Wednesday, August 5, 2009

life or something like it


updates for this past few days..

  1. pre UPSR trial, UPSR trial and monthly test no. 4
  2. went for a courses in KT
  3. moved in into my new home, the quarters
  4. unpacking and reorganizing things in my new hibernation spot
  5. analysis and reports for all the stated exams as above
  6. going home to meru for a small aqiqah kenduri for my lil niece tomorrow

I am now living in a small town called Jerangau which is like 45km away from Dungun.. everything now is disconnected.. my astro, my internet, my telephone.. my life seems so dull and yet there are so much things to settle.. I am now busy unpacking all my stuffs.. busy setting traps for the roaches and ants aka semut firaun.. and rite now at 12.29am, I am surfing internet at my husband office while he is doing some discussion and reports with his colleagues.

Last week, meanwhile the school was busy with all the exams I was sent for a 3 days course in KT.. at a quite not so bad hotel.. where the food was exquisitely delicious compared to all other hotel that I have been to before here in Terengganu.. love the accommodation, love the food.. but.. one on the cps was suspected with H1N1 and was sent home earlier.. yuppp.. did made me freaked out a bit.. though I did not have any close encounter with her but being a paranoid.. I was quite freaking out.. anyway.. until now.. I am still as healthy as a horse with minor cold and cough.. no sore throat or fever.. but I am monitoring myself now.. once any sign of fever emerge I will definitely go see doctor..

Apart from all this duty things.. and the H1N1 alert.. last Thursday which was 31st of July marked my 4th anniversary.. but due to this hectic periods in my life and my other half too who is so busy with his report and office stuffs.. we just wish each other via sms.. since I was in KT.. and today.. we managed to watch our wedding vcd.... after quite so long.. and we are grateful for what we have been through and we can feel all the blessings.. keeping it short... it was not easy.. but it is worth trying..

Anyway.. I am going home to Klang tomorrow.. My family will be having a small aqiqah for Jannah.. I am supposedly having extra class this Friday and I did not decide to go home but I miss my family and my lil Jannah so much.. wonder how she looks now..

yours truly,


Baiti Mustafa said...

lama tak ko balik klang??..

bleh jumpa sat..mebbe aku akan ke klang (sri andalas) on saturday..

bleh jumpa and pass ur cakes?

@tune® said...

miss u 2...3...4...5...

chucky said...

miss uu