Friday, December 26, 2008

gila.. tapi syukur..

alhamdulillah... life is getting better here.. in dungun.. especially when my internet line dah oksengihnampakgigi... first.. let me tell u bout the weather.. within this past few is cold.. been raining.. quite often.. today the sun finally came out.. which yesterday the rain have been pouring non stop since Wednesday's nite.. if its keep going on my house might have been hit by flood.. thank god hujan tuh dah berhenti..

speaking bout internet and rain.. on Wednesday noon, the telekom subcons came to fix my landline... ok bagus kan.. finally aku dapat connect to the world again.. yang tak syoknye... they had left my roof opened without fixing it back.. and how on earth i would know about it untill the rain hit us.. habis bilik tgh aku.. toto.. bantal.. basah kena hujan.. yupppp.. subcons tu lupa nak tutup balik atap aku.. the next morning baru noticed.. kesian MR MZMRIZA.. he had to climb up the roof masa tgh hujan lebat.. nasib baik pagi ni tak demam.. hmmm.. suamiku yang gagahsengihnampakgigi... thank u..

apa lagi ek.. jiran? sini kan kawasan kampung.. ramai jiran.. tapi belum ada kesempatan lagi nak beramah mesra.. nak2 kita ni org luar.. kete plak plat KL.. the closest is the one next to my door.. since its a semi D.. tapi.. im not sure sapa yang tinggal situ sebenarnya.. cos MR MZMRIZA and me.. have been talking to 2 different person.. i have been chatting to this married couple with a child and the wife name is Ezani.. they are totally locals.. mean while MR MZMRIZA has been talking to a guy name putra and he is from sabah and who is the one yang rent the house (according to our landlord).. so.. its confusing.. certainly they are not related.. gaya cakap pun dah lain.. tak kisah la.. all them are nice.. especially putra.. he told MR MZMRIZA that we suppose to be cautious sbb banyak kes pecah rumah.. there were once a junkie got into his house.. curi handphone atas meja.. coincidentally putra is at home.. memang kena belasah la.. according to putra.. he also warned us about mr T and hantu raya... so MR MZMRIZA take it seriuosly.. hence we bought a new solex for both back and front grille.. and also some tangkal frm his mother.. MR MZMRIZA' s mother is kinda bomoh but not exactly.. cuma pandai la sket2 bab2 ni.. as for me.. i dont quite believe in tangkal.. cos ive heard it is actually haram but MR MZMRIZA does.. pelik sbb dia tuh kan engineer.. who rely a lot on technology.. entah la.. tak paham.. aku ikut ajela.. ni la tangkalnye.. the white thing must be kept under almari baju.. and yang mcm jaring ( a small piece of jala) tuh kena letak atas pintu.. the white thing is suppose to make thieves feel reluctant bila tgk rumah aku ni... piece of jala tuh plak to avoid benda2 halus enter the house..

this led me to one scene that happen on tuesday.. that day MR MZMRIZA went to work with his friend... so i have the chance to use the car and of course i went out to pekan to find some barang dapur.. dropped by the cc.. went to the post office.. around 2 pm im already home.. sampai aje rumah.. i immediately locked my grille.. dah jadi mcm reflex... which i think is good sbb.. tak lama lepas tuh.. ada seorang lelaki.. who is local.. tanya pasal rumput... he speaks local.. im quite not good with the dialect yet.. so mcm anjing dgn kucing.. it went something like this..

the man : rumput ni tanak potong ke (bahasa dia la, aku rasa dia ckp mcm ni)
MRS MZMRIZA : baru potong.. tuan rumah dah buat.. kalau nak potong datang la lagi bulan depan
the man : dokkk.. ( dia ckp ape tah lagi.. aku tak paham)
MRS MZMRIZA : ok .. ok takpelah.. dtg la lgi esok2...
the man : boh ada ?
the man : org rumah..
MRS MZMRIZA : ooo.. suami saya keje..
the man : kak ada 5 riya... mintak se.. nak repair motor...
MRS MZMRIZA : apa?... takde.. takde... mintak kat org lain... (aku terus tutup pintu)

gila... nasib baik aku kunci grille.. kalau tak.. nauzubillah.. mamat tuh mcm mat pet pun ada.. after that i saw him headed to the next door... but no one answered him though.. bila aku tgk motor dia dah takde.. aku kunci plak pagar depan... suka2 ati je masuk rumah org mintak duit... gila..

ok.. enough with it.. lepas ni i have to be more cautious... thats all.. mmmm.. remember in my previous entry i have written bout the new furniture.. here is the pic.. i think it is worth the buying.. 1.2k for 4 itmes.. including an office chair for my pc table.. here it is..

and this is the view through my front grille... its 1.30 pm now.. tapi sejuk aje... ok.. im leaving.. really.. petang nih the MZMRIZA is heading back hometown.. tomorrow we are going to penang actually.. nak attend a wedding.. monday baru balik sini.. konvoi plak.. sbb nak bawak kelisa dtg dungun.. school season is reopening soon.. i need a car to go to school... gila kan...

alhamdulillah.. again.. despite all the incidents.. i am happy.. being by MR MZMRIZA's side.. kalau dulu.. nak marah mengamuk... nak nangis semua ada.. tapi sekarang.. i handle it calmly.. tenang aje.. tak mcm dulu...


emmii said...

hahaha, kena kacau ngan mat pet. hati2 laa ye. lain kali cakap "boh" tgh tido. bahye kalau dia tau ko dok sorang2. jadual dah terima tapi kena adjust skit. tunggu soft copy je dulu.tapi....laptop aku plak dok kedai. adoi laa!!!

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I just stopped by to say hi. :) I'm sorry you're having such awful weather and a leaking roof. Hopefully things will keep getting better for you. :)

::mzmriza:: said...

emmi- ha a la.. sof copy winjaws.. ye ye je mintak email add tu ari.. lum anta lagi.. jap lagi org email..

bronwyn- can i call u by that name? thank you for your concern.. it was not that bad.. but it is kinda tough to adapt in a new environment..