Monday, June 7, 2010

get to know my blog

A tag by pweettty mama.. KEEN.. who is so keen and always cheerful..
thank you darling for this tag..

1. Where are you?

At home.. Somewhere in Dungun, Terengganu.. when I said Dungun people will always relate this place to the beautiful scenery of Terengganu's beaches.. the truth is.. as in right now.. Im living far from the beaches.. very close to the jungle of Terengganu. Quite far from town I may say.. So quite and peaceful.. some may find this place as boring.. time to time.. yes.. i felt it too.. huhuhuuu..

2. What do you do?

Currently, Im on my break.. but my better half is working so Im enjoying this break all alone, all by myself.. some said why dont you just go on holiday or go back hometown by yourself and let him with his work. I just dont have the heart to leave him here by himself. So here I am..

3. What is your blog name and why?

Oh well.. I have been changing its name from time to time. Depends on my mood.. as of right now.. the name is 'Jijah Montel'... simply because I love the name Jijah.. I find it catchy and rhymes my real name though some said LIJAH is better.. LIJAH is not commercial enough i think.. hahahaha.. and montel.. because Im a very chubby person.. crucially verrrrryyyy!!!

4. When did you started blogging and why?

You can read it in my profile.. it was Sept 2008.. basically, I do have a lot of spare time so in order to avoid the plunge into boredom I thought blogging is the best way for me to spend my time and I hope that I get to improve my English which in the meantime share the bits and pieces of my life to the world..

5. Give the link when you were the happiest to blog.

the link above was about this one entry that I made in 2008.. during the early days of my blogging activity.. I was so happy that I got 13 students who had A for their maths paper in UPSR.. it was one of the most memorable moment in my career as a teacher.. and in the same time, I was very happy that my application to move with MM to Terengganu had just approved..

6. Give the link when you were the saddest.

I lost my brother in law to a dengue fever. He couldnt make it after a week struggling and no matter how much we love him.. God loves him even more..

7. Give the link when you were most in love.

I dont think I have any specific entry for this matter because I love my husband utmost every single time. I simply dont use blog as a medium to express my anger or rage to my husband. Certainly without having it too open or direct to the public... thus when I did this tag, tho it was only some sort of a game, somehow it brings me into deeper thoughts of why I chose MM as my other half after all :)

8. Give the link of the post that turn out to be very meaningful to you.

Meaningful as it is.. I finally realize that I am running out of time. I wish that I will be given enough time to mend and to rectify all my mistakes and of course to cherish and to embrace life as it is with MM all through the way..

9. Tag some friends to know their answers.

This is the lamest part of the tag.. sorry keen.. but I think it has been so long since I last tag anyone.. kan? So I am now tagged these respective bloggers below..

1. Ummu Jannah
2. Mak Ngah Dila
3. Halilah
4. Eroy
5. Baiti
6. Apis
7. Sis Nana
8. Cik Zura
9. Along
10. Wawa
11. Asyikin
12. Farah
13. Aida Narina

updated.. nak tambah sorang lagik..

14. Kikuri Hime - The JKpop Queen of M'sia

have fun doing the tag ya all!!


Kikuri-hime said...

Cik Jijah oii! I have to admit it, kau memang terer menjawab tag!!! Perghh!!!!! Very detail. Anyway, love reading ur post!

cik jijah said...

kikuri hime!! i missed u didnt i? jap lagi aku masukkan nama ko.. mcm mana bleh lupa kat JKpop queen mesia neh?

and did u really read all the links? hehehe.. thanx anyway..

Kikuri-hime said...

Wahhh!!! Aku jkpop queen ke??? hahahahah.... Nnt, in the next post aku wat, heh?

cik jijah said...

no problem babe.. :)

Nana said...

OoOo I am sorry to hear about your BIL. Al-Fatihah. Hmmm heheh maybe I syiok sendiri .. but is Sis nana me? hehehe I realize there's quite a number of "nana" in the blogging world. Hmmmm

cik jijah said...

of course its you!! hahaha.. ye tak ye jugak ehh.. i should be more specific like nana the domestic goddes from uk ke.. or maybe nana the crazy chick of birmingham.. or naid the rambler lady ke.. hehehe.. saja usik u.. :D

Nana said...

hahahah domestic goddess! seriously my dear .. that is TOTALLY not me! sigh! if only it was me though, my parents would have been very proud of me. But Alas ... I am totally undomesticated!

The crazy chick .. aahhhhh that one is more me! hahahah! I like that very much thank you! pretty indicative of who I am really.

:D nanti bila I free sikit I'll do the tag hehehee .. jgn marah kalau terlambat ye ;D sekarang ni tengah sibuk tahap gaban!

Nana said...

oh yes .. hehehe tak yah formal sangat panggil I sis. I am not into this title thinggi. Even my students pun panggil I Nana aje .. (much to the dismay of other lecturers). To me, respect comes from attitude not in the name ;D

cik jijah said...

segan sebenarnya.. To simply call u if ive known u long enough ;) lecturer pulak tu.. Serious segan.. But since u told me so.. Its nana then.. Just nana.. Nana the crazy chick.. Barula rock kan... Yeyeaahhh!!

.:nhalilah:. said...

wahhh... aku kena tag... camne nak jawab detail cam ko nih.. ok la.. 1 big task dah settle.. so.. boleh layan tag..

cik jijah said...

tuteddd!! detail ke aku jawab.. over kan?? mcm mana nak control tanak bagi over ek? issskkk.. suka ati la ila.. aku saja je tag.. dah lama tak tag orang.. eheheh..

hang nadim said...

selamat bercuti cikgu...balik Sg. Patani ke..balik Meru

us said...

nape aku kene tag gak...
harus ke ku menjawabnya...x jawab bole x...hehehe...
mcm x sesuwei je aku nak menjawab...
blog aku bukan rambling mumbling :p

cik jijah said...

hahaha.. suka ati ko ler.. aku tag je sapa2 yang aku ingat.. hehehhe..

cik jijah said...

laaaa.. dop perasanggg komengg cik nadim selit situ.. mana pun tak balik.. last week la balik klang and kl.. cuti sekolah merap kat rumah saje.. sbb husband kerja.. so jadi housewife sepenuh masa 2 minggu ni :)

cik-zura said...

dia kata some friends to tag... sekali 13 nama dia bubuh... muahahaha.. kalo rajin aku buat ek ;) muaaahhh

cik jijah said...

muahaha!! gila kuasa kan aku ni mai? hehehee.. ikut suka ko la mai.. aku saja suka2 je tag ko..