Friday, January 23, 2009

hantu raya

yeayyyy!!!! its holiday!!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! since im at the east coast the CNY holidays start today. What am i still doing here? i should have been packing and go balik kampung. Well, in the first place.. MR MZMRIZA have been working late this few days. Last nite he was only homed at 11.30pm. Is he a workaholic? nope.. he has datelines to catch up... tuh yang macam nak gila tuh.. and rite now he is still sleeping.. so i let him be.. let him takes his enough rest.. and may be after the Jumaat prayers we will be heading back KL... he is the one who is driving after all.. and i can take my nap later in the car..

secondly, i prefer be balik kampung a bit late because lately there are to much of burglary cases.. last week a house had a break in by some men with parang and the incident happened during dawn. Almost azan subuh. The burglar kept asking for more valuable things and if tthe victims refused to do so, the burglars would threatened to slash parts of body with their parang.. nasty isnt it? And yesterday my neighbour told me that they are moving out after CNY.. being a little bit cautious.. now im freaking out too!!! My neighbour did mention there was a break in our house thru the roof 2 years back.. and also having some old friends back in perak who had been hit by breaking in.. i am now afraid to leave this house for a long period.. thats why im still here..

with all this bad circumstances.. i have been thinking.. how to avoid such nasty things from happen? for me.. all i can do is to lock every doors and windows of my house... and maybe switch on some lights.. for those who, i might say rich maybe can afford some anti theft alarm system.. but most of us are not.. these nasty human being could always find ways to get into people's house.. this remind me of our ancient days.. when there was less technology.. and my grandfather once told me in having avoidance of this burglars people back then had kept "hantu raya"... what do u think?.. maybe we should have one... eeeeeeeeeeeee... seram la plak!!!

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emmii said...

ye, pasang lampu terang2. tak pe bayar bil lebih sikit asal tidak menyesal kemudian hari. beli stand light then pasang timer kalau nak lagi jimat. good luck!