.. furthermore he knows how much i love chocolates.. takkan la cekelat cap ayam pun takleh beli.. pokai gila ke laki aku nihnangih.. maka.. malam tadi aku masuk tido dengan hati yang sebal.. sebab jenuh aku tahan ngantuk nak tunggu suprise dari dia.. end up.. nothingggsigh..

hence, this morning i woke up without waking him up.. lantak situ.. bermula segala jenis mogok pada hari ini.. mogok lapar.. mogok suara.. mogok bunyi.. but i did made breakfast utk dia.. yelah.. takkan la nak biar dia kebulur.. anyway aku kena gi sekolah pagi tadi.. siap aje masak aku pun ready nak ciao gi sekolah.. tengok2 dia bangun..

MR MZMRIZA : nak gi mana?
yours truly : nak gi sekolah..
MR MZMRIZA : tunggu.. abg hntr..
yours truly : tak payah..
MR MZMRIZA : abg kata tunggu .. tunggu la.. abg hntr..

alamak.. takut gaduh punya pasal.. aku pun tunggu.. siap dia breakfast, he drove me to school.. all the way, not a single word came out from both of us.. masa balik from school pun sama.. smpi rumah ajer.. ku qada' tidor.. dia gi solat jumaat sumer aku tak sedorr.. alih2.. " yang.. jom.. bangun.. kita makan"... aku pun bangun.. sbb memang perut pedih.. dengan mood yang tgh swinging lagik nih.. terus cair.. sedu2 aku nangis.. tgk atas meja ada kek.. dengan piza.. terus peluk MR MZMRIZA.. ehhehehhe.. eventhough it was ala kadar aje.. i am happy now..

art class

wow.. art class.. kelasssss gitu... amboi amboi amboi... Nope.. im not taking any art class. FYI, I just want to share that i am actually the art teacher for my year 4 and year 5 pupils. I have the slightest experience in teaching this subject. In my previous school, I usually would teach music or PE... but here, I was given the opportunity to expand my talent in arts.. cewwwwaaahhh.. just kidding.. Im not that good ok.. but a little effort would do to teach this subject.. we are not into developing any Picaso or Van Gogh.. just to initiate a tiny bitsy of interest in them... maybe one day we would have many of our own Raja Azhar's kind...

By the way, this week the year 5 pupils were taught on how to make a paper bag.. the good thing was, they were not just learn how to craft but also how to use their ruler!!! yes.. ruler.. trust me, ruler is one of the most common or a must have stationery in a pencil case but most of my pupils did not know how to use it.. in the end most of them succeeded to make their own paper bag.. including the remedial pupil.. the one in the biggest frame..

Just rite after the year 5 class, was the year 4.. as for them, I chose a much simpler task for them to do.. I think they were not yet ready for much complicated task hence i have asked them to bring some vegetables such as the lady fingers, potato and onion.. those veggies were cut into half in order to get a surface which would be use as stamps... and the outcome.. some of my pupils did have some talent..

through out those periods from year 5 to year 4.. everything were so good so far.. but not for this boy here.. he gave up the minute he failed the first attempt .. so i asked him why..

me : kenapa lukisan kamu jadi macam ni?
boy : saya tak pandai cikgu.. saya tak tau..
me : semua kawan2 kamu yang lain pun tak pandai juga...
boy : entah.. nanti baju kotor.. saya malas nak basuh..
me : ehhhh.. kamu basuh baju kamu sendiri ke?
boy : selalu mak basuh.. tapi mak takde..
me : mak kamu mana?
boy : mak dah tinggalkan kami..
me : mmmmm.. mak kamu ke mana?
boy : mak talipon.. mak kata dia keje kat selangor..

After school hours, I had a chat with one the school PAR.. apparently he saw me talking to the boy in class just now.. he said this boy came from a broken family.. his father is a drug addict.. and his mother had been running away ever since but always came back.. but this time the mother had not return.. i was shocked.. based on the PKSR record, last year this boy was the number one in class.. but i have notice that this year he did not perform as he did previously.. poor boy..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

twilight saga

the much awaited saga.. presenting new entry of my fiction collections .. the twilight saga.. have been crazily looking for it all the way from west to the east coast.. somehow these books are hot stuffs in the bookstores.. it had sold out like goreng pisang panas!!! despite of the how fast selling it was.. i managed to buy the NEW MOON myself at the mesra mall in ketereh.. yang lain habissss... and with help of my good buddy, Baiti.. she managed to get me the TWILIGHT.. thanx dear..

i barely read any love story anymore.. im more into chick comedy books like sophie kinsella's and julia llewellyn's or cecelia ahern's instead of judith mcnaught's or jude deveraux's... but somehow this saga grabbed my attention to have them as my collection.. i think this is because i used to loved anne rice's " interview with the vampire".. do u still remember that? i watched that movie when i was form 3 at ATPN.. after pmr (1995) i think.. remember how hot brad pitt was in that moviegigitjari? ... and i loved to watch "ANGLE" so much.. am picturing david boreanaz inside my head.. mmmmm ... yummy..

anyway.. i have yet read it.. though my heart is so wanting to read it the minute i ripped off the wrapper.. but baiti suggested that i should first watch the movie before reading it.. she geniusly said that having watch the movie first would give the character faces... instead of imagining ntah sapa2 ntah.. but the mzmriza is hardly go for any movies anymore.. mainly because the nearest for us to see the movie is kuantan.. secondly we didnt know what is the cinema booking line number yet.. so i went to look for the dvd.. the *&^%^* one.. but the pic pixel was so lousy.. no choice.. i have to wait for the original dvd which will be released on this march.. tak lama jek lagi.. but my hands is so gatal to flip those pages.. gerammmmm.. sabo.. sabo.. harus cari juga the other 2 installments.. semuanya ada 4 buah..

