Wednesday, December 31, 2008

adibah ahmad @ adibah ahmed

garupale adibah ahmad or adibah ahmed?.. i am not sure if these the same person or two different people.. and infact i dont care if its just a person or two.. i have heard over the news about this blog.. i have read a few article about it too.. blame me if there are some facts that i said here are straying away.. because i dont even do a complete research over this issue.. actually.. i dont have to do a research on them.. obviously this people are just some cowards who uses other people identity to express their view.. unseen.. behind the cupboard.. oh god.. come on.. such a cliche!!!!

this fella.. which we dont even know the sex.. uses names.. fake identity..and that fella even claims he/she is a muslim.. at first adibah ahmad.. but when the blog ( is removed by the blogger.. that fella published another blog by the name adibah ahmed ( this two is the only names that goes widely public.. maybe there are some other names and identity too.. before, current or after..

as a muslim.. me myself.. i am hurt.. for being insulted like this.. but i know.. i realize that this fella wont stop.. no matter how many blog or websites ever published and removed.. this fella will keep on doing it due to his abomination towards our beloved prophet.. which is in the same time is showing how he/she hates his/her own religion.. his/her way of life.. i am sad..

all i ever wanted is a peaceful world where all of us.. doesnt matter what belief and what road has we taken... we could live together.. where we can perform our daily ritual and belief calmly.. respect others.. and the others will respect us too.. and i know.. this seems to good to be true.. but i believe there are somewhere in this world.. some part perhaps.. that we able to live in such harmoniuos life...

there is nothing much that i can do.. i am just a tiny voice that only can be heard when the rest of the world shut up.. which is impossible.. i can only pray.. through my daily 5 prayers.. for this people to at least stop abuse my religion and just continue his/her life in a way that he/she ever wish.. i summon that all my muslim friends to pray that this fella will change to be a better muslim if he/she really is a muslim.. and maybe we can leave the rest to The Almighty ALLAH.. and dont forget to flag adibah ahmeddoa

as the 2009 is approaching.. may ALLAH swt gives us the strength to be a good and better ummah.. physically & emotionally..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

unfortunate events..

its new year for us muslim.. happy maal hijrah everyone.. its 1430H already.. my resolution? well yes.. i have a few.. and of course one of it is about getting my weight shrink which is actually a must in my list.. every year.. since i was 12 sengihnampakgigi.. which is seems to be impossible year by year.. cos im getting bigger and a lot bigger.. but nevermind.. forget about me.. i want to share my bestfriend's misery.. new year has started badly for her.. her house got broked by some irresponsible-stupid-jackasses marah.. a lot of her valuable things have been stolen.. including 2 laptops that is only a few months old.. pity linda and her family.. i wish im there by them.. MR MZMRIZA also speechless.. we never thought such thing could happen till it really hit us.. especially when we thought we have taken the best method to prevent ourselves from the incident.. sometimes we tend to take things for granted too..

here is the link.. maybe it can be a reminder to us.. to be more cautious...

linda and fadzli.. hope GOD gives u the strength to face it.. just remember that GOD always has the best plan for us.. especially to those who are patient and always being thankful and grateful for having this life doa..

Friday, December 26, 2008

gila.. tapi syukur..

alhamdulillah... life is getting better here.. in dungun.. especially when my internet line dah oksengihnampakgigi... first.. let me tell u bout the weather.. within this past few is cold.. been raining.. quite often.. today the sun finally came out.. which yesterday the rain have been pouring non stop since Wednesday's nite.. if its keep going on my house might have been hit by flood.. thank god hujan tuh dah berhenti..

speaking bout internet and rain.. on Wednesday noon, the telekom subcons came to fix my landline... ok bagus kan.. finally aku dapat connect to the world again.. yang tak syoknye... they had left my roof opened without fixing it back.. and how on earth i would know about it untill the rain hit us.. habis bilik tgh aku.. toto.. bantal.. basah kena hujan.. yupppp.. subcons tu lupa nak tutup balik atap aku.. the next morning baru noticed.. kesian MR MZMRIZA.. he had to climb up the roof masa tgh hujan lebat.. nasib baik pagi ni tak demam.. hmmm.. suamiku yang gagahsengihnampakgigi... thank u..

