Sunday, June 28, 2009

a few happy things

There are a few happy things in my life this few days... :)

First.. I jst discovered that TGV will be opening soon here in Dungun.. well.. not exactly here.. but at Mesra Mall, Kerteh which is only a 20 mins away from Dungun.. so no more hassel of traffic jams in Kuantan just to have a fun weekend or even weekdays.. been heard that it will be officially launch after this coming raya... yeayyyy!!!

Second.. having thinking about Kuantan.. Last Friday we just found the new EAST COST Mall not too far from the Berjaya Mall.. with a lot more of boutiques and outlets options.. and they have the FIRST LADY boutique there!!! the only boutique that have my dress size!!! heheheh.. and yup.. without hesitation I snatched a jubah there.. and more and more shoes too.. I bought myself a pair of Sembonia.. my other half? He has became a shopping freak too.. hahahah.. just imagine all the Renoma pants which cost RM140 having discount of 70%... he bought 3 of them.. and 3 other shirts..

Third.. my application to move in into the government quarters have been approved.. yupp.. I applied for the quarters.. which is much more nearer to my school.. which I think is better and safer.. living nearer my schoolmates rather then Dungun where my boss is the only school mate I have.. safer if my husband has late nite meetings, or outstation jobs.. I would have real neighbours instead of the sound of crazy motorist, lorries and ambulans ( yeahh.. my house now is nearer to the hospital)..

Fourth.. this is not about me though.. but I am happy on behalf of my pupils.. my Year 5 pupils.. the Terengganu Government has been so generous when all my pupils receive a free laptop each.. not just my school actually.. it is all over Terengganu.. Imagine all this kampung kids.. being given a free personal PC.. it is a moment of joy.. the small pc is compeleted with Intel Atom, Open Office, Microsoft Office, and even the wireless function.. It came in handy that it is smaller than the original textbook.. the monitor is about 25cm x 18cm..

Well.. technically it is a good notebook since its water proof and tough.. but this notebook aka E-BOOK which the main intention and purpose is to replace the textbook is not so practically useful in class.. especially when the batteries has ran out and the class has only one power point.. extention? they should think of this earlier before the notebook being distributed to schools.. and I.. being a teacher.. I have to think positively and take all this as a challenge to improve my pupils' education background.. :)

all the happy faces.. they received the Ebook last Thursday and today most of them have had their wallpaper changed.. I guess my pupils are not that naive.. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

crabby nite

The school is having an English Camp these past few days. The camp was held at a resort called D' Teratai, at Kuala Abang. Last nite, instead of doing nothing at home, I thought it would be nice if we joined the rest of the schools there. We had barbeque's when the rest of our pupils were having their class..

Nothing much to tell but I just realised the beach was actually used to be well known for turtle's destination.. it has been 5 years since the last turtle ever laid egg here.. there used to be a large crowd before.. in one night the resort could make at least RM3k.. the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) people were among the permanent visitors during the season.. but time passes by and the beach had became dirtier than before because the lack of public awareness bout this beautiful creature... and this creature somehow sulking.. not to come here anymore.. the beach was not as clean as before and the noise of tourist and people just did not helping for them to lay eggs as they used to be.. sincerely.. I was sad..

Anyway, the presence of a small little crab attracted our attention.. at first I thought it was a frog which I hate the most.. but it ran so fast.. and the kids.. including my other half were running and chasing it.. literally he was trying his hard to chase the crab and to get it hold on to a stick but the crab just wouldnt.. kalah budak2 la laki aku ni.. so I said instead of the stick why dont u give it your finger... hahahhaaa

Well.. at least there was something to be amused with.. with only 5 others of my colleague. the event was not amusing enough.. and obviously the barbeque's and the crab was not hot enough for my husband.. we left at 9.. and went to the karaoke instead of going home.. hahhahaha.. we sang about 15 songs.. Im having sore throat now.. due to of screaming and shrieking last nite..

I think it was a very cute crab.. notice the eggs.. lots of eggs.. its ok if we dont get to see turtle laying eggs anymore.. this would be ok.. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

mesra mata

Blog Mesra Mata? Guano neh.. Mesgho Mato neh.. ambe tau mesgho alang.. tapi apa pun terima kasih diucapkan kepada exschoolmate iaitu Cik Zugha kerana sudi menghadiahkan award ini kepada saya.. beliau sebenarnya merupakan sahabat baik saya semasa di SMK (P) Sri Aman dulu.. tapi dia dari SMK Assunta.. kami sesama menumpang di ATPN.. under scholar dengan Yayasan Selangor.. tapi jodoh saya kat sana tidak lama sebab saya berpindah pula ke Balik Pulau.. but we meet again.. in this cyber world after almost 15 years..

