Saturday, July 25, 2009

you.. freak!!

I am freaking out.. seriously!!! A thin gross looking guy had came to my house just now.. asking to mow my lawn.. and as usual I would simply said no.. NO.. NO.. okay.. firmly rejecting his offer... I did not even open the door and the conversation took place by my window panes.... I rejected him, but he still did not want to go away.. I told him that Im moving out so he has to ask the permission of the real onwer not me.. sengal betul la..

Lets name the guy pok ya ehhh .. a typical name for local peeps.. this pok ya ehhh.. though I have totally declined his offer, then went on blabbing bout his kunun2 very sick daughter who is now admitted and very dying.. yeahhhh.. he was in attempt to raise my sympathetic feeling for him.. I said sharply at him," eh.. anak awak nazak awak tak duduk sini.. awak duduk dekat dia.. ".. I also noticed how his eyes were so viciously looking around my lawn and even tried to look deeper into my living room... he even asked "kalu kak nak pindah, semua ni buleh dak bagi saya".. then I saw that he was holding one of my bonia.. I got panicked and told him to drop the shoes," ehh... tuh semua saya nak bawak pindah tuh.. takde nak buang atau nak bagi sapa2.."

aisyoohhhh!!!! pok ya kept on blabbing again and finally stop when I said that my husband is coming home that he can discuss bout this with him.. pok ya was not satisfied but at least he left.. finally..

Once he left.. I went out and lock my gate.. one of my neighbour was witnessing the incident and asked me what did that guy wanted.. I told what exactly happened than he told me that lucky that pok ya went away because he is actually a drug addict.. my neighbour told me that he was about to come close to chase that junkie away when that stupid pok ya suddenly gave up on me.. He also told me these people would do anything to get into people house.. it is sort of strategy which begin with some particular services such as lawn mowing.. then they will figure out the next step on how to break in someone's house... dreadful!!!

This actually was not the first time.. it has been quite a few times that we were visited by this kind of strangers.. but this particular guy really pissed me off.. he just didnt want to let go and kept on begging, pestering for things.. "kak nak pindah takkan takde barang akak nak buang".. eeeekkk.. even ada pun, I wont give them to you.. might as well I give to my neighbour the people that I know instead to some weird smelly stranger..

super poyo unplugged

ok.. ok.. first of all.. i want to clarify that i have a very monotonous life these few days.. boooorrrriinnnggg... yup.. packing and more packing.. as hubby and me is moving into the quarters.. in between sneaking into facebook and blogwalking... sempat lagik... compulsory since i am an internet freak.. heheheh.. that was when i stumbled upon these..

seriously.. this made my morning!!!!.. cheer me up a bit.. since i am all alone at home now.. and i need more of them... yup.. i googled for more... hehehhe

oh god.. poyonye!!!.. serious poyo gila.. hahahahha... but it is so amusing!!!.. i am having fun watching them.. poyo and yet entertaining.. hehhehee

would it be a surprise if i tell you guys.. that this is actually faizal tahir's younger brother?.. im not sure how true that is but his face does resemble faizal tahir, doesnt he? and the other one was actually an ex local nasyid singer, named akbar.. sounds familiar kan? both of them are now somewhere in UK.. furthering their study if im not mistaken.. ke dah balik sini.. wallahualam.. hmmm...

anyway.. just enjoy their super poyoness.. gedikness and cute too!!! heheheh.. they must have been cracking their brain up hence all this madness!! hahahah...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

true story

"Once upon a time.. There was a teacher called Cikgu Liza.. Cikgu Liza had always been nice with her year one pupils.. pampered them with gifts and tokens every time they answered the question correctly.. She had games and quizes.. and the kids were so excited throught out her class.. Anyway.. time passes by.. Cikgu Liza had so much fun too that she simply did not realized that she has spoiled her year one kids.. and on that particular day that one boy had mistakenly pushed Cikgu Liza's button and made Cikgu Liza spontaneously threw something and surprisingly hit the target well!! Directly at the center of his forehead.. the whole class was stunned and surprised of what she did.. even the boy.. he was speechless and his eyes filled with tears.. he was shocked and sad but he still managed to answer Cikgu Liza's question correctly though.. and Cikgu Liza was sad too because she did not purposely intentionally hit that poor boy.. "

True story.. happened yesterday.. in my maths class.. he was mocking the others while they were trying to read the number sentence on the board.. when I instructed him to read he was acting like he didnt know how to read at all.. more like mocking me.. that was when I threw the chalk..

