Tuesday, December 30, 2008

unfortunate events..

its new year for us muslim.. happy maal hijrah everyone.. its 1430H already.. my resolution? well yes.. i have a few.. and of course one of it is about getting my weight shrink which is actually a must in my list.. every year.. since i was 12 sengihnampakgigi.. which is seems to be impossible year by year.. cos im getting bigger and a lot bigger.. but nevermind.. forget about me.. i want to share my bestfriend's misery.. new year has started badly for her.. her house got broked by some irresponsible-stupid-jackasses marah.. a lot of her valuable things have been stolen.. including 2 laptops that is only a few months old.. pity linda and her family.. i wish im there by them.. MR MZMRIZA also speechless.. we never thought such thing could happen till it really hit us.. especially when we thought we have taken the best method to prevent ourselves from the incident.. sometimes we tend to take things for granted too..

here is the link.. maybe it can be a reminder to us.. to be more cautious...

linda and fadzli.. hope GOD gives u the strength to face it.. just remember that GOD always has the best plan for us.. especially to those who are patient and always being thankful and grateful for having this life doa..

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emmii said...

yea...thanks for the soft copy. boleh pakai n tengah pakai skang nih...agak complicated jugak ye...thanks skali lagik!!!