big kids

these two days i was assigned to be the "hakim padang" of the MSSD Dungun at SMK Sains Dungun.. i was the substituted of my colleague who couldnt make it since she has another school errands too.. so feeling a bit reluctant.. yupppp.. u know what the weather is like nowadays.. hence i was a bit berat hati.. not because i am a kind of puteri lilin or what so ever.. i just couldnt stand the heat.. i'd feel light headed, dizzy and semua yang sewaktu dengannya.. but as a teacher.. who already signed a form which quote that " saya yang menurut perintah" haruslah saya turun padang juga..

amazingly, i felt so good!!! usually i would get tensed and so demented over related things of the event.. but i was not <span class=.. maybe because i managed to push away all the negative thoughts inside my head and really determine that this is one of my responsibility as being a teacher... thank god i finally realized..

on the first day, i was the hakim padang for the triple jump event for girls under 18.. for starter i am a sport dorky.. my chief asked me to hold the white and red flag.. guess what.. i didnt know what to do with it!!! not until one of the officer told me what to do.. malu gile!!!!.. as in my defense, i knew what those flags for.. i just didnt know how to use it.. luckily i was the type that dont mind what others said.. my motto for the day was - belasah aje.. but can not belasah semua maaaaa!!! because there were rules and regulations.. anyway.. i had fun seeing those jumpers flying thru the air.. well.. there were some who fell down quite badly.. pity them.. in my mind "its ok dear.. shit happens sometimes"... teachers out there.. do mind my language!!!

from top:one of the comp. on her attemp, my colleague was taking the length, the girl (adina bt salleh) who broke the MSSD record with 9.64m jump

today i was the hakim for the high jump for boys under 18.. i was all alone when i first got to the location of the event.. so i took the apparatus that is needed.. when i was busy with it i saw one big group of boys coming towards me.. makkkkkk... beso2 budaknya!!! LOL!!! what did i expected? these were the competitors and they were mostly form 4 and form 5.. my other colleagues were still on their way here... what more could i do.. sengeh ajelah.. being nervous and somehow excited too being the only "girl" theremalu.. eeeeekkkk... i know.. i know.. so sue me.. my chief finally arrived and my life was finally back to normal..

my chief de mission was briefing the boys on rules.. see what i mean?... im not so good with kids who is much taller than i am.. so i dont think i could teach secondary kids.. i might be having too many conflicts..

the resetting of the bar's height.. the bar kept falling of the stands.. even before the competitors jump over it.. this annoyed the boys and us so much.. but what to do.. that was all we have.. karang kot gatal mulut cakap dia org suruh bawak palang sendiri pulak.. naya kat kitorg aje..

mohd firdaus b, demi.. this boy managed to pull the crowds attention. He has a skill that is similar with the pro jumper.. i think his teacher did a good research and trained him well.. but he had injured himself after several attempts.. though the pain of his hamstring kept bothering him, he managed to obtain himself a bronze anyway.. a very well mannered boy indeed when he often thank me after his jump..

Monday, February 16, 2009


oooooooo... sangat suka dia.. sooooo unique.. listen to her voice.. she is YUNA.. her real name is Yunalis bt Mat Zarai.. the new malaysian's muslimah indie chick .. her voice is like the mixture of norah jones and duffy... suka sangat... when first listen to her, i thought she was some indonesion singer was suprised when i was told that she is actually local. i managed to get a few of her youtube vids.. and after seen her vids then i remember that i've seen her in THE HOPPERS at 8TV.. memang tertarik dgn dia but was not expose to her songs and singing yet.. seeing her in her tudung and her guitar.. tak sangka pulak she could sing so well.. and her songs was stunningly beautiful.. despite her muslimah image.. she really strums her guitar well..

another one.. this one u can listen to her voice clearly.. so soothing..

this entitled rocket.. god.. im loving her..

tagged again

a tag by haku-ko

A. Attached or single? very well attachedlove
B. Best Friend? dear MR MZMRIZAcium
C. Cake or Pie? Pie.senyum
D. Day of choice? pay daysenyum
E. Essential Item? hp, camera, laptop
F. Favorite color? naturalsenyum
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears.senyum
H. Hometown? meru, klangsenyum
I. Favorite Indulgence? chocolates and pastrieslapar
J. January or July? july ( usually receive arrears of my anual increment this month)
K. Kids? would like to have 3 pairs of twins.malu
L. Life isn’t complete without? Family and Friendspeluk
M. Marriage date? 30th JULYlove
N. Number of magazine subscriptions. nonesengihnampakgigi
O. Oranges or Apples? oranges
P. Phobias? frogs, lizards, insectsdiam
Q. Quotes? it will end up ok.. if its not ok.. its not the end yetnerd
R. Reasons to smile? sedekahsengihnampakgigi
S. Season Of Choice? shopping season which is everymonth!rindu
T. Tag five people. zafwah, fadzli, baiti, apis,linda peace
U. Unknown fact about me? sometimes i could be fiercesetan
V. Vegetable? all of its kind
W. Worst Habit? internet junkieangkatkening
X. X Ray or Ultrasound? none of thistakbole
Y. Your favorite foods? western foodlapar
Z. Zodiac sign? pisces.. yeah its all bout the fish