Saturday, February 14, 2009

i got beaten!!

once again.. i have left my blog so quite and sound.. without any entry or update for the past one week.. quoting my friend, baiti.. can even feel the cobwebs.. elllehhhhh.. baru seminggu..

been bz.. bz.. bz.. after a month of long driving to the school and tons of work.. i finally got beaten by it.. ingatkan boleh survive la.. akhirnya aku tewas jua.. so much for being a blogger tegar.. konon..

actually it was juz like any other day.. so ordinary.. so monotonous.. except that this week i need to prepare a pamphlet for the PPD.. cehhh.... what the heck? pamphlet pun mau kecoh ke? kecoh jugakla.. when everytime submit to the big mem and it would bounce back to me.. "ehhh font nih bleh tukar tak.. border takde yg menarik ke.. gmbr tak letak".. segala bagai la dia mintak... goshhh.. if only i have no classes, no books to mark, no whatever-job-i-have-to-do besides than teaching.. i would have present to u a full of pictures with all nice schedule which comes with all the fancy borders and certainly a multicolor pamphlet.. mind u.. im only letting it all out here.. bukan depan diaorg.. harus jaga status ku sebagai satu2nya cikgu yang bukan local.. most of my colleague in the school are locals.. kalau ada yg bukan locals, they have been migrated here for years..

yesterday.. we went to teluk chempedak in kuantan.. seeing my old buddy.. zahroh hasanah.. it was fun seeing her after ages.. by the beach while having ice cream.. sembang2.. dah masuk maghrib.. and we have to get going since the MZMRIZA's were actually would be having some friends coming over the house.. so bz jugakla .. trying to be a good hostess to my guest.. dari jauh.. all the way from kl.. instead of staying hotel.. lepak je la rumah aku yg tak seberapa ni ha.. eventhough i only prepared a toto.. instead of emptying the penny inside your pocket for a not so comfy hotel room.. better stay here.. because as long as u are here, u can do almost anything .. buatlah mcm rumah sendiri..

today , i even have a 4 hours tuition class.. memang terasa mcm cuti tak cukup aje.. tamak sungguh la aku ni.. but serious.. i was a bit fatigued.. esok dah nak sekolah balik.. huhhh.. mengeluh lagi... nih belum ada anak lagi... ooooohhh im such a losertanduk!!!

by the way.. i still owe a few tags.. it was from baiti and haku-ko... im sorry.. i need more time.. seriuously.. rasa mcm korang dah bagi aku homework plak.. and i keep on delaying it.. just like my students always do.. fikirhmmm.. no wonder why my students always keep on delaying submitting their work.. again and again.. cikgu dia pun sama.. huh.. muhasabah.. muhasabah..

updated at 1.11am

p/s: im sleepy.. but i have another 4 pamphlets need to be printed out.. there are only 20 of it though.. my mem wants it first in the morning... terasa sangat la ketensenan nya cos of my printer yang sgt slow ini.. i should have consider laser jet ari tuh.. ngantukkkkkk...

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