Wednesday, June 17, 2009

bits n pieces

Oh well.. since the school's reopening my life has gotten busy all over again.. like usual all those books to mark which has pile up to stacks... meetings and more meetings.. has been out of school today.. and even tomorrow for unnecessary courses and briefings.. wonder how my pupils were doing in school without me..

My kelisa has already came home.. last Sunday.. never been more red.. since the mechanic had it all red including the front grill which used to be all black.. and yeahhh.. it never been the same anymore.. hubby complaint that the clutch was harder than before.. and when hubby send me to school yesterday my baby jerk and the engine stop.. hence I called out for help from my tukang kebun to push the car.. thank god it worked!!! Then I noticed the left lamp has blown.. all this make me bit sad.. even though hubby was the one who using it now.. its the first car we have when first got married.. lots of sentimental value..

Tonite I have to pack clothes again.. we are going to KUALA KANGSAR tomorrow.. rite after working hours.. this wont be any vacation.. actually my husband will be having a court case for his salary claim from his previous company.. two months salary ok.. it has been dragging since last year.. the stupid company has been delaying the process and reluctant to pay what suppose to be his.. I need to be there too because I just dont have the heart to let him face it all alone.. plus I will get insanely anxious if he would be driving alone all by himself there.. which going to take more than 8 hours..

We will be back rite after the session.. because I have an extra class this weekend and hubby has to work also.. cant complaint much since I already had my one week break.. which was a very good one.. huhuhhu..

Please pray for us that the session will be going on smoothly.. and that they finally pay us what has always been ours..

thanks for reading anyway..


syafawani said...

please be with ur hubby during this kind of ctitical time:)
he must be very2 stress..ok:)
n for sure he will definitely thank u for being with him all over the time ya..

hawaDila said...

letak ler gmb kete yg baru siap tu.. cemane ler rupenyer ek.. kete baru dpt pun dah tak berfungsi dgn betul ek.. jahat tokei bengkel

@tune® said...

k kak..
happy journey

Anonymous said...

hi kurtz..all the best with the court thingy!ku doakan cepat menang and kaya cepat!;p truknya that company..dh bankrupt ke ape?if not,kena publish the co name so that org lain xkena tipu.

yeah..letakla gambaq ur new red baby!

hafizah hashim..

apis585 said...

semoga u guys menang the court case & safe journey...

::cikgu liza:: said...

wani - yupp.. tak sampai ati and sgt la risau kalau dia drive jauh2.. cukup la previous experiences.. tak leh tido semua tunggu dia...

dila - memang hangin aku dgn bengkel tuh.. nanti la sok lusa ku upload gambor kelisa... anddddd tudung baru... hehhehe..

pizoh - uiksss.. jumpa pulok ko blog aku ye.. welkammmm.. anyway takdenya kaya raya aku.. tapi bleh la cover balik savings aku masa dua bulan laki ku jobless last year... by the way my new red baby tuh baru keluar bengkel sbb ari tu lakiku bawak dan langgar lembu.. hhahaha.. seb baik hubby ku ok..

apis - thanx.. sebenarnya aku takut gak nih.. jauh tu nak balik kuala kangsar dr sini.. nak ikut route grik takut gajah sumer.. because malam dah ni kan.. last2 decided ikut lpt and then naik plus pulak... huhuuu.. jauhhh..

chucky said...

owhh,g tuntut!!!
duit tuhhh

::cikgu liza:: said...

atune & chucky - uikksss.. tak perasan atunnye mesej kat atas.. neway... thanx kazen2 ku yg baik ati.. sudah balik dungun pun..