Friday, January 2, 2009

a trip to penang

this is actually suppose to be a backdated entry.. but i was to overwhelmingly frustrated about my bestfriend and adibah ahmad.. nothing much actually.. we went to penang last saturday(27/12/08) to attend HANIF and NANA's reception.. and spend the nite in a small motel at kepala batas.. which we didnt plan to.. this happened because MR MZMRIZA too excited to spend time with his fellow friends.. with no spare of clothes hence we when to batu feringgi.. yea yea.. we did went up on the ferry to the island.. juz to get some clothes to wear for the nite and the day after.. guess what.. it is traffic jammed everywhere.. it is saturday nite.. what did we expected?.. lame.. anyway.. so typical penang.. quite fun though.. spending time with MR MZMRIZA's friends..

this is imran.. the son of MR MZMRIZA's boss.. look innocent rite?.. dont be fool.. he maybe cute.. but he is the nastiest screamer-little toddler i have ever met.. and he is super duper active..

this is MR MZMRIZA's new colleague.. from his office.. that's me.. and from left noor, gee, pejal pen, pejal pan, abe and zamani.. a bunch of crazy and sneaky people from east coast..

thats me again.. with noor and gee... pejal pen too..

this is me and kak tip.. kak tip is the groom's sister who is eventually my long lost close fren when i was in ukm.. sgt seronok... jumpa kawan lama... what a small world.. with me looking so big and fat.. while she is so mantain her looks even after almost 10 years..

hanif and nana.. may god bless you with the life that u two deserve and many2 childrendoa... dont wait too long..

the whole bunch of AZRBs.. minus the boss who left early cos imran seemingly exhausted.. plus mekenyit..

on a ferry to the island.. believe it or not.. this is actually the first time that MR MZMRIZA ever been on a ferry.. contradict to me because i grew by travelling with it when i was studying there..

this was snapped by pejal pen.. who trying so hard to find the best angle for the shoot..

me.. and the AZRBians..

that was all the pic that i manage to capture.. frustrated cos i forgot to snap some pictures at batu feringgi's nite market.. because i was to bz shopping.. biasala.. nothing much pon.. juz bought some tshirts, a blouse, a skirt, some cd's... and a coach handbag(pacthes) for RM90... imitation la.. its nite market kan.. but is pretty and nice.. boleh for a girl like me.. upload pic sini.. tamau.. malumalu...


Firol Turn Core-Rawk said...

ingat dok kemas rumah je kat ganu..jalang2 gok

::mzmriza:: said...

oittt.. ekekekek... dah abis la kemas rumah.. aku dah pulun mggu lepas... tak caya meh sini..

Norafiza said...

bestnya jln2 penang....paling best part naik feri.but with 1 very active toddler and 1 infant, i give it a pass laaa.. :-(

::mzmriza:: said...

apis.. tu pon dah merata ko jalan kan? habis confinement jek terus ke sana sini.. meriah sungguh aku tgk family trip ko... =)

haku ko said...

ala kurut, bukan terer apa pun..tulis skit ja..:)

oo..kak tip..ingat la..awat tak ingat..kita kan sama block masa final year :)

p/s: dop dop dop dok dengaq kurut rajin dok skipping dlm bilik dia :)

::mzmriza:: said...

haku ko- hampeh... ekekekekek... la ni malas dah.. juz control makan ja.. avoiding sugary and salty foods.. =D