Tuesday, December 1, 2009

of New Moon &.. Ninja Assassin..

Amongst the wajibun ghunnah thing that hubby and I should do when we get back to hometown.. is spending our own sweet time at JJ Bukit Raja.. huhhh.. tak cukup2 lagi berdua2an kat ceruk Dungun tuhhh.... jangan marahhh aaaa.. Why JJ Bukit Raja.. the feeling.. that old school feeling.. almaklumlah nih tempat dating by default.. ever since we started dating.. tak jemu2.. hehheeee.. ala2 sentimental value gitewwww ( sila.. sila muntah..)

By the way.. back on the subject.. I had officially watched the long awaited New Moon.. verdict? hmmm.. overall it wasnt a disappointment.. I love the movie as much as I love the first saga:Twilight.. I think it did not stray much from the book.. 95% true to the book I would say with a little bit less of Edward.. though MM did complaining that the fight scene should be longer.. oh well.. obviously he didnt read the book to realize the fact that the fight scene was initially did not exist.. not in the book.. I like the cinematography though.. and there were 2 kissing scenes between Bella and Edward were censored.. hahahahaa.. kat Malaysia jek pun and it did not affect the storyline much.. above all.. cant wait for the next saga.. ECLIPSE.. I think its due on June next year.. and there will be more and more Edward.. I bet!!

Enough of New Moon.. right now I cant stop thinking of Rain.. remember Full House? He was so cute in that series.. but being a kung fu manic in the Ninja Assassin.. really took me by surprise.. and MM was so happy with the movie.. its an 18sx rated movie if Im not mistaken.. not that its full of steamy sexy scenes but full of gory bloody actions.. I dont have to explain all the details but seeing Rain who got so buffed up.. it was really raininggggggly sexyyy.. kalah Jacob Black ok!! You'll get what I mean if you watch it.. hehheeee.. the fight scenes were superb.. I wonder if Rain did all the stunts himself but he was a good dancer though.. how does that relate? hehehee.. all I got to say about the movie.. Its worth all your money if you are a fan of Rain and action pack....

nota kaki: while watching New Moon.. there was this unpleasant sound.. I noticed it at the censored parts and somewhere in the middle of it.. MM cakap macam cd rosak jek.. I couldnt agree more.. how on earth that could happen.. ni mesti ada orang nak sabotaj ni.. hmmm.. musykil..


@tune® said...

hamboi ko kak..
cuti skolah blasah muvi jerk

cik jijah said...

atune.. ko dengki ekkk... ko kan tgh darah manis kan.. nanti lepas kawin nanti.. belasah la puas2 dgn cik abg :)