So back to the award.. I think it is a nice award.. no tagging game either.. Why MESRA MATA? We are so used with the phrase MESRA ALAM rite.. I think it is sort of the same.. Blog mesra mata.. which means a blog that soothing and comfortable to look at.. macam sedap aje mata kita ni memandang blog seseorang tu.. konklusinya.. blog saya ni mesra mata la kan.. blog yang mengundang rasa ingin tengok selalu.. ingin di baca selalu though the content not even content.. get it? hahaha.. maksudnya bukan ada isi apa2 pun.. tapi ada sahaja pelawat yang ingin membaca dan melihat setiap update di sesebuah blog tu..

Anyway.. does it really matter? Saya rasa tahap "kemesraan" sesuatu blog itu depends on the blogger him/herself.. and also depends on how well does it being accepted by others.. ada blog yang memang ramai peminat sebab dia artis.. ada juga blog yang mana isinya sangat heart tickling.. ada juga blog yang sekadar jurnal kehidupan seharian dia yang kadangkala best tapi kadangkala membosankan.. tetapi dek kerana layout nya sentiasa berubah.. maka ramai lah pelawat yang suka singgah.. ehhhh.. siapa punya blog itu... hehehehhe..

Mohon maaf.. lately I dont have much idea on what to pour in here.. life quite busy.. hmmmm... as usual.. so I guess instead of writing those boring and lame of bits and pisces in my life.. I'd rather keep my fingers off the keyboard.. tapi saya masih lagi melawat blog kawan2 yang tidak pernah kekeringan isi..

As in receiving this award.. instead of keeping it to myself.. I would like to reward this BLOG MESRA MATA AWARD as a token of appreciation to all of my other blogger friends.. dila, atun, chucky, tuted, sis emmi, sis nana, linda, baiti, apis, anaklaut, wani, comel, farah, mas, aiza, adi, cik yah, nadie, zek, fadzli and anyone else who thinks that she/he deserves the award.. ameeeeeeeeeeekkkk...

Thank you for being consistently reading my blog and also for being my blogger friends.. and of course simply because your blog is always MESRA MATA... hehehhe..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

the court, the niece, the tudung

Last Thursday we went to Kuala Kangsar due to a court case.. Mr Muzammir vs $&*!%$*!& sdn bhd.. actually my husband has won the case and without any hesitation or any doubt they should just pay what the labour court had ordered but I think they are actually in a very high act of being the egocentric people.. The labour office told us if they did not agree with the result they should have appealed in the very first place but they didnt and suddenly claiming that the labour court has being biased.. on last Friday, the case has been brought up to the session court and another final date has been given... its either thay pay or else.. just wait and see.. I cant disclose what will happen to the company if they still denying my husband's rights.. but something sure will happen..

My snapshot while the other half was looking for a hotel.. too many lights and the pic became yellowish.. but it match the title though.. Kuala Kangsar Bandar DiRaja.. kununnnnn.. the camera didnt do justice to the view sebenarnya..

The session ended at 10.30 am and since its still early we decided to take a detour to Klang.. somehow I miss lil niece so much... This time I drove the car all the way from KK to Klang.. while mr hubbs fell asleep so soundly.. he was so tired because he had been driving us to KK all the way from Dungun for almost 8 hours the other nite.. the road was clear with less vehicles hence I managed to reach Klang in just 2 1/2 hours..

yupp.. pose gedik mcm biasa... :)

Finally.. we got to meet our lil niece.. who is now named JANNAH binti mohamad shahrizam.. our lil Jannah.. our "heaven"ly niece.. macam nak culik dia bawak balik terengganu aje... actually we already have nephews at the hubby's side but all are nephews hence this is our first niece.. so we are a lil bit too excited..

mak long ija yang over excited

pak long amir who also excited..

