Friday, February 20, 2009

art class

wow.. art class.. kelasssss gitu... amboi amboi amboi... Nope.. im not taking any art class. FYI, I just want to share that i am actually the art teacher for my year 4 and year 5 pupils. I have the slightest experience in teaching this subject. In my previous school, I usually would teach music or PE... but here, I was given the opportunity to expand my talent in arts.. cewwwwaaahhh.. just kidding.. Im not that good ok.. but a little effort would do to teach this subject.. we are not into developing any Picaso or Van Gogh.. just to initiate a tiny bitsy of interest in them... maybe one day we would have many of our own Raja Azhar's kind...

By the way, this week the year 5 pupils were taught on how to make a paper bag.. the good thing was, they were not just learn how to craft but also how to use their ruler!!! yes.. ruler.. trust me, ruler is one of the most common or a must have stationery in a pencil case but most of my pupils did not know how to use it.. in the end most of them succeeded to make their own paper bag.. including the remedial pupil.. the one in the biggest frame..

Just rite after the year 5 class, was the year 4.. as for them, I chose a much simpler task for them to do.. I think they were not yet ready for much complicated task hence i have asked them to bring some vegetables such as the lady fingers, potato and onion.. those veggies were cut into half in order to get a surface which would be use as stamps... and the outcome.. some of my pupils did have some talent..

through out those periods from year 5 to year 4.. everything were so good so far.. but not for this boy here.. he gave up the minute he failed the first attempt .. so i asked him why..

me : kenapa lukisan kamu jadi macam ni?
boy : saya tak pandai cikgu.. saya tak tau..
me : semua kawan2 kamu yang lain pun tak pandai juga...
boy : entah.. nanti baju kotor.. saya malas nak basuh..
me : ehhhh.. kamu basuh baju kamu sendiri ke?
boy : selalu mak basuh.. tapi mak takde..
me : mak kamu mana?
boy : mak dah tinggalkan kami..
me : mmmmm.. mak kamu ke mana?
boy : mak talipon.. mak kata dia keje kat selangor..

After school hours, I had a chat with one the school PAR.. apparently he saw me talking to the boy in class just now.. he said this boy came from a broken family.. his father is a drug addict.. and his mother had been running away ever since but always came back.. but this time the mother had not return.. i was shocked.. based on the PKSR record, last year this boy was the number one in class.. but i have notice that this year he did not perform as he did previously.. poor boy..


emmii said...
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emmii said...

wah...cantiknya. maksud aku bukan art work mereka tapi perabot2 kat skolah sana. heheheh...tapi betul, cantik2 lagik compared to SKTB yang ntah bila laa nak tukar perabot. perabot2 yang ada ni sejak dari zaman firaun lagik...aduhai...

::Cikgu Liza:: said...

frankly speaking.. with only 136 students.. the school has 25 teachers, 7 contract workers and it has a complete facilities from the kelas pendidikan khas smpi la bilik sal.. semua ada.. now dah ada 1 bagunan 2 tgkt.. bangunan 4 tgkt plak is under construction..

cakap pasal peralatan.. huh.. dari subjek agama smpi kajian tempatan.. semua BBM ada.. fotostat free.. kertas kaler2 yang comel free, sticky papers baik yg A4 or the big one pun free.. mudah la berurusan kat sekolah ni.. tak bnyk kerenah.. ckp aje nak ape..

PK2 semua bagus2.. takde yg berkira.. dari selection nasyid smpi ke bola sepak.. PK Koku yg conduct.. PK kanan, very tolerable.. PK Hem.. pun ok jugak..

alhamdulillah.. so far... inilah sekolah yang paling selesa i have ever been to..