Sunday, June 28, 2009

a few happy things

There are a few happy things in my life this few days... :)

First.. I jst discovered that TGV will be opening soon here in Dungun.. well.. not exactly here.. but at Mesra Mall, Kerteh which is only a 20 mins away from Dungun.. so no more hassel of traffic jams in Kuantan just to have a fun weekend or even weekdays.. been heard that it will be officially launch after this coming raya... yeayyyy!!!

Second.. having thinking about Kuantan.. Last Friday we just found the new EAST COST Mall not too far from the Berjaya Mall.. with a lot more of boutiques and outlets options.. and they have the FIRST LADY boutique there!!! the only boutique that have my dress size!!! heheheh.. and yup.. without hesitation I snatched a jubah there.. and more and more shoes too.. I bought myself a pair of Sembonia.. my other half? He has became a shopping freak too.. hahahah.. just imagine all the Renoma pants which cost RM140 having discount of 70%... he bought 3 of them.. and 3 other shirts..

Third.. my application to move in into the government quarters have been approved.. yupp.. I applied for the quarters.. which is much more nearer to my school.. which I think is better and safer.. living nearer my schoolmates rather then Dungun where my boss is the only school mate I have.. safer if my husband has late nite meetings, or outstation jobs.. I would have real neighbours instead of the sound of crazy motorist, lorries and ambulans ( yeahh.. my house now is nearer to the hospital)..

Fourth.. this is not about me though.. but I am happy on behalf of my pupils.. my Year 5 pupils.. the Terengganu Government has been so generous when all my pupils receive a free laptop each.. not just my school actually.. it is all over Terengganu.. Imagine all this kampung kids.. being given a free personal PC.. it is a moment of joy.. the small pc is compeleted with Intel Atom, Open Office, Microsoft Office, and even the wireless function.. It came in handy that it is smaller than the original textbook.. the monitor is about 25cm x 18cm..

Well.. technically it is a good notebook since its water proof and tough.. but this notebook aka E-BOOK which the main intention and purpose is to replace the textbook is not so practically useful in class.. especially when the batteries has ran out and the class has only one power point.. extention? they should think of this earlier before the notebook being distributed to schools.. and I.. being a teacher.. I have to think positively and take all this as a challenge to improve my pupils' education background.. :)

all the happy faces.. they received the Ebook last Thursday and today most of them have had their wallpaper changed.. I guess my pupils are not that naive.. :)


emmii the strange said...

yo, tukaq lagik! memang lama dah dengar kerajaan terengganu nak kasik e-book kat budak2. tapi betul tuh, tak berapa practical. sebelum kasik budak baik kasik kat semua cikgu seluruh malaysia dulu. hohohohoho!!!

cikgu liza said...

cikgu pun dapat tau.. boleh?

Baiti Mustafa said...

wah...bagusnya kerajaan terengganu..spreading IT early masa young..

anyway, aku tgh sibuk2 bayar bils/hutangs..terus aku tepuk dahi weh...aku TERLUPA langsung pasal tudung ariani aku hutang ko tu..aku transfer today eh..

ya ampun!!!...terlupa sungguh..tak baik betul haku ni..

Baiti Mustafa said...
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Baiti Mustafa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
syafawani said...

tukaq layout..hehe
uitt ebook..syok3..

@tune® said...

mak aih..budak skang!!
syok tol!!

kak...Dungun da maju ek!!

chucky said...

e book ..gempak dowhhhhh

credit to terengganuuuu

apis585 said...

bagusnya sorang 1...tapi mata cikgu2 kene pantas memantau screen2 mereka kot2 ade yg fokuss main game aku dulu hahahahaha....

hawaDila said...

aik.. dah masuk kuarters ker... ok ler tuh... tak de ler jauh lagi nak g sekolah

cikgu liza said...

baiti - well yeaa... good cause tapi great responsibility jugak.. haihhh.. kut hilang ke ape.. buku teks dah return.. we will see... anyway.. bout M2U, take ur time.. aku ok..

wani - hehehe.. yang semalam tu rasa mcm semak gila.. and ebook.. buat masa ni ok.. tak tau la in future..

atun - maju kan? ada TGV kat tgh kampung.. and then belaja pun pakai laptop.. textbookless..

chucky - clap clap clap.. sok ebook ilang.. sob sob sob.. tak baik kan cikgu ckp camni.. hehehee..

apis - serious!!! dah ada mcm2 dah dlm ebook tu.. gamba.. lagu.. baru 3 hari.. tak tau la.. satu keje pulak cikgu disiplin nak gi spotcheck menatang tuh..

dila - ha ah... akak pike bulan pose.. tak lalu la bawak keta jauh2..