After all the cuddling and smooching session with our lil niece, we hit the road again at 9.00pm.. I was so sad had to leave lil Jannah.. but.. heyyy.. there always some other time.. and with just a stop at the Burger King drive thru to get a whopper and mushroom swiss set as dinner.. we reached Dungun at 2.00 am.. being all tired we just left all the begs and things inside the car.. even some leftovers of fries and coke.. locked the door.. washed the feet and went straight to the bed.. we were just extremely exhausted..

by the way.. sorry guys.. mencelah sikit nih.. mahu tayang tudung baru.. jangan mara aaa... this tudung was bought online via the N-style busana... Im loving it.. the price slightly cheaper then Ariani's and the design is a bit up to date too.. its called the scallop design.. so limited designs and choices too.. lucky me ada jugak rezeki nak merasa.. and thanx to Ninie for such a pleasure through out the process..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

bits n pieces

Oh well.. since the school's reopening my life has gotten busy all over again.. like usual all those books to mark which has pile up to stacks... meetings and more meetings.. has been out of school today.. and even tomorrow for unnecessary courses and briefings.. wonder how my pupils were doing in school without me..

My kelisa has already came home.. last Sunday.. never been more red.. since the mechanic had it all red including the front grill which used to be all black.. and yeahhh.. it never been the same anymore.. hubby complaint that the clutch was harder than before.. and when hubby send me to school yesterday my baby jerk and the engine stop.. hence I called out for help from my tukang kebun to push the car.. thank god it worked!!! Then I noticed the left lamp has blown.. all this make me bit sad.. even though hubby was the one who using it now.. its the first car we have when first got married.. lots of sentimental value..

Tonite I have to pack clothes again.. we are going to KUALA KANGSAR tomorrow.. rite after working hours.. this wont be any vacation.. actually my husband will be having a court case for his salary claim from his previous company.. two months salary ok.. it has been dragging since last year.. the stupid company has been delaying the process and reluctant to pay what suppose to be his.. I need to be there too because I just dont have the heart to let him face it all alone.. plus I will get insanely anxious if he would be driving alone all by himself there.. which going to take more than 8 hours..

We will be back rite after the session.. because I have an extra class this weekend and hubby has to work also.. cant complaint much since I already had my one week break.. which was a very good one.. huhuhhu..

Please pray for us that the session will be going on smoothly.. and that they finally pay us what has always been ours..

thanks for reading anyway..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

that week...

School's break finally over.. yours truly is back to school this morning... somehow I felt a bit malas today.. and I know I cant just follow my heart to be all malas since on my table there are letters demanding reports and analysis of the previous mid term exam.. being all malas but it was all refreshened when I started teaching and seems like I had forgotten all the other thing.. I dooooooooo love teaching.. seeing my pupils again really lighten the day but all the other task that made me so reluctant to go to school.. hmmmmm.. enough with all these craps..

A week ago.. I was back in my hometown.. no school at all.. though I did miss my cutie pies in the year 1 class.. hehehee... anyway.. that week has been a blast.. I have not wasted any single day.. even though the husband was somewhere in the Pearl Island..

Well.. here goes...

Sunday, 7/6/09: The arrival
Nothing much.. we arrived at meru around 1.00am.. there was a bad traffic somewhere on the hiway of LPT.. sampai2 aje terus turuuuu... zzzzzzzzzz...

Monday, 8/6/09: The ZZZZZZZZZ day
I woke up early since I needed to fetch mi amor to the komuter station for him to go to penang.. where he would meet his friend at KL sentral and went to penang together.. And I back home.. sleeping all day long.. and ate.. and sleep again.. suddenly mak said that Zakuan, my other younger bro was going to treat us seafood that nite.. at Jeram.. wahhhh.. i definitely ate.. and sleep again...
Align Center
Tuesday, 9/6/09 : The Movie
I promised Ijun that i want to take him to Genting but got cancelled since my sister, Cuma was actually in labour due for her first child.. so mak tak bagi kita orang pergi jauh2.. hence I took him to TGV for a movie; Monsters Vs Aliens (MVA).. when this happened..

Me : MVA dua...
SA : Adik umur berapa?
Me : emmm.. 12?
SA : Ok.. RM18...
Ijun : Kak... Ijun kan dah 14..
SA : 14 dah kira dewasa la tuh... RM20..
ME : haaahhh..

Ijun is such a good kid so I didnt really blame him though I was pissed off sebab termalu sikit.. padan muka mak...

Wednesday, 10/6/09: The 5B gath
I had a small reunion with my ex classmate from MRSM BP.. OMG!!! hehehhe.. we had our lunch at Shogun, One Utama.. the food which a buffet was marvellous.. but the best was when I got to see the faces which I havent for almost 12 years.. Elly who is now Dr Elly, Apis who doesnt look like a mother of two and Baiti, though had only met her last March but her smile and laugh was always so infectious!!! We ate and talked.. ate and talked again.. 12 years of here and there story in 2 and a half hour... memang tak cukup.. heheheh...

