Saturday, July 25, 2009

you.. freak!!

I am freaking out.. seriously!!! A thin gross looking guy had came to my house just now.. asking to mow my lawn.. and as usual I would simply said no.. NO.. NO.. okay.. firmly rejecting his offer... I did not even open the door and the conversation took place by my window panes.... I rejected him, but he still did not want to go away.. I told him that Im moving out so he has to ask the permission of the real onwer not me.. sengal betul la..

Lets name the guy pok ya ehhh .. a typical name for local peeps.. this pok ya ehhh.. though I have totally declined his offer, then went on blabbing bout his kunun2 very sick daughter who is now admitted and very dying.. yeahhhh.. he was in attempt to raise my sympathetic feeling for him.. I said sharply at him," eh.. anak awak nazak awak tak duduk sini.. awak duduk dekat dia.. ".. I also noticed how his eyes were so viciously looking around my lawn and even tried to look deeper into my living room... he even asked "kalu kak nak pindah, semua ni buleh dak bagi saya".. then I saw that he was holding one of my bonia.. I got panicked and told him to drop the shoes," ehh... tuh semua saya nak bawak pindah tuh.. takde nak buang atau nak bagi sapa2.."

aisyoohhhh!!!! pok ya kept on blabbing again and finally stop when I said that my husband is coming home that he can discuss bout this with him.. pok ya was not satisfied but at least he left.. finally..

Once he left.. I went out and lock my gate.. one of my neighbour was witnessing the incident and asked me what did that guy wanted.. I told what exactly happened than he told me that lucky that pok ya went away because he is actually a drug addict.. my neighbour told me that he was about to come close to chase that junkie away when that stupid pok ya suddenly gave up on me.. He also told me these people would do anything to get into people house.. it is sort of strategy which begin with some particular services such as lawn mowing.. then they will figure out the next step on how to break in someone's house... dreadful!!!

This actually was not the first time.. it has been quite a few times that we were visited by this kind of strangers.. but this particular guy really pissed me off.. he just didnt want to let go and kept on begging, pestering for things.. "kak nak pindah takkan takde barang akak nak buang".. eeeekkk.. even ada pun, I wont give them to you.. might as well I give to my neighbour the people that I know instead to some weird smelly stranger..


chucky said...

fuhhh..susah la kalau camni....bahaya laaa..takut lenkali dia bawak pisau..
so hati2 yeah

@tune® said...

xmoh bukak pintu..
jawab salam lam hati jer

cikgu liza said...

ha ah kan.. seb baik cakap kut tingkap aje..

memang tak bukak pintu.. kut tingkap aje.. tapi kena tgk gak.. kot dia curi plak kasut2 tuh.. haihhh..

Kikuri-sama said...

Sheeshh! That IS a freaky incident!

emmii the strange said...

nasib baik nak pindah dah. memang ok sangat ler ko pindah quaters. diaorang tuh, kasut but redah banjir pun diaorang sanggup amik...

dari kasik dia baik kasik aku. tapi i don't want the shoes. tak muat, kalau hangbag, nak ler...heheheheh

cikgu liza said...

miss kikuri
insanely stupid fella.. merayu2 la ngemis dgn i suh tolong anak dia.. pedehal tak kenal pun.. cehhhh.. we would know by heart kan if someone really need help..

sis emmi
tu lah pasal!!! tak kenal pun suka suki aje mintak barang org.. tak malu betul.. by the way handbag? alaaa.. dah season lah.. nak bagi pun segan.. hehehhe

Anonymous said...

hissh...kurut.i came across this kinda situation last month. 2 girls wearing decent baju kurung a motorbike asking for "derma sekolah agama"

yang lawak, at first she didnt offer to salam my hands, but when i said my husband is not in and i cannot give anything without his permission, this girl rushed to salam me, realising her fingernail are so very long, i sensed something bad.i then quickly closed the door.

we better be extra careful dear..even decent dressing ppl will take advantage nowadays..

asbesstos said...

hurm...salamz..menakutkan dan pelik betul org2 cmtu... first

apis585 said...

nxt time kalau dok sensorang kat umah lock ur gate dear...who knows kan..

cikgu liza said...

haku ko
eeekkk.. bahaya betul dunia sekarang kan? ingatkan duduk kampung takde la benda gini sgt.. haihhh.. doesnt matter rite.. mana2 pun kena take precaution jugak..

welkammmm... haaa ahhh.. ngeri.. tak kasik can dah lepas ni..

yup... 24/7 kunci gate.. gila.. ingatkan bila dah baik2 dgn org kampung situ takde la kes gini.. but we never know things like this can.. better take early precaution.. biarlah org kata aku sombong pun kan..

emmii the strange said...

friend, i've change my blog's url to for security purposes