Monday, May 4, 2009

young and restless

I am exhausted. Sometimes I wish that those NAZI* should have just show up without us having all this preparation. So what if we don't win this award.. the name is "AWARD".. award is something rewarded to.. not something that can be won.. I think all these things have taken its toll on me.. physically & mentally..

argghhgh.. malas nak elaborate lagi!!!

By the way.. I went to this one and only bookstore in Dungun. The Pustaka Seri intan. I was on the queue at the cashier counter when a girl suddenly "pop up" in front of me. A young girl.. very very young.. I think she is around 13 to 15 years old.

I was a bit angry!! Didnt anyone taught her how to behave in public? All those "moral values" that learnt in school? Where does it go? Being a teacher, it is so frustrating seeing such manner.. hmm.. macam lah cikgu zaman nih baik sangat pun..

Ok.. that was the bad tempered Cikgu Liza.. I hold all my thoughts together.. trying not to create any scene so i made a coughing sound.. She turned to me in a glance like nothing was going on..

Cittt!!!! How dare she ignore me like that? Didnt i look like an adult who deserve a little respect here? At least.. a makcik who need a little sympathy because carrying a basket full of books? or maybe.. I am not that old.. maybe she thought I was just another "girl" who was a threat to her? Im getting absurd..

Finally.. I became drastic. She was about to put her stuffs on the counter when I crossed her and put my stuffs instead.. She was ," Eh... " and immediately took all her stuffs away from the counter.. I took the chance and said ," Sorry.. tak ape.. bayar lah dulu". I could see her face turned red. I was not sure though.. was it her being sorry and ashamed of what she did.. or was she angry at me?

Oh well.. she is still so young.. perhaps she learnt something that day..

So.. I rest my case..

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p/s: binatang pun tahu beratur dalam barisan.


@tune® said...

kalau kite kan cikgu..
kite kan ckp nicely kt die...
adik..saye bertur dulu...adik sile kebelkang...

belakaaaaaaaang skali ye...


emmii said...

nowadays bukan takat budak jer yang macam tuh...orang tua pun dah pandai nak potong barisan. LELAKI lak tuh. kalau pakcik tua i don't mind sangat. tapi ni gagah perkasa lagik. usually i'll be sarcastic. and normally they do do not know aje (buat2 tatau daaa...)

ehh, ko tak gi skolah ke ari nih?

chucky said...

owhh,dah banyak kali kene,kite mesti bg tau,kalu x,nnt dia akan bawak keta pon begitu juga.....saya x kan buat begitu..saya pasti...

haku ko said...

Kurut@Liza. I face this kinda situation rather often. most of the time i wud just say--ish2..kesian nya..tak civic minded nya.

but there was a situation where a lot of ppl lining up including me with a full trolley. came a makcik pop! ptg Q. i took a deep breath and said nicely: Makcik, tlg beratuq na. ramai lagi nak bayaq. kami semua dok tunggu giliran

there was a reply from her : tapi makcik nk cepat and my reply was- semua org didunia nak cepat makcik..masing2 ada urusan, saya pun ada anak..nak cepat gak, dia nak susu ni..tapi kita kena beratuq la..

i felt like i was the centre of the store. sbb every eye looked at me but they all smiled and buat thumbs up! baru la makcik tu mcm malu..pi belakang beratuq sambil mulut dok hingaq2..

sometimes kurut, we cannot just say-takpe la..bayar dulu. we have to teach, educate our community to be civic minded..we just haveta.

my 2 cents

::ACIK IJA:: said...

@tune - budak lagi.. kalau baya akak dah lama kena smash.. hehhehheh.. dah tua2 pun tak reti2 nak beratur..

sis emmi - memang kurenggggg.. org lelaki ni kadang2 kena yg ego cenggini mmg sakit ati tul.. by the way.. saya sekolah la.. entri ini dibuat tgh mlm tadi.. sambil2 siapkan keje sekolah yang tak pernah siap.. :)

chucky - kamu budak baik kah? ye dok mung.... hehehhee..

dak putih - i had experienced once at mydin mall with one old lady.. just like u had.. kalau org tua memang sound direct.. but young kids kena berhikmah sikit.. i think we should give them a lil chance.. anyway - thank u.. ur 2 cents worth a lot !! :)