Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A four days trip back to to the west coast had really blow my mind off in having a child. MR MZMRIZA and i have been married for almost 4 years now. We havent really trying to have a child though we did hope that we could conceive one naturally. Days passes by, and yet still no sign of the little one. So,what happened was this few days, we have been visiting some old friends and relatives. Almost everyday we spent during this holidays, we have been seeing and meeting babies.. so it did turn on something, or should i say a motherly instinct inside me..

It started with farisah.. one of my old friend since matriculation.. we were actually meeting Lynn who had juz got back from UK for a short holiday.. Lynn happened to be my roomate during matriculation. So we decided to meet at farisah's house in Salak Selatan. Farisah is married and now is blessed with a pair of childrens, a 1 1/2 year old boy, Rizq and a month old girl, Hana.. Rizq was tagging along with my husband quite well.. like there was a chemistry or something... at that point, the feeling of having a child is not yet so strong..

clockwise: Mr Mzmriza+rizq, lynn+rizq+me, me+lynn, lynn+farisah+hana

Later at nite after scmooching lynn, farisah and her kids goodbye we went to my PIL's house at Taman Batu Muda. There we met up with Zura, Mr Mzmriza's younger sister and her 8 months old Alif. Alif was so adorable.. last month when we saw him he was a tiny lil baby who was only crying and screaming out off the blue.. but now with his two tiny teeth and none like any other baby, Alif was actually crawling backwards. He also giggled a lot. My MIL said he was trying to learn to sitdown on his own by actually skipping the crawling parts.. funny little boy i think.. FYI all three grandchildren of my MIL are boys (including kak mona's who is Mr Mzmriza's eldest sis)

a whole lot of Alif

the next morning we were on our way to Low Yat Plaza when we dropped by at my aunts house juz to pay them a visit when we were suprised by this baby girl, Tasneem who is sooooo chubby.. look at her cheek.. my mistake that i squeezed my cheek. If not we would be a look alikesengihnampakgigi.. she is actually a 4 months old of my cousin...

Tasneem and me

Later on the late afternoon after we spend our time at Low Yat ( which we also had windows shopping at BB Plaza, Sungei wang, Pavillion and some shopping at the JJ- we wouldnt be doing this if we have kids, would we?) , we went to meet Mr Mzmriza's friend at Bandar Bukit Raja.. and i was introduced to super cute Izzah, an 11 months old of Hairy and Sal.. she was so naughty and playing hard to get. She was giggling when i played pick- a-boo with her but when i tried to lift her off her mother she screamed like i was trying to take her far2 away..

izzah and papa

with all the visiting and snapping made us realize that it is time for us to really have our own child.. the feelings were so strong when we both browsed thru the pic that were taken. The other day when we went to my PIL's, my MIL has given me some kind of fruit which she got during her hajj last month. It is called BUAH HAMIL. I have never seen anything like it before but its remind me of buah salak though. The texture of the skin is so much harder than buah salak. My MIL told me to smash the fruit and boil it with its crust. After that, it need to be drink like any other plain water twice a day. Both of us should drink it. As this is my baby quest part 1.. let me start my quest with this fruits. I know.... it sounded ridiculous but i am not ready to have a medical consultation yetgigil.. so wish me luck ehhh.. fikirwonder how it taste.. ill update with that later..

buah hamil


emmii said...

kalau berhasil kongsi2 laa resepi dengan orang sini yer. bukan tanak berusaha tapi dah malas. duit tu tak de laa abis banyak sangat, tapi beribu2 laa jugak. hehehehe! ada orang kata buat ni buat tuh still tak dapat tapi bila dah redha terus lekat...semua tu kuasa Allah SWT. tak pe laa, sambil berusaha kita berdoa jugak

haku ko said...

kurut..u might want to try this. this practice has been implemented in the europe prior weddings. i consulted my doctor and she told me this. try consuming folic acid. di mesia bilah dah conceive baru wajib makan..tapi di luaq, prior kita pregnant dah suh makan untuk nak memudahkan..and i practice this.. alhamdulilah dengan usaha aku...dah berkat doa sama..berhasil..

::Cikgu Liza:: said...

emmi - redha.. all this while pun bnyk dah hikmahnye since en asben pun rarely around kan..

haku - acid folic? any brand will do eh? can i just get one at watson/guardian? or should i go to the doctor first?

Datin Paduka Bokbong! said...

salam, cikgu liza

sy pun ada dpt buah hamil or peeps in Mecca call it 'Baby Hawa' friend's mom bwk balik dr Mekah..& buah tu mmg keras.

skrg try minum jg la..not bad kan rasa dia..

dia suruh sy minum air rebusan tu campur dgn susu.

hrp2 la usaha ni bhasil, insya Allah.

yang acid folic tu macamana ye?

::Cikgu Liza:: said...

rasanya biasa aje.. tapi macam best la plak kalau dimimum dgn sus.. susu pekat ke susu tepung ye...

anyway.. kat local farmasi ada jual asid folik.. even watson and guardian pun ada.. or maybe u bleh tanya ur gynea or mana2 doktor..

sama2 lah kita ye... good luck...