Friday, January 23, 2009

net ball

The tournament season has begun. Here in Dungun, its starts with the net ball game. Nope.. I am not one of the coaches which is thank god because i am not so fond of this game. No offense but i think net ball has a few regulations which i think a bit ridiculous. Especially when a player receives a ball and they cant move until they throw the ball back at the next player..

Mind u if i sounded so naive bout net ball. I am just not so much into sports. I apologise for that. I know its bad for a teacher to have felt that but trust me even though i dont have that much interest of the game but i do try to be part of it..

A few days ago i was asked by my school's net ball coach, kak mazni to be the guru pengiring... I was assigned to bring the players to the school which the tournament was held.. and i did which is yesterday afternoon.. so the event went well when for the first game we had tied score with SK Jerangau. The second game was with SK Durian Mas1 and this was when we had been defeated quite badly.. this brought to a decision which was made by my schoolmates.. to withdraw from all the other matches...sigh...

i didnt quite agree with her because i thought the spirit of the game was more important.. just let the girls play.. let them experience the whole moments themselves.. doesnt matter if we win or not... but who am i to out loud any opinion.. im not the coach.. maybe they know better.. and so we did went home early.. expected at 6pm but we left around 5pm..

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