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am missing this little girl so much!! According to my mom she is now weighed 4.8 kg.. compared to when she was born at 3.6kg.. and I knew it my lil Jannah.. she has our genes.. hehehehe... the fat and fabulous genes.. My lil Jannah.. Mak Long miss u so much.. especially those cheeks.. big fluffy cheeks... muahhhh!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Tadi had dinner at one kedai that Mr Mzmr called the "nasi lemak kl".. memang dia suka sangat makan kat situ sebab nasi lemak tempat lain kat Dungun ni memang tak ngam dengan tekak dia.. satu tempat ni aje la dia berkenan..

Satu lagi "special feature" kedai yang buat dia suka sangat bawak isteri dia yang bulat ni ke sana sebab ada big screen.. haaahhh.. kalau ada game bola best la tengok kat situ.. kedai nye kecik dan buruk sahaja tapi bersih.. Dungung ni memang bersih if nak compare dengan tempat lain..

Namun begitu.. bukannya game bola yang sedang bersiaran.. depa pasang vcd.. filem tajuk apa aku tak tahu.. yang aku tau dan pasti anak perempuan/cucu kepada tokei kedai tu yang merengek nak tengok movie itu..

Mula2 ok je.. tiba2.. ada la pulak scene yang memang aku rasa sangat tidak wajar dipertontonkan di khalayak ramai.. ada mak budak, bapak budak, budak budak, kawan budak.. ishshhhhhh.. pendek kata memang sangat tidak sesuai di public ok.. tapi tokei kedai dengan anak dia masih tak perasan lagi..

Aku ni puas la suruh encik hubby ku gi sound tokei tuh.. tapi encik hubby kata biarlah.. kejap lagi dia sedar la tuh.. orang2 lain pun dah mula sok sek sok sek.. bising2.. mana tak nye.. bukan setakat topless ok.. sampai scene naik katil pun ada..

gambar tiada kena mengena dengan movie yang ditayang
Aku nak bangun dah gi sound (ecehhhh beraninye cikgu!!!).. tiba2 skrin besar tu jadi gelap.. nasib baik sempat tutup kalau cikgu liza gi tegur face to face guane la agaknye tadi.. haihhhhh.. runsing betul la dengan dunia sekarang.. kot ye tak sengaja pun agak2 la dulu cerita ni label U ke, PG13 ke, 18 SX ke.. yeeeeeeeeesssshhhhhh... nih kat Terengganu Darul Iman ni.. kat tempat lain aku tak tau la..

A Letter for Him On This Day


This year again I am grateful to almighty Allah SWT for letting me be by your side on this special day.. I have been celebrating your special day for 6 consecutive years.. and this year will be the 7th.. and last night when I wished you, you said the best present that you always wanted and the best ever is your wife.. that got me melted.. I want you to know that I still dont know what to give you as my token of love on this special day... as I am still searching and in return I would like you to know that you have a special place in my heart that you have had from the very start.. through out all the good and bad times.. I hope and promise that I will always be your birthday present for many more years ahead.. that I will always have the chance to celebrate your special day together for more consecutive years.. as your wife , I am so proud of you.. so proud that I have u as my husband.. and loving me unconditionally.. I wish you all the happiness in the world.. and more success in the future.. I will always be by your side.. always... Happy 30th Birthday sayang..

yours truly,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

love actually? LOL!!!!

This is a conversation.. between a couple .. ummmmm...

the girl : sampai hati abang buat ayang macam ni
the boy: abang minta maaf ok.. abang sayang ayang
the girl : nanti kalau habis exam macam mana?
the boy: abang janji abang akan ikut ayang ke mana pun
the girl : sungguh abang ?
the boy: janji sayang

OOOOOoooookkkkkkkkkkkk... the conversation didnt go exactly like I wrote above.. It was much more amusing actually.. but that was the closest I could get.. one of my colleague told me the story this morning.. what do you think? who is the couple I was talking about? I bet most of you would be guessing that it was among my colleagues... ohhh well, I wont bother a bit if its them.. I would give them happy wishes instead.. hahahahaha...

