Saturday, February 28, 2009

bon appetit

Just recently my hubby's colleague had a dinner by the beach side of Dungun. MR MZMRIZA insisted in having me at the dinner too. At first, I was unwilling to go, but he was begging. SO i thought, " yeahh why not.."

I managed to get my face as tebal as it is to snap few pics.. segan gak sebenarnya.. but konon nak jadi "prominent blogger"..

seen here is.. the PM (the one who is smoking), the QS( the one in white shirt), pejal pendek( who signed peace), maula( the stripes shirt) and uncle ( the orange shirt).. not all were there that nite though.. out of three table were booked, we only filled up two and yet all dishes were none wasted.. nampak sgt kebulur.. heeeeeee

This is the newly engaged couple.. pejal panjang and gee.. they met and knew eachother as officemates.. but fate has brought them much closer.. ohhh jiwang karat aku.. now gee was not working there anymore.. she has decided to pursue her ambition to further her study by entering a poli somewhere in Dungun.. their wedding will be schedule on this September.. insyaallah..

This is azrul and nor.. just friends.. and yet seems so comfortable being with eachother.. hmmm.. I could feel the chemistry.. though they denied all the speculations but who knows.. fate may have plans for them too.. just like pejal panjang and gee..

Another girls form MR MZMRIZA's office.. who I believe without them the office will be so dull.. I guess they are some sort the attraction in the office.. jadi bahan and modal for sakat menyakat.. hehehhe.. so all are anak dara except me and zura(the one besides gee, she has 2 sons but look like anak dara lagik) ... terasa gak la kemakcikan diri ini.. huhuhuhu..

and of course.. us..

p/s : the restaurant is called LAILA.. the food was quite good.

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