Tuesday, August 18, 2009

reminiscing the legend

Sejak akhir2 ni beberapa orang ternama telah pergi meninggalkan kita. Among them Param.. Ustaz Asri.. Yasmin Ahmad..

I believe most people of my age remember the late Param so well.. I grew up by watching his drama and films during the 80's.. alongside Badul, Hamid Ghurka, arwah Yusni Jaafar.. Who would forget?

Ustaz Asri.. suara beliau.. suaranya yang unik.. who would forget his soothing manly voice when he sang those nasyids? I totally gonna miss him during pagi raya for the takbir..

Among those 3.. I definitely going to miss Yasmin Ahmad.. soooo much.. Im not related to her.. barely knew her.. somehow I felt the loss so much.. her pieces.. masterpieces I reckoned.. started with her beautiful and touching commercials.. later the films.. Rabun.. Sepet.. Mukhsin.. Gubra.. Talentime.. Though ramai yang tidak berapa bersetuju dengan beliau.. but for me.. personally.. her pieces touch my heart deeply.. biarlah banyak aksi tak senonoh pun... namun keasliannya.. the originality.. the pureness of her masterpieces.. terasa sangat ke lubuk hati.. her works is so distinguished that I always knew it was hers before knowing.. untill now I am still wondering.. how did she manage to capture people's heart through her work? Wasnt she a brilliant? She came up with all those simple things .. and I believe that neither of us could forget her simplicity.. sangat terkesan di hati.. and quoting a friend who said.. she could do it so well.. blending the multicolor races ads and films without being pretentious.. zero hypocrisy.. no one could do it without sincerity..

I just dont care if the arwah a she/he.. all I know is that she was a good person.. a very good person compare to many others.. Al fatihah.. semoga rohnya dirahmati..

Here.. some of her tv commercials that touched most hearts..

this commercial was aired in Singapore.. which potrayed the love of a wife for her late husband.. it was actually adapted from the movie Good Will Hunting.. but arwah Yasmin made it in her own unforgettable style..

so sweeeettttt.. I love u too Tan Hong Ming..

I guess.. thats a wrap.. As a tribute to the legend.. and not forgetting..

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emmii the strange said...

i really love the funeral comercial. very touching. pernah terpandang dalam youtube tapi tak bukak pun. it's true, our life partner is beautifully imperfect. although there's something of him is not right, we will miss those. yes, my husband snores a lot. wow! i can't imagine, how do i live without it...

wiegreat a.k.a. zeq said...

she's really gifted person... moga arwah ditempatkan dgn orang2 yang beriman...

apis585 said...

hmm...akupon bila berkesempatan (lil big boss tdo) asik mengulang yadk channel @ astro..
tapi selalu nya bila org dah xde, baru semua org sibuk2 nak kenang kan... may all their soul ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman..aminnn...

cikgu liza said...

emmi-indeed!!! the ads was so touching and reminds us how we should embrace or marriage life..

zeq- truly gifted person kan? tuhan lebih sayangkan dia..

apis- aku pun !!! yadk sokmo.. yelah.. bila dah mati baru nak dikenang.. tapi aku tgk every movie arwah kat panggung tau.. the only malay movies yg aku layan.. sayang sekali.. tapi tuhan loves her more.. hmmmm..

@tune® said...

sedih giler iklan tuh..tgk byk kali meruntun jiwa..daging hati limpa smua ada

Deana Ismail said...

Weh Liza,
Aku tgh nanges ni... warghhh!!!


cikgu liza said...

atune- sedihhhh kan..

miss dee-ku pun jua... especially bila tgk yadk channel kat astro tuh.. asek mengalir aje air mata..

chucky said...

may her RIP