Anyway dont get surprise ehhh.. it was actually my beloved Year 6 students.. yupppp... in just about 50 days to UPSR they still have time to flirt and fool around.. but abang & ayang? I sincerely think that was not appropriate.. The flings between those two has started long before.. but I dont have the intention to stop them because sometimes it could work.. u know.. as a motivation to study harder.. in a positive way of course.. but at the age of 12 with the "abang & ayang" thingy? naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.. that was way beyond my expectation..

I think.. even thinking about them and writing it right now makes me wanting to giggle and puke.. they should address each other " saya & awak", no? hahahhaha.. lets recap and change it to "saya & awak"..

the girl : sampai hati awak buat saya macam ni
the boy: saya minta maaf ok.. saya sayang awak
the girl : nanti kalau habis exam macam mana?
the boy: saya janji saya akan ikut awak ke mana pun
the girl : sungguh awak?
the boy: janji awak

Much more polite, isnt it? hahahhahahah... mari sama2 puke and gelak goleng goleng... hahahah..

Oh God.. trust me.. I was laughing all morning when I heard the story.. literally laughed into tears ok... kids kids.. I think they are somehow having a culture shock due to the wide exposure of technology.. though they cant afford to live the life like kids in the big city but most of them have their own hp.. can you believe that? the mommy only selling some fruits at certain season but still can afford their children the hp.. not just some chokia hp ehhh.. one which complete with a camera and mp3 player... hmmm... hp cikgu pun tak canggih macam hp dia orang.. haihhhh..

By the way the teachers wont be punishing them or what so ever.. we will only be monitoring them.. just keeping them close to the solid ground.. malas nak pening2 kepala sangat.. baik layan rambutan and manggis.. anak murid hp canggih bagi.. bon appetit!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

devilish dream

i have been receiving this offer for quite several times.. since last year.. but i never give any attention to it.. i thought it all scams.. some stupid contest.. just because i am a credit card member of a respective well known bank..

ingat kan ke nak tulis pasal ada hantu kat sekolah lately nih.. i hold that story dulu.. and so this afternoon when i just came back from school.. ada la sepucuk surat di celah2 pagar rumah ku.. hmm.. post box rosak.. so encik posmen pun selit kat pagar tuh.. litterally he folded it into much smaller size and tuck it there ok.. haihhh.. notice the renyuk?

hahahah.. sungguh over acting kan? as if i would win it.. but deep down in my heart.. deeeeeeeeeepppp down yeeee.... i think i might have the chance.. have googled it.. have called bank islam's CS.. have reconfirmed with the reader's digest admin.. that it is all real, legal and not a scam.. and also halal.. ok.. at least 10% faith ada dah tu.. hahahahha.. best of all.. as far as i am concern, i dont have to subscribe the RD mags to enter this contest.. cikgu liza doesnt buy magazines.. cikgu liza buys fictions only... but read both as well... hahahhaha..

and if only.. I WERE JUDGED AS THE WINNER... ok... as if i am that lucky... never win anything like this before.. ehhhh.. tipu.. pernah.. I once entered the revlon contest and won myself a cosmetic set.. sila jangan jealous yeee...

sekali aku menang daaa ini contest.. yeaaayyyyy.. tapi.. tup tup.. consolation prize ajek.. dapat blender sebijik.. blender pun.. ingat murah ke? kot aircon ke.. better.. plasma tv.. haihhh.. angan2 lagik...

no.. i am not excited bout this contest.. tapi kot ku menang the RM250k.. eh.. if.. i were judged as the winner... tipu la if i tak excited.. hell yeahhh.. hehehehhe... insya Allah.. and i think that i will..

  1. bayar zakat
  2. langsai kan P*P*N both hubby's and mine
  3. clear all my CC's outstanding balance
  4. renovate rumah mak and MIL
  5. renovate rumah sendiri yg tgh nak naik tiang seri tu
  6. buat treatment mahal2 kasik badan ku kurus mcm masa aku sek rendah pun jadilah
  7. kalau ada lebih nak bawak husband and parents gi haji
  8. LV hampstead MM ( kalau ada lebih... hahahha)
  9. lasik ( pun kalau ada lebih)
  10. sponsor aircon kat staff room sekolah.. ahhaha.. nih betul2 kalau aku baik hati ni..
eeee ehhhhh.. sakan nye akak berangan.. ehhhhh.. no harm and no cost at all ye berangan nih... who doesnt.. in denial la tuh sapa tak ngaku..

