Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just got back from Sekayu. Not really. I have been home since yesterday. MM drove back earlier and left me there to finish the camping as he had to work on that Saturday. I went back with a friend whose husband had left early as well and end up I drove her Exora since she just didnt have enough guts to drive all the way back home.

Overall, it was the best camping I have ever joined. First, I have MM spending both camping nites with me. Second, the commitment from all my colleagues were so overwhelming. Third, the happy faces of my dearest students. Not so often my students get to experience such a thing. Some of them, didnt even get the chance to step out of their home. Not even to nearest town, Dungun. This is definitely a good thing for them.

So the camp ended successfully. No one get hurt or injured but I fell sick once I got home. My head spinning, my body ache wholly and I threw up few times during dinner. Thank God there is MM, again taking care of me. He is my best buddy and my caretaker.. I dont know what will I do without him around.. ( ni sebak kenang kot dapat pindah balik Klang nanti because I will pindah first then barulah MM).

*we have just discovered that this 'sunway lagoon' exist in the woods.. apa lagi..
the morning activity had been canceled and replaced with pool party..
lagi la budak² tu excited :D


.:nhalilah:. said...

eh.. ko confirm ek pindah klang.. ko pindah dulu?? takpe.. later on amir will joining u.. welkam back.. hihi..

apis585 said...

bila pindah cik jijah???

TK said...

I had bad experience kat situ 2 years ago. My students hysteria beramai2 dlm hutan gelap tu. Cikgu pulak masa tu tak berapa ramai. I kebetulan ada situ. Tak tidur langsung..I sendiri pun menggigil ketakutan.Lpas tu my school dah tak buat situ lagi.Camping site kat merang setiu best sgt!

cik jijah said...

ila.. insya allah.. aku baru je apply lah.. hehehe.. tapi tu lah.. aku pindah dulu kot.. pojek dia abes lam bulan 3 katanya..

apis.. the result is on nov 15th.. berbelah bagi pulak nak pindah.. huhuhu..

TK.. really? that was my first time in sekayu.. nothing weird happened and yet we all enjoyed it to the max.. mostly the pupils.. next year maybe ill suggest merang pulak.. tapi mcm jauh je..