Saturday, January 10, 2009


i am just a 28 years old (going to be 29) woman who is married to a plain guy.. i teach pupils... am just a teacher.... somewhere east coast.. owww yeaaa... i live a very normal life... and like any other regular wife and a woman of course... i do house chores.. i do clean.. i do cook.. i watch news.. and i am heartbroken too... i cant bare watching the news.. the situation in Gaza, Palestine is getting worse..

i dont really have much knowledge on what had cause this war.. but its a war.. in this civilised era.. i dont think war is relevant... yet the Israelis keep on attacking palestine and claiming that they are only being responsive over attacks by hamaz and hizbullah.. and none..none of the super power country able to contain this violence act.. even the so called PBB... bangsa2 bersatu konon... united for what?

innocent people were killed.. especially woman, elderly and children.. they were brutally murdered at their home.. and hundreds of them died almost everyday.. this is insane.. is it war? i dont think so.. this is a crime... they slaughtered the innocents... those children who is so young to know the world and were dragged into such situations... i am heartbroken..

their life being taken away... their human rights have been abused.. violated... their home is wrecked.. they are now jobless... they are hit by hunger... oh my god..

maybe those Israelis soldiers aren't human... they are actually robotic engineered... they are programmed to kill the Palestinians without mercy... yes... i dont think they are human.. human don't kill each other... human have empathy.. human have mercy..

being just a tiny voice... the best i can do is to boycott the product from company that is related to Israelis... and prayers for the Palestinians to regain their life and human rights back again... a friend of mind (wawa) suggest a dua'..... qunut nazilah... may ALLAH swt bring back the safety and harmony for the Palestinians.. and praise be to ALLAH swt.. for the life that i have... though its just normal and plain.. but i am so grateful to live the life as a Muslim in a blessed country... may i wont forget or take things for granted...


lynda_siebie said... tears came out again...lets boycott all the products that have been listed... it seems that this is the only small thing that we can do but it is a start...

Anonymous said...

kak, i went to class fardhu ain here in tabung haji. and the whole session is about palestine. lots of new info on it. and the ustazah whose given the class is superb. and now i understand why in all news we've seen, there is no signs of palestine winning. did u realize, everyday hamas and people around them getting more aggresive against zionist. is it because they are going for jihad fisabilillah. they looking for syahid. so dont be sad, ALLAH SWT always with them who fights over HIS deen. just pray for their bless and happiness. u know what, every ummahat in palestine is already taught their children to die in syahid. they used to it. dont be sad dear sis cause i believed they were sooo happy in SYURGA ALLAH..=)~~cuma~~