Friday, June 26, 2009

crabby nite

The school is having an English Camp these past few days. The camp was held at a resort called D' Teratai, at Kuala Abang. Last nite, instead of doing nothing at home, I thought it would be nice if we joined the rest of the schools there. We had barbeque's when the rest of our pupils were having their class..

Nothing much to tell but I just realised the beach was actually used to be well known for turtle's destination.. it has been 5 years since the last turtle ever laid egg here.. there used to be a large crowd before.. in one night the resort could make at least RM3k.. the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) people were among the permanent visitors during the season.. but time passes by and the beach had became dirtier than before because the lack of public awareness bout this beautiful creature... and this creature somehow sulking.. not to come here anymore.. the beach was not as clean as before and the noise of tourist and people just did not helping for them to lay eggs as they used to be.. sincerely.. I was sad..

Anyway, the presence of a small little crab attracted our attention.. at first I thought it was a frog which I hate the most.. but it ran so fast.. and the kids.. including my other half were running and chasing it.. literally he was trying his hard to chase the crab and to get it hold on to a stick but the crab just wouldnt.. kalah budak2 la laki aku ni.. so I said instead of the stick why dont u give it your finger... hahahhaaa

Well.. at least there was something to be amused with.. with only 5 others of my colleague. the event was not amusing enough.. and obviously the barbeque's and the crab was not hot enough for my husband.. we left at 9.. and went to the karaoke instead of going home.. hahhahaha.. we sang about 15 songs.. Im having sore throat now.. due to of screaming and shrieking last nite..

I think it was a very cute crab.. notice the eggs.. lots of eggs.. its ok if we dont get to see turtle laying eggs anymore.. this would be ok.. :)


apis585 said...

looking at the title and the first pic, igtkan korang bbq ketam..hmmm..yummy!!!

syafawani said...


@tune® said...

xajak pon!!!

::cikgu liza:: said...

apis - sedap ke ketam bakar? tak pernah rasa laaaa...

wani - comel kan.. hehehe..

atune - ajak guano.. mu maghi pung dok ghoyak molek..