Saturday, December 13, 2008

here i am..

yessssssssssssss!!!! MR MZMRIZA brought home this amazing tiny white thing.. and suddenly.. boommmm!!!.. im online!!!... .. thank u sayang cium.. MRS MZRMRIZA is so grateful to her dear hubby...

sesungguhnya.. aku telah tiba di dungun sengihnampakgigi.. .. to some people.. its nothing.. but its a big deal in my life.. sesungguhnya juga.. aku sgt penat.. ye lah.. mcm gila tau pindah jauh2 nih.. im still trying to adapt with the new environment.. its already been a week now.. but still.. mcm kena jet lag pon ada.. sbb the weekends is on jumaat and sabtu.. hari ahad.. bz.. semua org keje.. pastuh waktu solat pon lagi cepat dari biasa.. got to tune my clock.. now cuti which is ok.. tak terasa sgt... when school reopens.. things gonna be totally different.. by the way.. the house is marvellous.. if we are permenantly living here.. i might have consider to buy this housesengihnampakgigi... yes .. of course.. eventhough its juz a rental.. yet.. aku buat mcm rumah aku sendiri gelakguling..

on my previous entry.. i couldnt make the time to upload some pic.. so here they are..


lepak kat pizza teluk intan.. poyo2 aje order food.. last2 kena tapau gak..

after that.. went to zz's.. visiting lil naufal.. and his big sis.. shasha and cousin..


here comes the big day.. selamat tggl bt 10.. gila.. banyak betul la barang2 aku..


ok.. it happened that the driver need to transit in shah alam dulu baru ke dungun.. which is why all our things arrived on the next day.. we did left the nite before after taking some rest at my mom's house.. we left for dungun at around 9pm.. and my first journey to dungun was horrible.. it was raining heavily.. it was s'pose to be a 5 hours journey.. but it took us 7 hours..


lepas unload barang2.. we straight away took our butts off dungun sbb esoknye.. RAYA HAJI.. bukan tak nak sambut raya kat dungun. tapi we left a few stuffs kat rumah mak.. and esok malamnye tuh.. boleh tak kitorang gi tgk wayang.. LOS DAN FAUN.. dgn ijun.. i know.. we were insane.. tapi sonok gak.. at least leh release tensionsengihnampakgigi..


we were back to dungun.. was yesterday actually when we arrived.. we departed early.. around 5pm... cos we wanted to avoid the horrific experience we had before.. the next morning.. MR MZMRIZA had to go for work.. i was left.. alone.. first time kat rumah ni.. ada neighbour.. tapi diaorang pun gi keje gak.. so it was a bit lonely.. petang tuh.. rite after MR MZMRIZA habis keje.. he brought me to this restaurant for dinner.. ntah ape nama dia.. ala2 the ship kl sengihnampakgigi.. located exactly by the dungun's beachside.. the view... was breathtaking.. sorry.. for the lousy pic.. tak berapa clear.. lagipun dah nak senja.. it was getting dark...


so it was friday.. it was an off day for MR MZMRIZA.. he was so sweet.. he was trying so hard to please me and helping me to get through all this things.. so today he took me up to kuantan.. tak jauh sgt.. it was like hutan melintang to ipoh.. so he let me to do some shopping.. ye la.. dungun tak de shopping complex besar2.. so i was indulgingsengihnampakgigi.. in the same time trying so hard not to be too far carried away by my kinda-shoppaholic-emotion ihikhik... kira bagus la tuh.. i did the cleaning and unpacking all by myself.. liar!!.. MR MZMRIZA helped too.. since i was the one who stayed home.. so mostly it was me.. so MR MZMRIZA was rewarding me the shopping for being such a good girlihikhik... thanks again taaayyyaaanngggcium...

since MR MZMRIZA was being so nice to me.. i've decided to cook something for dinner.. since we got here, we have been dining out.. everyday.. so i thought i should cook.. tadaaaaa.. my signature dish.. and also our favourite.. sardin dgn nasi panassengihnampakgigi.... with some green tea.. bottled onesengihnampakgigi... tak pakai saprah pon.. tak jumpe..

so.. that's it.. for now.. im still waiting for my internet line.. this tiny white thing is a loan.. i cant keep it.. this evening we had another shopping.. it was for the furniture.. we went to 3 shops.. including CM.. but my eyes couldnt catch the one yet.. we were looking for the L-shape sofa, dining table for 4, stove cabinet and tv cabinet.. finally we found at the edge of the road.. a very small shop.. which reminded me a lot to kedai tepi sungai in teluk intan.. we got it.. RM1200 for all 4 items.. amazing isnt it?.. to me lah... it is schedule to be arrive tomorrow.. so ill update about it later..

by the way.. before i go.. a good2 fren of mine.. has given me this set as my goodbye gift.. i like it soooooooooo much... it was a perfume set.. which is actually inspired by those expensive perfumes like escape, romance, pleasure, apple, cool water etc... best tul.. plus... it is so longlasting.. unsangkarable!!!! thank you linda.. miss u so muchrindu!!!


lynda_siebie said...

Unsangkarable ekk.....bahsa oghang ganu ke an english teacher...aku agak marah nie...hehehehe
pasni klu cium bau perfume tu...ingat2 le kat aku ni ye...

Norafiza said...

akupon xske pindah bkn sbb ape..maleh nak pack & unpack hehehe...lamanya xjmpa nko. bebile blk klang sound laa leh jmpa ;-)

::mzmriza:: said...

apis!!! miss u!!!
finally .. i got a buzz from u..
ko tak layan pom mesej aku kat frnstr ko.. ko masih guna email yg sama; apis585?

cik-zura said...

huih tak letih duk ulang-alik sana sini ka? hahahaha.. aku yg membaca pun duk letih sama :))