apa lagi ek.. jiran? sini kan kawasan kampung.. ramai jiran.. tapi belum ada kesempatan lagi nak beramah mesra.. nak2 kita ni org luar.. kete plak plat KL.. the closest is the one next to my door.. since its a semi D.. tapi.. im not sure sapa yang tinggal situ sebenarnya.. cos MR MZMRIZA and me.. have been talking to 2 different person.. i have been chatting to this married couple with a child and the wife name is Ezani.. they are totally locals.. mean while MR MZMRIZA has been talking to a guy name putra and he is from sabah and who is the one yang rent the house (according to our landlord).. so.. its confusing.. certainly they are not related.. gaya cakap pun dah lain.. tak kisah la.. all them are nice.. especially putra.. he told MR MZMRIZA that we suppose to be cautious sbb banyak kes pecah rumah.. there were once a junkie got into his house.. curi handphone atas meja.. coincidentally putra is at home.. memang kena belasah la.. according to putra.. he also warned us about mr T and hantu raya... so MR MZMRIZA take it seriuosly.. hence we bought a new solex for both back and front grille.. and also some tangkal frm his mother.. MR MZMRIZA' s mother is kinda bomoh but not exactly.. cuma pandai la sket2 bab2 ni.. as for me.. i dont quite believe in tangkal.. cos ive heard it is actually haram but MR MZMRIZA does.. pelik sbb dia tuh kan engineer.. who rely a lot on technology.. entah la.. tak paham.. aku ikut ajela.. ni la tangkalnye.. the white thing must be kept under almari baju.. and yang mcm jaring ( a small piece of jala) tuh kena letak atas pintu.. the white thing is suppose to make thieves feel reluctant bila tgk rumah aku ni... piece of jala tuh plak to avoid benda2 halus enter the house..

this led me to one scene that happen on tuesday.. that day MR MZMRIZA went to work with his friend... so i have the chance to use the car and of course i went out to pekan to find some barang dapur.. dropped by the cc.. went to the post office.. around 2 pm im already home.. sampai aje rumah.. i immediately locked my grille.. dah jadi mcm reflex... which i think is good sbb.. tak lama lepas tuh.. ada seorang lelaki.. who is local.. tanya pasal rumput... he speaks local.. im quite not good with the dialect yet.. so mcm anjing dgn kucing.. it went something like this..

the man : rumput ni tanak potong ke (bahasa dia la, aku rasa dia ckp mcm ni)
MRS MZMRIZA : baru potong.. tuan rumah dah buat.. kalau nak potong datang la lagi bulan depan
the man : dokkk.. ( dia ckp ape tah lagi.. aku tak paham)
MRS MZMRIZA : ok .. ok takpelah.. dtg la lgi esok2...
the man : boh ada ?
the man : org rumah..
MRS MZMRIZA : ooo.. suami saya keje..
the man : kak ada 5 riya... mintak se.. nak repair motor...
MRS MZMRIZA : apa?... takde.. takde... mintak kat org lain... (aku terus tutup pintu)

gila... nasib baik aku kunci grille.. kalau tak.. nauzubillah.. mamat tuh mcm mat pet pun ada.. after that i saw him headed to the next door... but no one answered him though.. bila aku tgk motor dia dah takde.. aku kunci plak pagar depan... suka2 ati je masuk rumah org mintak duit... gila..

ok.. enough with it.. lepas ni i have to be more cautious... thats all.. mmmm.. remember in my previous entry i have written bout the new furniture.. here is the pic.. i think it is worth the buying.. 1.2k for 4 itmes.. including an office chair for my pc table.. here it is..

and this is the view through my front grille... its 1.30 pm now.. tapi sejuk aje... ok.. im leaving.. really.. petang nih the MZMRIZA is heading back hometown.. tomorrow we are going to penang actually.. nak attend a wedding.. monday baru balik sini.. konvoi plak.. sbb nak bawak kelisa dtg dungun.. school season is reopening soon.. i need a car to go to school... gila kan...

alhamdulillah.. again.. despite all the incidents.. i am happy.. being by MR MZMRIZA's side.. kalau dulu.. nak marah mengamuk... nak nangis semua ada.. tapi sekarang.. i handle it calmly.. tenang aje.. tak mcm dulu...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

here i am..

yessssssssssssss!!!! MR MZMRIZA brought home this amazing tiny white thing.. and suddenly.. boommmm!!!.. im online!!!... .. thank u sayang cium.. MRS MZRMRIZA is so grateful to her dear hubby...

