Monday, December 28, 2009

I see you..

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I see you.. that was what Neytiri said when she saw Jake Sully got off the Toruk Macto.. a scene from the movie AVATAR. Initially was just thinking of giving Ijun and 2 other cousins a movie treat.. it was either the Zombieland or Avatar.. We all agreed for Avatar since Zombieland was not yet screening. Being a non sci fi person I dont prefer those futuristic kinda movie.. I dont really fancy Star Trek nor Star Wars and not even The Matrix.. in fact.. sometimes I hate it, scared or simply because I usually lost track of its storyline.

I prefer chick lits, love comedy or action packs.. I even thought of taking some nap during the movie but Avatar was a good choice indeed.. For the first time I felt like watching a sci fi movie over and over again.. I was wide awake, "jakun" and engaged to the movie the whole time..

To me it was not just a science fiction.. it was more like a spiritual story with being kind to mother earth and anti war messages. The beautiful scenic of Pandora.. which is rich of some minerals that human are so desperate of.. the movie even made me hate the mankind for the first time.. how greedy men disgust me.. most interesting was when the scene that they, the Navi, natives of Pandora whisper a kind of prayer before they kill the animal that they want to eat in order to respect the nature and being grateful for it.. sort of similar to our approach of sembelih ritual..

Overall.. I just could not have enough.. I dont know how to explain, understand or even compare the CGI with other movies but those CGI characters seemed so alive that I even thought those blue people of Pandora were really alive.. that Pandora really exist.. It was just so real.. if only TGV Bukit Raja has it in the 3D version.. I heard it was far more better.. personally, I have no doubt that Avatar will lead to a whole new movie cult.. just like like the LOTR or Twilight :)


Anonymous said...

GSC East Coast Mall Kuantan ada 3D

cik jijah said...

alongggg!! sudah beli utk esok.. tak sabar nak tgk 3D pulak.. hari tu gi dgn adik².. kali ni dgn suami pulak :)

Anonymous said...

beb,aku pon sama!!xpenah sukaa sci fi movie..not my cup of tea..(tea la sgt..):P..xminat star wars n star really in love dgn ini avatar!best kan?tp nk ulang tgk, mungkin tidak..haha..3 jam dok dlm cinema..lama tuh..

cik jijah said...

jgn tak tau babe.. aku dah tengok both 2D and 3D..hehhhh.. walaupun 3 jam... masa 3D lagila.. dengan spec 3D yg bosar godang tu.. smpi sakit² btg hidung dgn telinga aku ni.. tapi worth it!!