Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fishy fishy!!!

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Security Update Message - *5820*

Dear Valued Customer,

We placed an hold on your account for security reasons as we detected several invalid logon attempts from a blacklisted location. Your immediate attention is required to activate and restore access to your account.

Activate Now
*removed link*

Note: Your account will be closed if not resolved within 5 minutes of notice.




I received this fishy email this morning.. being all shocked and stupid I was going to click the link given but thank god I did not. I called the CIMB's helpline instead. They said if they have anything to inform they wont send it via the client personal email. They might do it in the click's account. By the way, I manage to ask the officer about my account and grateful that my account balance is still safe... bukan banyak pun.. hehehhee.. still I am grateful.. I am not going to be one of this phishing scam's victim.

This brought me into thinking, is our bank account really safe and secure? Iye ke safe? Dulu orang simpan duit bawah bantal.. later people keep their money and some of their precious belongings in a place called bank.. now.. duit dalam bank pun boleh hilang..


.:nhalilah:. said...

haah.. skrg ni sume dah tak selamat.. duit kat beg blh kena ragut.. kalo kat umah pun boleh kena rompak.. kat bank thru internet pun boleh kena gaks.. tak selamat dah..

tu la.. luckyly ko tepon bank.. any notice from bank thru email mmg tak boleh dipercayai.. ramai dah kena..

re: tu citer fast moving la.. sure ko tak tido punyer.. shoot dia pun sgt baik.. macam ko bergerak n berlari sama dlm muvie tu.. believe me bebeh..

::cikgu liza:: said...

ha ah kan.. aku tak pernah kena.. tu yg percaya mula2 tu.. nasib baik it triggered in mind to call the bank itself.. kalu tak haru je..

really A&D that fast? hari tu the da vinci code pun aku tak habis tgk.. heheheh..

chucky said...

baik transfer duit yg sikit tu pada saya

terima kasih

::cikgu liza:: said...

chucky - bagi saya 10 sebab kenapa saya harus transfer ke akaun kamu :)

apis585 said...

i got the same email..yg lagi kelakar..aku xpernah ade pon acc kat cimb hahahha..kantoi tol derang ni...

hawaDila said...

kalau tgk mcm betul je email tu.. seb baik kol dulu.. kalau aku dah percaya kot.. scam scam

::cikgu liza:: said...

apis - bodoh la diorang ni kan.. jahat betul.. bosan sgt ke hidup smpi buat benda2 tak berpekdah mcm tu..

dila - memang nampak real email tuh.. mula2 memang percaya.. sib baik tergerak hati nak call bank..

@tune® said...

suruh polis tangkap die...

::cikgu liza:: said...

ha ah atun.. cepat panggil polis yg bawak evo tuh.. suruh tangkap diorang..