sesungguhnya.. aku telah tiba di dungun sengihnampakgigi.. .. to some people.. its nothing.. but its a big deal in my life.. sesungguhnya juga.. aku sgt penat.. ye lah.. mcm gila tau pindah jauh2 nih.. im still trying to adapt with the new environment.. its already been a week now.. but still.. mcm kena jet lag pon ada.. sbb the weekends is on jumaat and sabtu.. hari ahad.. bz.. semua org keje.. pastuh waktu solat pon lagi cepat dari biasa.. got to tune my clock.. now cuti which is ok.. tak terasa sgt... when school reopens.. things gonna be totally different.. by the way.. the house is marvellous.. if we are permenantly living here.. i might have consider to buy this housesengihnampakgigi... yes .. of course.. eventhough its juz a rental.. yet.. aku buat mcm rumah aku sendiri gelakguling..

on my previous entry.. i couldnt make the time to upload some pic.. so here they are..


lepak kat pizza teluk intan.. poyo2 aje order food.. last2 kena tapau gak..

after that.. went to zz's.. visiting lil naufal.. and his big sis.. shasha and cousin..


here comes the big day.. selamat tggl bt 10.. gila.. banyak betul la barang2 aku..


ok.. it happened that the driver need to transit in shah alam dulu baru ke dungun.. which is why all our things arrived on the next day.. we did left the nite before after taking some rest at my mom's house.. we left for dungun at around 9pm.. and my first journey to dungun was horrible.. it was raining heavily.. it was s'pose to be a 5 hours journey.. but it took us 7 hours..


lepas unload barang2.. we straight away took our butts off dungun sbb esoknye.. RAYA HAJI.. bukan tak nak sambut raya kat dungun. tapi we left a few stuffs kat rumah mak.. and esok malamnye tuh.. boleh tak kitorang gi tgk wayang.. LOS DAN FAUN.. dgn ijun.. i know.. we were insane.. tapi sonok gak.. at least leh release tensionsengihnampakgigi..


we were back to dungun.. was yesterday actually when we arrived.. we departed early.. around 5pm... cos we wanted to avoid the horrific experience we had before.. the next morning.. MR MZMRIZA had to go for work.. i was left.. alone.. first time kat rumah ni.. ada neighbour.. tapi diaorang pun gi keje gak.. so it was a bit lonely.. petang tuh.. rite after MR MZMRIZA habis keje.. he brought me to this restaurant for dinner.. ntah ape nama dia.. ala2 the ship kl sengihnampakgigi.. located exactly by the dungun's beachside.. the view... was breathtaking.. sorry.. for the lousy pic.. tak berapa clear.. lagipun dah nak senja.. it was getting dark...


so it was friday.. it was an off day for MR MZMRIZA.. he was so sweet.. he was trying so hard to please me and helping me to get through all this things.. so today he took me up to kuantan.. tak jauh sgt.. it was like hutan melintang to ipoh.. so he let me to do some shopping.. ye la.. dungun tak de shopping complex besar2.. so i was indulgingsengihnampakgigi.. in the same time trying so hard not to be too far carried away by my kinda-shoppaholic-emotion ihikhik... kira bagus la tuh.. i did the cleaning and unpacking all by myself.. liar!!.. MR MZMRIZA helped too.. since i was the one who stayed home.. so mostly it was me.. so MR MZMRIZA was rewarding me the shopping for being such a good girlihikhik... thanks again taaayyyaaanngggcium...

since MR MZMRIZA was being so nice to me.. i've decided to cook something for dinner.. since we got here, we have been dining out.. everyday.. so i thought i should cook.. tadaaaaa.. my signature dish.. and also our favourite.. sardin dgn nasi panassengihnampakgigi.... with some green tea.. bottled onesengihnampakgigi... tak pakai saprah pon.. tak jumpe..

so.. that's it.. for now.. im still waiting for my internet line.. this tiny white thing is a loan.. i cant keep it.. this evening we had another shopping.. it was for the furniture.. we went to 3 shops.. including CM.. but my eyes couldnt catch the one yet.. we were looking for the L-shape sofa, dining table for 4, stove cabinet and tv cabinet.. finally we found at the edge of the road.. a very small shop.. which reminded me a lot to kedai tepi sungai in teluk intan.. we got it.. RM1200 for all 4 items.. amazing isnt it?.. to me lah... it is schedule to be arrive tomorrow.. so ill update about it later..

by the way.. before i go.. a good2 fren of mine.. has given me this set as my goodbye gift.. i like it soooooooooo much... it was a perfume set.. which is actually inspired by those expensive perfumes like escape, romance, pleasure, apple, cool water etc... best tul.. plus... it is so longlasting.. unsangkarable!!!! thank you linda.. miss u so muchrindu!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

last entry.. at hutan melintang..

