Wednesday, August 12, 2009

crime scene investigation: my version

I was having a chat with one of my colleague when 3 of my pupils came by and told me there was an event of theft in the class... One of them was saying " dia curi @#$%!&*"... nooooo.. he was not being rude.. it just that.. I dont understand what the stolen thing is (read: I still have problem in catching up the local tune).. so I told them to act normal like nothing happen and teacher would came in rescue later..

Right after I finished giving lesson of the day I called upon Abu ( bukan nama sebenar) who was accused with the theft.. The interrogation started with me asking him if it was true in a very persuasive way.. I told him that I am not angry and that I just want to know while rubbing his back..

me : betul ke Abu ada ambil barang Ali?
Abu : ada..
me : Abu ambil ape?
Abu diam..
me : mana benda tu? teacher nak tengok..

Abu went and took it.. to my surprise.. it was not a biggie at all!!! it was just some small beads.. haaihhhh.. I expected more like money, books, cartoon sticker, an eraser or a pensil.. tak thrill langsung... haihhhh.. so I called upon Ali..

me : Ali.. takkan ni pun kamu nak report pada teacher.. kamu buat ape dengan benda ni?
Ali : Itu hiasan pada kerja seni saya minggu lepas..
me : teacher ingatkan pen ke, duit ke... ini aje?
Ali : dia orang suruh saya bagitau teacher.. saya tak nak bagitau..

Ali who is now afraid was trying to give excuses.. haihhhhh..

Me : Abu.. pulang balik benda ni pada Ali.. minta maaf.. kalau kamu nak apa2 minta izin.. jangan main ambil saja.. bla.. bla.. yada.. yada..

oowwwww yesss.. the teacher is now in unstoppable-nagging-mode once she started.. the locals call it "blebe"..

kids... kids... I wonder what their future like.. I wish all the best for them.. and I think I should control my nagging habit..

some of my boys.. from left..iskandar, syazlin, fadhil, zahir, asyraf, fikri..


apis585 said...

it was good though that abu confessed. boys pun kuat report ek? aku igtkan girls jek hehhehe

cikgu liza said...

abu tak jahat mana pun.. being a boy himself memang perlu guidance kan.. boys or girls sama ajek.. rimas la kalau kuat mengadu ni.. hehheeee..

chucky said...

alaa,biasa laa tu,kene bg tau gak mane baik,mane burok,
kang lain lak jadinye dah besar nnt..maybe,dia x de niat pon...

bagus cekgu,sile beri tunjuk ajor

cikgu liza said...

good point there miss chucky.. cewaahahhh!!!!

Si Comel said...

hahahahaha! mst gile pening nak handle benda kecik tapi macam masalah negara..