All the way from OU to BBB aka Bandar Baru Bangi.. got to meet Baiti's two sweet munchkins, adorable Hamzah and witty Hannah and Baiti's hubby yang gila2.. with Zunaidi who is Elly's husbands aka my exclassmate too.. not forgetting the ARIANI boutique in BBB.. where I happened to buy another 3 of them.. phewww... kena pikir apa aku nak jawab dengan sang hubby since he'll be paying for all my bill.. but most of all.. I had a very good time!! sampai mak aku berkali2 called and asked bila nak balik.. tup tup almost Isyak baru bertolak from Baiti's house and sampai rumah 9.30pm.. mentang2 Mr husband takde.. heheheh...

Thursday, 11/6/09: The Admittance
My sister, Cuma was admitted to the hospital (Shah Alam Med Center) for her first child birth.. Supposed on that day I was going to a friend's house somewhere in Puchong.. my good old buddy; Raja Saadiah whom I last met 3 years ago that was her wedding day.. she was actually my Uni mate... Since I couldnt do to go to her house.. she came to the hospital.. with her husband and her two kids... two adorable kids..lil dina and lil ikhwan.. cute sangat2.. nak2 si dina.. who seems so garang and yet so penakut bila nak naik lif.. heheheh..

Friday, 12/6/09: The Suria gath & The New born

I had another small gathering with my exMRSM mates at Midvalley.. this time with my dormmates.. the SURIANS... yup.. The last we met was during SPM.. and after almost 12 years finally we met again.. except for Yaslynn ( the one in baju kurung).. whom I once met in Sogo a few years ago.. again.. OMG!!!! Yaslynn who is now a pro vet and has her own vet clinic, Ila a lecturer in Uitm and Sal who is now a teacher like me.. we sat at kenny rogers from around 12 noon up until 4pm.. if im not mistaken.. we ate and chat about the past and present.. laughing and giggling.. from there extended to Starbucks.. up until 6pm.. itupun sebab teringat masing2 ada hal.. hahahah.. rasa macam tak puas aje.. mau aje sembang sampai ke malam.. hehehehh..

Ooo yeaaa.. while I was looking for parking at MV, abah called an told me the good news.. Cuma has finally give birth to my cute niece.. who up untill now I called her budak pipi merah.. since parents dia tak bagi nama lagi.. they are waiting untill the 7th day because somehow it is the sunnah nabi to name a new born..

I really was sooooo happy... nak2 sang hubby pun on the way balik from Penang on that day..

That was all of my amazing holidays.. yesterday I was really feeling so reluctant to come back here.. dungun.. I really want to spend more time with my lil niece.. who looks exactly like her mommy.. Next week.. Im going back to Klang again.. because I am missing my lil pipi merah already!!!

on side note: yang buat aku lagi tensen bila balik sini was when the house has became a total mess.. all the dead insects and tahi cicak every where.. worse when the electric turned off sebab tendang kot and all the stuff in my fridge had gone bad... bercintanya rasa.. huhuhu...

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Entri kali ini rojak ye.. sebab macam2 mau cerita.. :)

Seharusnya pada waktu pagi ini aku sudah mula berkemas/packing bags untuk balik kampung.. eh balik bandar kot.. nope.. even though aku nak balik ke Klang/KL which is considered a city compare to this small town of Dungun.. but it still literally considered as balik kampung jugak kan..

Walaupun mahu balik kampung hari ini.. sempat lagi TEAM MZMRIZA berjalan ke Kuantan kelmarin.. boring.. hahhh.. nape tak balik kampung kelmarin aje.. tidak sesuai sebab hubby have to work today.. petang ni.. at 5pm baru lah bertolak ke Klang/KL..

So kelmarin on the way to Kuantan, we dropped by Pantai Kemasik.. Hari tuh sibuk pasal Pantai Kelulut kan.. Nih Pantai Kemasik.. Undoubtedly that all the beaches in Terengganu sangat cantik..

ini adalah attempt untuk pose seperti scene Bella on the cliff in New Moon

Kunun2 nak berdiri betul2 at the edge of the cliff..

tapi mak gayat.. terjelepok la Bella versi debab ini.. nasib baik mak tak jatuh dalam air..