and nih.. the other half pulak tgh dreaming nak masuk "jangan lupa lirik" boleh? well i must admit his ability in memorizing those songs.. songsssss ok.. havent i mention he is a karaoke junkie aka oldies freak? not just oldies.. from the 80's up to the latest as such hujan, linkin park, BEP pun dia boleh hafal.. minus the nasyid.. hehehhe.. tapi dia layan gak brothers once.. haihhhh.. suka ati la.. im not going to object ehhh.. ill give 100% support.. insya Allah :)

kot dia menang insya Allah.. buleh la i merasa sket... envy gak tgk member pakai.. kan elly kan.. hahaha.. thats my evil heart talking... not me.. :)

hahhh ni pun kira citer hantu gak la ni... cikgu liza naik hantu nak jadi kaya.. hahahahha.. kalau kaya raya takpe.. kot hantu raya?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

saya yang menurut perintah

hari ni mak nak tebas semak samun dalam blog mak ni.. nak vakum semua habuk2 sawang2 yang dah tebal ni...

I have been away these few days.. apart from my kind a busy teaching life.. once in a while the power-that-be will request us to attend some courses which aim is to improve the skill of their servants.. yeahh.. Im one of the loyal servant of my respectful government..

As for right now.. that I am back.. I just dont know what to write here.. lets see... hmm... issues.. issues.. ahhhhh.. PPSMI will be abolish in the year 2012.. should I comment?

personally.. personally yeaaaaaaaa... as a teacher.. I do not object PPSMI at all.. well.. I did whinning that it is hard for me to teach this rural kids.. soooooooooo hard.. believe me.. all this kids have that very solid mother tounge that nor I or any other teachers manage to woosshh it away.. even in the morning assembly.. KESOPANANG DANG KESUSILAANG.. haihhhh.. the fact that the parents are unlike those in the city that here english is so like an "alien" language for them.. does gimme some hard time when at most of the time only teachers like me that the pupils have as reference when they have problems in homework.. hence all the unfinished homework... haahhhh... it is difficult!!!! and.. personally i think.. yes it is hard.. but aint no success without any pain, no?.. cakap senang la... ehhh aku cakap.. aku buat jugak tau.. Everyday I yelled in class in both language.. DWIBAHASA... every small things like.. permissions.. must be asked in English.. Every simple instructions.. Dont.. Please.. greetings.. thank you.. good morning.. I have yet seen the result but at least Im trying.. the truth here is.. Im a bit frustrated that it is totally abolish.. but what to do.. dah sain akujanji.. "saya yang menurut perintah"... akur sajalah..

Next year the new curriculum will be introduced.. good.. another new thing.. been told that there will be lot more of practical rather then theory.. sound better isnt it? theory means nothing untill its proven.. hence practical is needed.. I am really looking forward for it.. :)

enough with all this nagging.. i love nagging.. but i hate listening to it.. isnt everyone? hahahahah..

anyway.. i received an award from a sweet blogger friend.. WANI.. thanx dear..

the instruction is to copy paste this award to the blog side bar.. and pass it to 5 other friends.. ecehhhhh.. kacang je.. Im passing it to everyone.. :) all my loyal readers.. dila, atun, chucky, tuted, siti eroy, sis emmi, sis nana, linda, baiti, apis, anaklaut, comel, farah, mas, aiza, adi, cik yah, nadie, zek, fadzli .. and some of my new friends.. ASMAR(ex mrsmBP), nissa and cik niena..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

the rule breaker

The school had a spot check last Thursday.. right after the daily morning assembly the students were checked one by one by the prefects.. a few were hold due to some misconducts as such no badges, no name tags, no socks and no appropriate shoes..

As the penalty of this behaviour they were needed to wear this big notice board that mentioned all their mistakes.. they have to wear it up until recess time.. this act was taken since among them were the same students who often to break the rules.. from time to time.. as if the school never care about it..

Anyway..I just couldnt stop myself from feeling sorry for the year 1 kids.. especially when one of my favourite pupils was among those who break the rule.. she wore a new baju kurung that day which has yet completed with any name tag or school badge.. and she didnt wear the school shoes since her feet was having blisters.. technically it was not her fault.. but maybe the parents were to busy to provide her a complete attention since the mother is the school canteen vendor and the father is a teacher.. and being a year 1 kids she still doesnt know how to defend herself in front of the fierce discipline teacher..

She has been moody through out my maths period.. but when the period almost ended she recovered and managed to finish her task as well as others though she started late .. :) that is why she is among my favourites..