Tuesday, December 2, 2008

crappy thoughts 2

i still cant believe that am gonna leave teluk intan..
am doing some packing..
and at the same time..
am feeling sad..
i know that day will come..
but i dont think im ready..
it seems so hard..
the tears is dropping now..
cant hold it anymore..
i juz dont wanna leave..
i thought it was gonna be easy..
get packed and move..
but with the packing..
i found things.. items
which reminds me of everything..
where i started to build my life..
GOD.. this is so hard..


Firol Turn Core-Rawk said...

Biasalah....Ur not the only person to get thrgh this kind of situation.. Rasa sayang tu makin menebal...kadang2 rasa tak nak pegi...tapi hiudp ni kena terus...

Aku pun sampai le ni hati masih kat sana....rindu bukan kepalang

Ahhhhhh..sejak bile aku dalam blues ni...

::mzmriza:: said...

alamak.. thank u for ur sensitivity.. cair akuuuu...