Penat la pulat mendaki cliff itu tadi.. maka kami pun menikmati air kelapa dan keropok lekor goreng tepung di tepi pantai.. hmmm... nyaman sekali..

Anyway main destination is Kuantan so we left after about 20 minutes.. .. nak buat ape kat Kuantan ni.. nak tengok wayang!!!.. It has been a while the Mzmriza tak tengok wayang.. Last tengok Wolverine air tuh.. hmmm... macam baru je lagi kan?

Arrived in Kuantan exactly Maghrib since Kuantan is more than 90km from Dungun so we decided to jama' the solat and went to get the tickets first instead. Mula2 ingat mau nonton Angel & Demon sebab member recommend sekali tuh kat The Mall tuh only has about 5 or 6 movies on the show... and A&D takde pun dalam list..

I mumbled that I want to watch "17 Again" tak sangka la pulak sang hubby dengar because I thought he would rather have Night At The Museum 2!..Masa masuk panggung I really thought that we were watching NATM2 since masuk pun dah lambat... masuk2 aje terus scene Zac Efron tengah main basket ball.. I'd never thought that hubby approved since he doesnt really fancy teen stuffs like I do... hehhehe..
Well.. I was being sceptical jugak.. afraid that it would be lame and nanti malas nak dengar sang hubby bebel2 citer tuh boring la, zac efron sissy la.. but it turned out that the 1 1/2 hour was really worth it!! The story line was not just about teenagers life or any love comedy but its about life it is.. Mr Mzmr were laughing all the way sebab memang cerita dia kelako!!

The story goes when Mike O'Donnell (Mathew Perry) who was having midlife crisis when things didnt turn out as he wanted and blaming everything on his wife, Scarlett (Leslie Mann) whom he married when they were 17 while he was at the peak of his life.. Scarlett being a devoted wife given up on their marriage for Mikes's attitude being ungrateful hence filed up for divorce.. That was when an incident at the bridge happened.. and.. he was 17 all over again.. and that was when Zac Efron really came into the pic.. handsome.. though muka dia memang macam jambu ajek.. hehhehe

It was hilarious seeing his best friend, Ned Gold who the first time saw him and thought he was some thief and smacked Mike (Zac) mercilessly.. Mike susah payah la trying to convince his good buddy nih.. hehhhehe.. until Ned saw their pic when they were 17.. barulah si Ned ni percaya.. masa tu masing2 dah patah riuk.. hahhaha... the most funny one was when Ned who pretending as a father to Mike fell in love dengan pengetua sekolah.. Ned being a dorky and it seemed that the beautiful pengetua is a dorky as well!! Ned nih kaya raya because he invented some succesfull software and since he is so rich he bought a lot of things for the school nak amik ati pengetua la kununnya.. among things yang dia beli.. one big orange school bus for the school.. siap dengan reben merah besar.. hahahha

Banyak lagi yang kelakar.. when Mike became best friend with his own son and seemed like falling in love again with his wife... imagined a 17 years old boy fell in love dengan mak member.. chaos.. and then when his own daughter has a crush on him.. which above all his only intention was to save her daughter from ruining her teenage life and saving his son from being a loser.. and at the same time trying to save his marriage from falling apart.. ada jugak scene yg sedih.. masa kat court, supposedly Mike have to attend it but being a 17 camno nak buek, so he pretended that the Old Mike ada bagi surat and asked him to read it to Scarlett.. nangis2.. aku nih kan mellowdramatic queen kan.. nangis2 la sekali.. hmmm..

Over all I really think that Zac Efron is one of the rising star who can act so well alongside Leslie Mann yang memang otai cerita2 love comedy ni.. Well actually nih baru aku rasa Zac Efron worth being popular.. masa HSM dulu aku rasa dia nih biasa ajek.. macam lame ajek..

So I strongly suggest this movie to those yang nak santai ajek.. tak yah gi tengok wayang pun.. gi download kat torrent tuh.. ada rasanya.. hahhahaha ...

Big question here.. What would you do if you were 17 again? kalau aku.. hmmm.. kena bukak entry lain neh.. hehhehe

On the way balik lapor.. ye lah tak dinner lagi.. jam dah dekat kul 11 dah ni.. sang hubby pusing satu Kuantan cari the famousTerminal Satay Zul.. akhirnya jumpa.. cerita pasal satay Zul ni pulak.. I think it is overrated.. jangan marah ye kawan2.. sedap tuh sedap.. tapi aku rasa Satay Hut kat Tanjung Karang lagi sedap.. and tak boleh lawan jugak satay AU5 Keramat.. sebab apa tau.. satay Zul ni takde "tetel" aka lemak ayam.. memangla sangat bahaya untuk diet.. but once in a while thats what make the satay soooo good, no?

