Sunday, June 21, 2009

the court, the niece, the tudung

Last Thursday we went to Kuala Kangsar due to a court case.. Mr Muzammir vs $&*!%$*!& sdn bhd.. actually my husband has won the case and without any hesitation or any doubt they should just pay what the labour court had ordered but I think they are actually in a very high act of being the egocentric people.. The labour office told us if they did not agree with the result they should have appealed in the very first place but they didnt and suddenly claiming that the labour court has being biased.. on last Friday, the case has been brought up to the session court and another final date has been given... its either thay pay or else.. just wait and see.. I cant disclose what will happen to the company if they still denying my husband's rights.. but something sure will happen..

My snapshot while the other half was looking for a hotel.. too many lights and the pic became yellowish.. but it match the title though.. Kuala Kangsar Bandar DiRaja.. kununnnnn.. the camera didnt do justice to the view sebenarnya..

The session ended at 10.30 am and since its still early we decided to take a detour to Klang.. somehow I miss lil niece so much... This time I drove the car all the way from KK to Klang.. while mr hubbs fell asleep so soundly.. he was so tired because he had been driving us to KK all the way from Dungun for almost 8 hours the other nite.. the road was clear with less vehicles hence I managed to reach Klang in just 2 1/2 hours..

yupp.. pose gedik mcm biasa... :)

Finally.. we got to meet our lil niece.. who is now named JANNAH binti mohamad shahrizam.. our lil Jannah.. our "heaven"ly niece.. macam nak culik dia bawak balik terengganu aje... actually we already have nephews at the hubby's side but all are nephews hence this is our first niece.. so we are a lil bit too excited..

mak long ija yang over excited

pak long amir who also excited..

After all the cuddling and smooching session with our lil niece, we hit the road again at 9.00pm.. I was so sad had to leave lil Jannah.. but.. heyyy.. there always some other time.. and with just a stop at the Burger King drive thru to get a whopper and mushroom swiss set as dinner.. we reached Dungun at 2.00 am.. being all tired we just left all the begs and things inside the car.. even some leftovers of fries and coke.. locked the door.. washed the feet and went straight to the bed.. we were just extremely exhausted..

by the way.. sorry guys.. mencelah sikit nih.. mahu tayang tudung baru.. jangan mara aaa... this tudung was bought online via the N-style busana... Im loving it.. the price slightly cheaper then Ariani's and the design is a bit up to date too.. its called the scallop design.. so limited designs and choices too.. lucky me ada jugak rezeki nak merasa.. and thanx to Ninie for such a pleasure through out the process..


syafawani said...

hehe..lawa tudung baru..pinjam ley?heee

emmii the strange said...

uii, tukar lagik ka template?

@tune® said...

baby pon comei

@tune® said...
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haku ko said...

cute tudung..btw, sakan cruising chevy ye

::cikgu liza:: said...

wani - lawa ekkk... thanx.. :)

sis emmi - yup.. saya memang cepat boring dgn blog layout..

atun - hahhahaha.. terima kasih walaupun cam terpaksa aje nak ngaku.. hahhaha iye.. baby sgt comel.. cuma ada kat rumah mak la.. ajak la farah gi tengok...

haku ko - i think so too!!! heheh.. perasan kan.. anyway sakan hape nye bawak chevy tu.. just that the hubby penat.. i would rather be the one who sleep actually.. lagi best.. heheheh..

anaklaut said...

cikgu liza::

"percaya tak menitik air mata saya baca entry anaklaut kali ni? tersentuh dengan kisah sang suami tu.. yakni en zul.. jarang jumpa lelaki begitu.. tersentuh juga dgn anaklaut yang nyata sgt kesal dgn apa yg berlaku.. dua jenis lelaki yg barangkali susah nak ditemui dlm dunia sekarang.."

terima kasih...terharu saya...

.:nhalilah:. said...

cantik template.. comey..

tudung pon cantik.. aku skrg ni pun dah gile ngan tudung eking ni.. senang.. tak payah nak pin bagai... ekekeke..

cik-zura said...

haaaa comel pun template baru.. kehkehkeh..

::cikgu liza:: said...

anaklaut - sincerely from deep down of my heart..

ila - hahaha.. aku pun.. yang pelik tuh tanak brand lain plak tuh.. nak ariani jugak..

zugha - semalam aku rasa mcm chumel gakss.. but today it seeems so messy.. hahhaha.. teruk aku ni..

N-Style Busana- Your Muslimah Apparel Gateway said...

tq liza....nice dealing with u too..tudung itu suits u well..cantik. :-) i jual ye