Sunday, January 11, 2009

FAQ of my life

1.Your status please.
not single but i am still available... i am happily married

2. How many hours do you sleep?
4-5 hours in average

3. Do you own a laptop or cell phone?

4. Last person you hugged? when?
none other than MR MZMRIZA

5. Last person you kissed?

6. Have you been to the movie in last 5 days?
it was last month.. thinking of another one this CNY

7. Last food that you ate?
nasik ½, daging masak rempah, ulam, sambal belacan

8. Your dream vacation?
pulau perhentian, just the two of us.. undisturbed..

9. Have you been in love?
once in a lifetime... with MR MZMRIZA and forever with Allah swt

10. Do you miss anyone right now?
my family.. far across the banjaran titiwangsa

11. What are you listening to right now?
currently.. the azan

12. Do you collect anything?

13. Last time you took shower?
just after i got back from school

14. Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurt?
yes.. stupid puppy love

15. Have you ever broken someone else’s heart?
mmm... im not sure.. there was one time when..

16. If you could go back in time and change things, would you?
ummm.. i dont think so...

17. What is in your mind?
what to cook for dinner tonite..

18. How do you feel right now?
fresh.. cos i just had my bath

19. What was the last SMS you receive?
last nite.. from a cousin..

20. Do you smoke?
never.. god forbid please...

21. Usual first impression on you.
fat and fabulous.. ekekekke!!!!

22. Last person you talked to on the phone?

23. What’s yr answer in no.8?
pulau perhentian, just the two of us.. undisturbed..

24. When’s the best time to eat ice cream?
when the weather is hot and dry.. its been a while actually not having any ice cream..

25. What are you doing tomorrow?
go to school.. be home.. spend time doing house chores.. update my cyber activity while watching hallmark..

26. Were you a nerd in 5th grade?
hahahaha.. i was... and always in my own world..

27. Have you ever been on TV?
no.. not yet.. ekekekeke!!!

28. Have you ever loved so much that you’re willing to sacrifice your life for him/her?
MR MZMRIZA and my family.. they are my love.. i would do anything for them.. life without love.. is no life at all..

29. 3 things about yourself?
1.friendly person
2.desperate housewife
3.sometimes can be so cheeky and quite sarcastic..

30. What’s bothering you?
snobs and hypocrites people

31. What are you thinking?
still.. on what to cook for dinner tonite...

33. Best childhood memory :
when my youngest brother were born.. IJUN.. he brought the happiness back in my family.. thank u Allah swt..

34. 3 of your biggest fears:
to die before taubat..
losing MR MZMRIZA and my family

35 . Would you ever get back together with any of your ex’s if they asked you?
they were all jerks.. and for that reason only.. never..

36. Want to marry?
am happily married

37. To whom?
the only person who can stand me and listen when i talk gibberish.. hahahaha.. and he is the sweetest person ever and treated me so patiently also putting up with all my perangai that is Muhammad Muzammir bin Rosli aka MR MZMRIZA

38. Alaska or Hawaii?
Alaska, too chilly.. maybe hawaii... cehhhh... havent been to both places!!!

39. Do you love chocolates?
loving it so much!!! its the first in my indulgence's list

40. Words for the day.
life is like a box of chocolate.. u never know what u gonna get- Forrest Gump

this is a compilation of ijun.. he is now form 2 and weight 85kg... akakakakakak... its genetic...

p/s: aiza.. thank u for tagging me..


haku ko said...

kurut...just to let u know, zahrah is joining our blogging community..
this is her blog>>

::mzmriza:: said...

reallly!!! will add her in my list!!