Ok.. itu saja untuk minggu ini.. I will be offline for the rest of the week... kot online pun sekejap2 aje.. sebab kena gi CC since kat rumah mak takde internet.. and lappy pun sang hubby mau heret ke penang.. yang ada lappy buruk and slow sekali RAM nye aka laptop sekolah.. hehheh..

Bangun!!!! Selamat Pulang Cikgu!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

di awan biru...

Supposedly this is a backdated entry but lots of problem occured when I tried to upload some videos.. so I just gave up and malas nak buat dah.. tapi sayang la pulak bila all the videos and pics tuh tak dikongsi beramai2 kan.. :)

The concert was on schedule last 22/5/09 but postponed to 29/5/09.. actually Im not really a fan.. even mr hubbs either.. but us being a "multimusic" listener thought why not give it a shot plus since we moved to the east coast not much of eventful things were held.. asyik2 funfair.. I dont quite like funfairs.. tak lau la naper..

We took off from Dungun at around 4pm and went straight to the stadium to collect the tickets.. It took us like almost an hour because of the long queue.. around 6.30pm we went for dinner at the Noodle Station.. the only place where I like to dine in there.. I had the lamb chop while mr hubbs only have a chicken BBQ noodle.. I like the noodles but the chicken were too sweet I think.. after that we had our prayers at nearby mosque.. we call it the Masjid Putih because it is all white.. managed to put on my make up just after the solat.. hehheehhe.. sempat lagik..

siyes sedap... rasa cam nak lick all the gravy on the plate tapi sebab kat public.. ambe beringat la jugak.. hahahah..

pose2 gediks..

Around 7.45pm we were already at the stadium but we spent like almost 20 mins just to find the parking spot.. toooooooooooo many people... almaklumlah.. the concert was the first after almost 21 years if Im not mistaken.. what do u expect? its Terengganu Darul Iman ok.. I think people from Kelantan also came here since the concert in KB has been cancelled.. though Amy & Tok Guru have become buddies but still Tok Guru tak bagi..

the main entrance

the rest of the clan.. tengok sapa yang paling poyo.. yup.. he is my man.. love him no matter what.. :)

Around 8.30pm the gate was open.. and we were in.. old and young.. man and woman.. all in jeans and some in baju kurung.. baju kurung? errrkkk.. yup.. high heels lagik.. hahhaahha.. ooooo.. with a big large handbag.. I dont think that was suitable, does it? macam2.. I only brought my IC and 10 bucks inside.. takutla pickpocket and macam2 lagi.. I heard that ramai yang hilang hp that nite.. tulah bawak beg besar2 lagik.. We port ourself at the back.. way far from the crowd.. seriuosly I dont really like crowds.. but if crowds in shopping mall takpe.. that means ada sale.. hehheheh..

So the nite begun at 9.30pm.. yup.. soooooo late.. kaki mak dah lenguh2 .. anyway the wait was worth it.. Amy & the gang was so excellent.. energetic.. yazid with his drum, Nasir, Hillary and Din all with their guitars.. they have proven that they worth the title.. being a legend.. and Amy the man of the nite at the age of 51 was screaming and jumpingjacking without losing any breath.. best.. memang best..

The best I would say was when he sang Isabella, fenomena, gadisku and pawarna.. behind us were a group of man who at their 40ties I think.. singing along.. amazingly they knew all songs.... must be die hard fans.. according to a friend who were standing near the stage there was a couple also aged around 40 who were hugging and singing along.. sssooo sweeettt..

As an amature camerawoman.. cewahhhh.. I recorded most of the songs but I could not upload all here since the size of the files are so big.. and all the videos pun gambar goyang2.. sebab mak kan pendek aje.. nak rakam tuh kena held the camera up high.. lenguh2 tangan.. lenguh2 kaki jugak sebab berdiri lama2.. hehehhe.. bila tengok balik semua video.. I could hear mr hubbs voice so clearly.. kalah Amy.. dia pun naik syeh gak malam tuh.. hehehe..

p/s: phewwww.. after a week baru siap entry nih..