Friday, June 5, 2009

di awan biru...

Supposedly this is a backdated entry but lots of problem occured when I tried to upload some videos.. so I just gave up and malas nak buat dah.. tapi sayang la pulak bila all the videos and pics tuh tak dikongsi beramai2 kan.. :)

The concert was on schedule last 22/5/09 but postponed to 29/5/09.. actually Im not really a fan.. even mr hubbs either.. but us being a "multimusic" listener thought why not give it a shot plus since we moved to the east coast not much of eventful things were held.. asyik2 funfair.. I dont quite like funfairs.. tak lau la naper..

We took off from Dungun at around 4pm and went straight to the stadium to collect the tickets.. It took us like almost an hour because of the long queue.. around 6.30pm we went for dinner at the Noodle Station.. the only place where I like to dine in there.. I had the lamb chop while mr hubbs only have a chicken BBQ noodle.. I like the noodles but the chicken were too sweet I think.. after that we had our prayers at nearby mosque.. we call it the Masjid Putih because it is all white.. managed to put on my make up just after the solat.. hehheehhe.. sempat lagik..

siyes sedap... rasa cam nak lick all the gravy on the plate tapi sebab kat public.. ambe beringat la jugak.. hahahah..

pose2 gediks..

Around 7.45pm we were already at the stadium but we spent like almost 20 mins just to find the parking spot.. toooooooooooo many people... almaklumlah.. the concert was the first after almost 21 years if Im not mistaken.. what do u expect? its Terengganu Darul Iman ok.. I think people from Kelantan also came here since the concert in KB has been cancelled.. though Amy & Tok Guru have become buddies but still Tok Guru tak bagi..

the main entrance

the rest of the clan.. tengok sapa yang paling poyo.. yup.. he is my man.. love him no matter what.. :)

Around 8.30pm the gate was open.. and we were in.. old and young.. man and woman.. all in jeans and some in baju kurung.. baju kurung? errrkkk.. yup.. high heels lagik.. hahhaahha.. ooooo.. with a big large handbag.. I dont think that was suitable, does it? macam2.. I only brought my IC and 10 bucks inside.. takutla pickpocket and macam2 lagi.. I heard that ramai yang hilang hp that nite.. tulah bawak beg besar2 lagik.. We port ourself at the back.. way far from the crowd.. seriuosly I dont really like crowds.. but if crowds in shopping mall takpe.. that means ada sale.. hehheheh..

So the nite begun at 9.30pm.. yup.. soooooo late.. kaki mak dah lenguh2 .. anyway the wait was worth it.. Amy & the gang was so excellent.. energetic.. yazid with his drum, Nasir, Hillary and Din all with their guitars.. they have proven that they worth the title.. being a legend.. and Amy the man of the nite at the age of 51 was screaming and jumpingjacking without losing any breath.. best.. memang best..

The best I would say was when he sang Isabella, fenomena, gadisku and pawarna.. behind us were a group of man who at their 40ties I think.. singing along.. amazingly they knew all songs.... must be die hard fans.. according to a friend who were standing near the stage there was a couple also aged around 40 who were hugging and singing along.. sssooo sweeettt..

As an amature camerawoman.. cewahhhh.. I recorded most of the songs but I could not upload all here since the size of the files are so big.. and all the videos pun gambar goyang2.. sebab mak kan pendek aje.. nak rakam tuh kena held the camera up high.. lenguh2 tangan.. lenguh2 kaki jugak sebab berdiri lama2.. hehehhe.. bila tengok balik semua video.. I could hear mr hubbs voice so clearly.. kalah Amy.. dia pun naik syeh gak malam tuh.. hehehe..

p/s: phewwww.. after a week baru siap entry nih..


apis585 said...


chucky said...

teringat cite fenomena yang ade ramona rahman tu...


Bestnye dpt tgk search..BERBALOI-BALOI..

@tune® said...

rock jer itam

::cikgu liza:: said...

apis - u got that rite!!! hheheh

chucky - memang pun..

sal - for a RM38 ticket it is worth it..

cik ton - ha ah kan.. i have been questioning mr hubbs that too.. tapi dia kata semua kawan2 dia nak pakai hitam.. kita nih pun malas la nak carik gaduh dah..

::cikgu liza:: said...

salll!!!!! invite me!!! pleasee.....