Saturday, July 11, 2009

saya yang menurut perintah

hari ni mak nak tebas semak samun dalam blog mak ni.. nak vakum semua habuk2 sawang2 yang dah tebal ni...

I have been away these few days.. apart from my kind a busy teaching life.. once in a while the power-that-be will request us to attend some courses which aim is to improve the skill of their servants.. yeahh.. Im one of the loyal servant of my respectful government..

As for right now.. that I am back.. I just dont know what to write here.. lets see... hmm... issues.. issues.. ahhhhh.. PPSMI will be abolish in the year 2012.. should I comment?

personally.. personally yeaaaaaaaa... as a teacher.. I do not object PPSMI at all.. well.. I did whinning that it is hard for me to teach this rural kids.. soooooooooo hard.. believe me.. all this kids have that very solid mother tounge that nor I or any other teachers manage to woosshh it away.. even in the morning assembly.. KESOPANANG DANG KESUSILAANG.. haihhhh.. the fact that the parents are unlike those in the city that here english is so like an "alien" language for them.. does gimme some hard time when at most of the time only teachers like me that the pupils have as reference when they have problems in homework.. hence all the unfinished homework... haahhhh... it is difficult!!!! and.. personally i think.. yes it is hard.. but aint no success without any pain, no?.. cakap senang la... ehhh aku cakap.. aku buat jugak tau.. Everyday I yelled in class in both language.. DWIBAHASA... every small things like.. permissions.. must be asked in English.. Every simple instructions.. Dont.. Please.. greetings.. thank you.. good morning.. I have yet seen the result but at least Im trying.. the truth here is.. Im a bit frustrated that it is totally abolish.. but what to do.. dah sain akujanji.. "saya yang menurut perintah"... akur sajalah..

Next year the new curriculum will be introduced.. good.. another new thing.. been told that there will be lot more of practical rather then theory.. sound better isnt it? theory means nothing untill its proven.. hence practical is needed.. I am really looking forward for it.. :)

enough with all this nagging.. i love nagging.. but i hate listening to it.. isnt everyone? hahahahah..

anyway.. i received an award from a sweet blogger friend.. WANI.. thanx dear..

the instruction is to copy paste this award to the blog side bar.. and pass it to 5 other friends.. ecehhhhh.. kacang je.. Im passing it to everyone.. :) all my loyal readers.. dila, atun, chucky, tuted, siti eroy, sis emmi, sis nana, linda, baiti, apis, anaklaut, comel, farah, mas, aiza, adi, cik yah, nadie, zek, fadzli .. and some of my new friends.. ASMAR(ex mrsmBP), nissa and cik niena..


anaklaut said...


cikgu liza..ya malu jugak..tapi cadangan cikgu liza tu cdangan yg baik..anaklaut akan fikirkan..)


syafawani said...

hehe..thanks coz amik ae akak:)

Kikuri-sama said...

Love ur blog. Shall we exchange link? Mine,

C'ya 'round!

cikgu liza said...

anaklaut-my pleasure.. :)

wani-my pleasure too..:)

kikuri-sama-thats a pleasure too.. lets exchange our link.. thanx for the remarks.. see u again..

@tune® said...


haih..tatau nk komen ape la..

kamu sama kikuri leh geng a...same² ticer engerisssssssss

chucky said...

semoga dapan meghilangkan bahasa ibunda mereka

apsaalah nk komen kene klik kat atas

cikgu liza said...

atune - komen tak tau.. thanxxxx..

chucky - haa ah la.. mcm mana mau ubah haaa.. dekat html eh?