Wednesday, December 2, 2009

bags poem

a few months ago..
I had ordered this..
thanx to her..
you are the nicest person ever..
for almost making my dream came true..
for some reason..
ianya tinggal angan2 saja..
as I look at the money that is returned..
Jijah pasang angan2 lagi..

I want this..

or this..

or maybe.. this..

or.. can I wish that I have all 3 of them?
but I know..
I always want this..

I wish that MM or my father
is tukang cap duit...
or better.. I myself a tukang cap duit juaaaa..
so that I can just cap.. cap.. cap..
and beli whatever bags I want...
mengucap Jijah..


lynda_siebie said...

hamboi2.....bab2 melaram nih mmg ko no.1 ler...hehehehe....klu dah suke beli long as it is affordable..lgpun ko mampu.lain le aku nih... nampak gayenye lepas ni nak beli papepun kena pikir 8 or 9 kali...maklum le ahli dah bertambah....hehehehe...anyway i prefer the second one...yg warne purple tuh!!

cik jijah said...

uikkssss cik lynda.. on the line all over again nampak.. aku ni tak sedo2 diri kan? heheheee