Monday, February 23, 2009

sunday blues

This usually strikes on Mondays... normally after a relaxing and enjoyable weekends. Then when u wake up on that Monday morning u would groan.. u would be grumbling. Hating that its the day that u have to go for work again.. and do the same typical things that u did last week again.. this week. It would be much better if we can lazing around.. but to me.. its killing me more to know that the only different for me here is.. its begin on Sunday!!!

Usually it wasn't this bad.. I normally can cope well with my first day of the week. Being a teacher, the job is more flexible compared to those who stay indoors, sitting in front of their pc and so obliged to the working hours. I am grateful that I dont have to be one of those.. but something did push my button on.. especially after i just had my 29th birthday bash.. sorry.. it wasnt a bash.. it was just a simple lunch with my hubby.. but still.. when someone told me that I have to be the GURU DATA starting this very week.. I wanted to scream my lungs out of my chest!!

That teacher who held the post was being transfered to another school.. I guess my HM didnt have to think much, since i have the history of being one.. Anyway, what the heck is GURU DATA.. its just some data entry job.. where u hold most of the school data and suppose to keep it safe with u.. update it if there is any changes.. lame ehh? It is.. but not untill when ur personal laptop is attacked with all sorts of problems eg: hang, virusses, etc.. this is mainly due to the data transfering activity.. well then, why dont i use the school's lappy?.. too much hassles eg: unupdated AV, broken cd drives, mounts of old data, etc..

Anyway.. I know I can survive.. it just.. I really thought that I would be more relaxed here.. to enjoy my obsession as an internet junkie without having thoughts such as " yang nih dah update blum? ehhh yang nih dah semak blum? yg nih bila nak kena hntr? ".. I thought the idea to move here (besides than being with my hubby) is to escape from it.. well I had hoped that I wouldn't be that again.. I just really really really want to concentrate in teachings.. mingle around with my pupils.. stay back in school and marks their books.. be home and be a housewife cum internet junkie.. but now.. stay back and update those data.. be home and print those data.. it suckkss!!

Alas, I cant be selfish.. I guess it is always meant to be.. tetap dan berpencen.. I always believe that GOD wont give us such responsibility unless we are strong enough to hold it up high.. maybe it is all that I have ever wanted.. and I have to suck it up.. being a teacher is not only be like one.. but act like one..

p/s* it just my ramblings.. Im not mad at my HM.. I can do this.. I know but I just want to teach.. if only teachers just do teaching in class like it used to be yearsssss ago.. I think those kids today wont be so bad like they are now.. maybe the social problem that we are having now are not so appalling.. at home, their parents are barely around and even in school, their teachers cant give them much attention that they needsigh..


emmii said...

ehh kalau jadik guru data how about guru pss lak? jadik jugak ke?

::Cikgu Liza:: said...

semua reshuffle.. pss org lain amik.. kalau ambe gak.. mau puting beliung ribut taufan kat dungun nih.. hehhehe..

apis585 said...

akupun slalu dpt itu monday 2009 nampaknya byk tuesday blues sbb byk extended weekends hehehe...
i believe ur hm knows that u r the most capable of holding the title..take it as a new challenge k!!!

::Cikgu Liza:: said...

apis.. aku nih pick up slow lah.. why the extended weekends eh? how is that so eh?

btw, hmm.. some parts of me pulak kata she was just taking advantage over me.. anyway.. think positively lah kan.. have nothing to lose.. gaji seghope itu jugek.. heheheh..