Monday, February 16, 2009

tag time !!!

a tag by Baiti


Do you think that you are hot?

aaaaa.. am i hot? more like.. WAS i hot? hmmm.. lets see.. i was such a nerdy but loud when i was in high school.. then i went to UKM.. still nerdy and lout but was so confused of my identity ( i used to wear tudung labuh once).. i graduated and had jobs. That was when i lost lotsa kgs.. soooo.. yes.. i was hot once.. then i got married to the man i love and my fats keep on pumping up ever since but... lucky me that to my husband i am still hot though its hard for me to believe it too..

Why do u you like this picture?

This is the first studio photo of my family which everyone was in it. Back row from left: my Amir, me, Dila, Cuma, Ijam (bro in law). Front row from left: Ijun, Mak, Abah, Zakuan. We never, ever had any studio pic neither my family nor the MZMRIZA . This was exactly the first ever.

It was taken in a studio in my hometown, Meru on the third 2008’s raya... I was looking for studios during the hari raya but none were open. I thought those Chinese would still be open their studio.. rupanya dia orang pun cuti jugak.. I was desperate.. It was not easy to get all of us together like that.. Zakuan bukan reti duduk diam kat rumah.. If he ever be home, he would be sleeping the whole day.. in the end, abah said there was one kedai nearby the kilang2 (meru bnyk kilang ok)… so we did.. And this is the result.. In a tad lousy studio where only stools were provided and with only RM30.. What more to expect? Heheheh… as long as all of us were in it.. And we did look good indeed..

When was the last time you eat pizza?

It was before I moved here, Dungun. The MZMRIZA had it at Teluk Intan… which was 3 months ago…

The last song you listen to?

Yuna – Sebenarnya… new indie chick.. Unique voice..

What are you doing rite now besides doing this?

I am at home.. So I would probably being folding my clothes, washing some of it, cooking, sweeping… ehhhhh.. keje2 surirumah.. House chores lah..

What name do you prefer besides yours?

Hani.. simple and yet so sweet and soft. I would have this as the first name of each of my girls.. insyaallah..

People to tag

1. linda

2. cik zura

3. haku -ko

4. emmi

5. mas

Who is no. 1?

One of the bestest friend I ever have in the whole world. She is so strong, so confident and yet so kind towards other people. She has a very high empathy and so unselfish. A very committed teacher with an infectious laughter. She has two adorable dotters whom I love so much, along and angah.

Who is no. 3?
My good old buddy from UKM. A very intelligent and yet so hardworking. She taught me a lot about English. She made me listen to light & easy for the first time. She also taught me how to cook and prepare simple good dish even until today!!! She even taught me how to swim!! oooohhh.. u did have a very big influence in my life..

Say something about no. 5
she was someone I knew back from UKM either. We were friends of a friend. We managed to meet again after so long in the internet via someone’s blog.

How about no.4?
I used to have a love-hate relationship with her. Old story but great impact in my life. Was my housemate when I first came to Teluk Intan. We have been through a lot. We are good buddies now. She is an English teacher who loves the alternative music so much and yet her husband who is a navy love only nasyid. Very contary!!! Interesting hehhh.. They are the life proof of how blind love is..

Who is no. 2?

Maizura madzalan. My long lost buddy from ATPN ( Asrama Toh Puan Norashikin). A hostel under the Yayasan Selangor which were developed to help increase the education level of anak2 Selangor by admitting them at a few elite schools around KL and PJ. There were CBN,BBGS, SRI AMAN and ASSUNTA. I was from Sri Aman and she was from Assunta. I finally reconciled with my other friends from ATPN because of her. Thanx mai… kita jumpa masa wedding didie nanti.. insyaallah..


yessss!!!! i did it!!!!

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