Monday, February 16, 2009


oooooooo... sangat suka dia.. sooooo unique.. listen to her voice.. she is YUNA.. her real name is Yunalis bt Mat Zarai.. the new malaysian's muslimah indie chick .. her voice is like the mixture of norah jones and duffy... suka sangat... when first listen to her, i thought she was some indonesion singer was suprised when i was told that she is actually local. i managed to get a few of her youtube vids.. and after seen her vids then i remember that i've seen her in THE HOPPERS at 8TV.. memang tertarik dgn dia but was not expose to her songs and singing yet.. seeing her in her tudung and her guitar.. tak sangka pulak she could sing so well.. and her songs was stunningly beautiful.. despite her muslimah image.. she really strums her guitar well..

another one.. this one u can listen to her voice clearly.. so soothing..

this entitled rocket.. god.. im loving her..

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