this will be quick and fast.. cos there is so much things to do.. hence.. tomorrow ill be moving out.. totally.. well yes.. all my stuffs have been packed.. there lots lots of boxes.. i have emptied the fridge too.. there are a few clothes on the clothes line which need to be fold and pack.. curtains need to be taken off.. the bed.. is still with the bedsheets.. cause ill be spending the nite here.. ill get it done tomorrow morning.. there are some other things i need to settle too.. i need to go to the TM point to relocate my landline AKA my streamyx.. i cant live without it.. that is why in dungun i will be renting a house which is like 35 km away from my new school juz to make sure my internet connection is available.. cos i was informed that kg dendang is not the streamyx area.. petang ni jugak i need to see my landlord AKA wak midun and kak imah.. to return the house key.. they have been the most sporting and most tolarable landlord i ever have.. despite one case that his son caused a while ago.. and which did not even affected my relationship with wak midun and kak imah.. i ll be seeing zizi too.. one of my old friend.. whom i first came too when i got posted here.. who not long after that gave birth to her first daughter.. shasha.. and now im leaving ... coincidentally she has also gave birth to her second baby.. a baby boy.. who i am so excited to meet.. the name is naufal azizudin if im not mistaken.. and then need to see linda.. cause she had ordered a satinni sport shoes.. the shoes has arrived for ages.. it was me who forgot to take and give it to her.. sorry babe.. and also kissing along and angah (linda's and fazli's gals) goodbye...oh well.. i guess that's it for now.. i ll be updating my blog again once i reconnect my streamyx at dungun.. this will take about a week to be recover.. so pray for me.. so that there is no banjir or what so ever in dungun.. since its the monsoon season now.. im gonna miss teluk intan so so much.. will be having a quick tour in teluk intan jap lagi.. saying goodbye to some of our favourite hang outs.. restaurant gulam rasul, mastan ghani, sutera bayu, bumbung biru, the store, nikmat's, avon, batu 8, restoran nelayan, city mewah, ribu2.... and kedai kak hanim... and the stunning clock tower of Teluk Intan aka the PISA of Perak..

MR MZMRIZA," kita nih makan aje ke...." bila dia baca entry nih...
MRS MZMRIZA," ekekekkekek... ha ah kan "...

well now.. im trying so hard not to be emotional.. mmmmm... got to go..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

crappy thoughts 2

i still cant believe that am gonna leave teluk intan..
am doing some packing..
and at the same time..
am feeling sad..
i know that day will come..
but i dont think im ready..
it seems so hard..
the tears is dropping now..
cant hold it anymore..
i juz dont wanna leave..
i thought it was gonna be easy..
get packed and move..
but with the packing..
i found things.. items
which reminds me of everything..
where i started to build my life..
GOD.. this is so hard..

Monday, December 1, 2008

i've been tagged by CIK ZURA: the A to Z of me

i guess this tagging game is the most popular game in the cyber space.. but its actually a good thing isnt it?.. it benefits us in knowing each other more.. i love this tagging games.. at least it could be a point for me to update my blog.. especially when the sky is cloudy..

A. Attached or single? very well attachedlove
B. Best Friend? dear MR MZMRIZAcium
C. Cake or Pie? Pie.senyum
D. Day of choice? saturdayssenyum
E. Essential Item? motorola V9, sony IXUS 80, nite & day cream and menstrual pads.
F. Favorite color? naturalsenyum
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears.senyum
H. Hometown? meru, klangsenyum
I. Favorite Indulgence? kinder buenos and pastrieslapar
J. January or July? jan (with all the unlikely to achieved new year's resolution)jelir
K. Kids? would like to have 3 pairs of twins.malu
L. Life isn’t complete without? Family and Friendspeluk
M. Marriage date? 30th JULYlove
N. Number of magazine subscriptions. none(read it online only)sengihnampakgigi
O. Oranges or Apples? oranges
P. Phobias? frogs, lizards, sticky thingsdiam
Q. Quotes? it will end up ok.. if its not ok.. its not the end yetnerd
R. Reasons to smile? hobbysengihnampakgigi
S. Season Of Choice? shopping season which is everymonth!rindu
T. Tag five people. aiza,sis emmi,baiti,firol,sis wawapeace
U. Unknown fact about me? sometimes i could be fiercesetan
V. Vegetable? all of its kind
W. Worst Habit? unexpected lazinessangkatkening
X. X Ray or Ultrasound? none of thistakbole
Y. Your favorite foods? western foodlapar
Z. Zodiac sign? pisces.. yeah its all bout the fishros