Thursday, November 12, 2009

little mermaid

Watched her at Oprah last nite.. was it last nite.. not sure.. being a weeper I am.. I just couldnt stop crying watching this free spirited, enthusiastic girl.. whose parents were told twhen she was born that she could only be alive for 72 hours somehow, God's will, she managed to celebrate her 10th birthday last August.. Meet Shiloh Pepin..

Sadly.. I found out she had passed away last October.. The only hope and wish that her parents ever had was to watch her grow.. but I guess God loves her more..

Knowing her.. and watching her story.. made me realise how lucky I am.. how lucky my family is.. Just so you know.. Our youngest brother is an OKU.. somehow.. I feel that its actually a blessing because we are the chosen one.. and I am so grateful.. indeed.. So embrace your life..

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chucky said...

semoga dia selamat di atas sana