Wednesday, February 18, 2009

big kids

these two days i was assigned to be the "hakim padang" of the MSSD Dungun at SMK Sains Dungun.. i was the substituted of my colleague who couldnt make it since she has another school errands too.. so feeling a bit reluctant.. yupppp.. u know what the weather is like nowadays.. hence i was a bit berat hati.. not because i am a kind of puteri lilin or what so ever.. i just couldnt stand the heat.. i'd feel light headed, dizzy and semua yang sewaktu dengannya.. but as a teacher.. who already signed a form which quote that " saya yang menurut perintah" haruslah saya turun padang juga..

amazingly, i felt so good!!! usually i would get tensed and so demented over related things of the event.. but i was not <span class=.. maybe because i managed to push away all the negative thoughts inside my head and really determine that this is one of my responsibility as being a teacher... thank god i finally realized..

on the first day, i was the hakim padang for the triple jump event for girls under 18.. for starter i am a sport dorky.. my chief asked me to hold the white and red flag.. guess what.. i didnt know what to do with it!!! not until one of the officer told me what to do.. malu gile!!!!.. as in my defense, i knew what those flags for.. i just didnt know how to use it.. luckily i was the type that dont mind what others said.. my motto for the day was - belasah aje.. but can not belasah semua maaaaa!!! because there were rules and regulations.. anyway.. i had fun seeing those jumpers flying thru the air.. well.. there were some who fell down quite badly.. pity them.. in my mind "its ok dear.. shit happens sometimes"... teachers out there.. do mind my language!!!

from top:one of the comp. on her attemp, my colleague was taking the length, the girl (adina bt salleh) who broke the MSSD record with 9.64m jump

today i was the hakim for the high jump for boys under 18.. i was all alone when i first got to the location of the event.. so i took the apparatus that is needed.. when i was busy with it i saw one big group of boys coming towards me.. makkkkkk... beso2 budaknya!!! LOL!!! what did i expected? these were the competitors and they were mostly form 4 and form 5.. my other colleagues were still on their way here... what more could i do.. sengeh ajelah.. being nervous and somehow excited too being the only "girl" theremalu.. eeeeekkkk... i know.. i know.. so sue me.. my chief finally arrived and my life was finally back to normal..

my chief de mission was briefing the boys on rules.. see what i mean?... im not so good with kids who is much taller than i am.. so i dont think i could teach secondary kids.. i might be having too many conflicts..

the resetting of the bar's height.. the bar kept falling of the stands.. even before the competitors jump over it.. this annoyed the boys and us so much.. but what to do.. that was all we have.. karang kot gatal mulut cakap dia org suruh bawak palang sendiri pulak.. naya kat kitorg aje..

mohd firdaus b, demi.. this boy managed to pull the crowds attention. He has a skill that is similar with the pro jumper.. i think his teacher did a good research and trained him well.. but he had injured himself after several attempts.. though the pain of his hamstring kept bothering him, he managed to obtain himself a bronze anyway.. a very well mannered boy indeed when he often thank me after his jump..

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