Thursday, December 17, 2009

that's that..

A week has passed since I came back to my hometown. Not a single day is wasted since almost everyday ada je hal nya.. Finally today I have the chance to have my own sweet time reading and checking updates of this blog and FB.. and Friendster too.. to my suprise, FS aint nothing like before. So fresh and kinda similar like FB with more colours.. well.. I think its about time.. I heard in the news that FS users has been dropping by millions ever since FB was launched.

By the way, Jijah kat Starbucks ni. Love the coffee despite the unacceptable and unreasonable price. I brought my Ijun ( my youngest bro) along and sedap2 jek kena pau dengan dia.. huhhuuu.. come to think of it, bila lagi nak belanja adik ku yg gedebab ini.. though the coffee was good.. but the line was sucks.. semput pulak tu.. susah betul nak upload gambo in FB..

Ok then.. that's that.. kang Jijah cerita semua that happened these few days... ada yang muntah ijo and migraine pulak kang.. Anyone yang rindu kat cik Jijah ni.. cewwwwaaahh.. rindu.. boleh lah tengok latest piccas of MM and me with the family.. and friends in the Facebook.. esok ada reunion lagik ni.. cant wait to see them along with their little monsters.. eh munchkinsss laah.... hehehehe... till then fellas..


chucky said...

kalau sempat,jgn lupe dtg umah sabtu ni yeah

日月神教-任我行 said...
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