Thursday, May 21, 2009


Pertama sekali, jutaan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga diucapkan kepada Cik Puan Baiti di atas anugerah ini..



The rules:

Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini :

1. She is actually my good buddy since in MRSM BP(1996) and used to be my classmate

2. She was among the first who came to me and greeted me when I first came to the class back then.. it was in surau if Im not mistaken..

3. She studied with me in UKM and also in the same faculty which was the Sains Hayat..

4. She is now a PTD, married.. with two adorable munchkins...

5. One of the nicest person I ever met.. and pretty too.. :)

Setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award yg seterusnya :

1. Im an internet junkie. I can spend hours in front of the pc surfing and browsing the net. Am now a blogger.. I love visiting blogs of others.. and spend time reading them.. but Im not interested in those making-money-thru-your-blog thingy.. I have no means in making part time besides than my job now...

2. I love music but I dont teach this subject in school. I only love singing. I enjoy karaoke with my husband but we dont do it at home.. we afraid we might disturb the neighbourhood with our shrilling and shrieking voices.. hence we always go out to some karaoke studio nearby..

3. I used to be an avid fan of the late KURT COBAIN & NIRVANA.. I used to have most of their cassettes.. masa tuh mana ada duit nak beli cd.. I have it from Bleach up to The MTV Unplugged.. hence the name KURT aka COBAIN aka KURUT... I was famously ( cehhh.. famous sangat la..) called KURT by my classmates back then.. COBAIN by some of my closest friends.. and KURUT during my Uni time.. tak sessssuai cikgu ni kan.. but.. even until now my ex MRSMmate and exUKM's still call me by those nicknames.. hehehehhe.. among the reason why I was so crazy bout KURT COBAIN was the fact that our birthday fell on the same date.. :)

4. I listen to all genre of music except.. dangdut & irama traditional.. but I still listen to the good ones like "Keroncong Hujan" by Adibah Noor .. though my Nirvana phase has past but the grunge and alternative music is still one of my favs.. local talent like Intoxicated, Juliet the Orange, Butterfinger, Nice Stupid Playground, Subculture among those on my list.. and I listen to all indie music.. I love Yuna and Kokokaina the most.. I listen to Plain White T's, Jason Mraz, Colby Caillat as well.. :)

5. I love reading story books ever since I was in kindergarten.. but back then My family could not afford to buy me any story book so I always went to the public library during weekend by cycling there. When I was schooling in Sri Aman, I always borrow the " Sweet Valley Twins" book from my friends.. Now.. I buy my own books.. and for the moment is reading a book entitle This Charming Man by Marian Keys..

6. To those who still do not know.. I am actually an avid fan of the TWILIGHT SAGA too.. I have all the 4 installments.. Ohhhh my precioussss...

7. My husband and I love to watch movies.. before this while we were staying in Teluk Intan we always went out for movies at JJ Ipoh.. now living in Dungun, which is quite far from the sources.. we watch movies at home.. we have quite a collection of DVDs..

8. I once went to Sabah in the year of 1999.. while I was in UKM. I actually one of the fasilitator for a motivation camp in UMS.. So after the camp, I did climb the Kinabalu Mount but I only managed to reach Laban Rata since I was not fit enough to reach the summit.. I even took almost 8 hours just to reach Laban Rata while most could make it in 4 to 5 hours only.. I still remember I had a bowl of plain maggi mee for RM4.50 there.. and I did receive a certificate for it but have lost it.. rugi betul...

9. I am in my late twenties now.. going to be 30 next year.. but I have plenty of dreams to pursuit.. I wont tell.. I am keeping it to myself.. I just love blogging.. sometime blogging keep me sane.. hehehhe..

10. Rite now I am missing my family in Klang so much.. I miss "little" Ijun.. my blabby mom.. my cold father & blur Zakuan.. basiccally I miss my hometown so much..

Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnye dan describe tentang mereka :

1. Halilah - one of my best buddy during MRSM.. used to be famous with the nickname "TUTED" among us..

2. Dila - my beloved sister who just started blogging.. hehhehe.. bagus2.. welcome to the club..

3. Aiza - one of my mate back in UKM.. the one who taught me how to swim, cook and better english.. I miss those days Aiza..

4. Chucky Mem - my long lost cousin.. reconciled in Facebook.. padahal bukan duk jauh sangat pun.. sekampung tapi tak pernah jumpa pun kat kampung.. hehehe

5. Atune - also my long lost cousin who is also Chucky's twin... depa nih kembar tak seiras.. heheheheh..

6. Cik Zugha - My long lost friend from ATPN, ex Assunta.. basiccally the "musuh tradisi" of my school, Sri Aman.. but we are good.. till now.. met her via FB.. thank god that I met her that I finally met up with other friends of ATPN.. all because of her.. :)

7. Comel - she bloghopped into my blog.. and we became the cyber buddies now.. :).. tak pernah jumpa pun..

8. Nadie - my good buddy from ATPN too.. an ex BBGS.. used to be a very close friend of mine.. but time changes everything.. and I still adore her.. actually she was among the biggest influence in my music taste.. hence the Nirvana.. :)

9. Sis Emmi - my ex housemate when I first came to Teluk Intan.. ex swimming buddy in Nova Scotia Estate's pool..

10. Teacher Lynda - one of my best friends now.. my exschoolmate in teluk Intan.. I miss her and her kiddos.. who were also my swimming buddies while I was there.. She is a good diver too.. :)

arrrhrhggg.. letih mak tau!!! dari petang menaip.. rasa cam buat proposal ape ntah.. nih bukan sebarang anugerah tau.. free2 aje dapat.. haaaa.. Anyway.. thanx again to Baiti for this award.. anything u like from Terengganu? keropok lekor or ikan aye perhaps? ekekekek...

Hopefully all 10 gorgeous people that I have picked will receive this award with open heart.. and will happily do the tag.. :)


@tune® said...

kami kembar xseiras kak??

kak Zugha sape??xigt la..
kak nadieya ada blog ke??

ke derang wat dr FB???

.:nhalilah:. said...

adakah aku list nama yg first tu??? kekeke.. saja jer takmo mengaku.. hehehe.. nanti bila aku malas buat kije aku layan tag tu...

dah lama tak dengar nama tuted tu.. hikhik..

cik-zura said...

kono jugak den.. hahahaha.. lambat sket ye aku membuatnya..

emmii said...

warghhh...kena jugak kah? kang rajin ler buat...nak tido dulu carik ilham. ahahahahah!!!

::cikgu liza:: said...

@tune - kembar tak seiras la.. sorang gelap.. sorang cerah.. ehhehe.. jgn mara aaa...

cik zugha is aka maizura.. biasa org panggil dia mai.. both mai and nadie ada blog.. blog mai dalam list "friend of a friend" akak tu, monolog.. u can access nadie's blog via her's then..

ila - nih bukan sebarang tag.. there is an award for it!!! just for women tau.. kan dia tulis UBER AMAZING BLOG.. tuted .. tuted..

cik zura - kene apa? nih aku pilih org tertentu ajek tau untuk anugerah ni.. heheheh.. takpe.. take ur time.. tak yah la panjang sgt mcm aku tuh.. aku kan poyosss..

sis emmi - bukan nak kenakan.. it is an award.. I think ur blog deserve this award.. but it aint just any award.. kena buat la sikit keje.. anyway.. take ur time..

chucky said...

saya mengaku saya gelap.......
walopon dipakse buat...saya akan jawap sesimple mungkinnnnn