Friday, February 19, 2010

reaching the 3rd series...

I have been wanting to write bout this since.. like forever.. In just a few hours time to my 3rd series of life barulah aku ada masa nak jot one or two things bout it. A good friend of mine who is now following the hubby to the US of America had inspired me the idea in the first place but I just dont know how to elaborate. Anywayyyy...

I just cant believe that in a few hours time I will be entering a new era.. hahhhhh.. NEW ERA... boleh? One of my friends claimed it ZAMAN AWALAN REMAJA PURBA.. good one eh? hehehehee.. Another friend of mine claim it as the new beginning of the precious era of our life because just like the beemer the higher the series the higher the value is.. true indeed!

Some said that the only thing that come to us without effort is getting old.. heeheheee.. tu pasal ramai yang tak sedar diri lagi walaupun umur sudah tua.. some even said that age is the issue of mind over matter. If you dont mind, it doesnt matter.. macam mana nak sedar diri if you are still in denial.. le sigh...

Me myself.. personally.. yours truly tak berasa apa² pun... am too IN DENIAL.. hehheee.. mau tak terasa.. at the age of 30.. I still not have my own kid.. and.. errr... apa lagi ek?.. well lets see.. what else yang aku still tak dapat lagi before this midnight.. before I officially become the member of the 3 series club..
  • a good husband.. checked!
  • a good health.. checked!
  • a good job.. checked!
  • a house.. checked!a
  • a car.. checked!
  • a happy family.. checked!
  • good friends.. checked!
  • stable finance.. checked!
I have all the basic things and I am blessed!! I have no reason to complain or to grumble at. I think I should enter the club in grace and with proud... I should be more grateful that God has granted me the life that I have always wanted though not as exactly as I wanted it to be... not as smooth as I hoped for but tak semua yang kita nak kita dapat ok.. jangan jadi manusia tamak... but if I were given a chance to choose.. I would like to have a twin babies and more designer handbags.. errkkk??? masih tak saddddaaaarrr diri.. huhuhuuuu...

ok.. reality check... I should find more remorse over hal hal duniawi. I should try harder to be a better person. I should work harder for a better future.. but not loosing all the hype of life throughout the process.. We dont stop laughing because we grow old but we grow old if we stop laughing... some one said do not deny your age, embellish your youth.. :)

In my prayer.. I hope that God will grant me more years of happy life.. God will give me the chance to join all the club of each life series.. grow old together with MM.. in reverent, kindly and cheerful.. Feel the triumph of being old together.. thats all Im asking... :)

on another note.. MM said he has already chosen a present for my 30th birthday.. I wonder what is it.. *wink*

oh well.. till then... tata!


chucky said...

RAA=remaja akhir abad
its oke,my time will be nex yer,rasenye...ekekek,buat2 lupe lak

hepi bekaming bestday
the best day eber

apis585 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearie!!!!!
semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, ditetapkan keimanan & awet muda selalu hehehehhe...

zuesaran said...

habby bday kurt!!rindu plak aku nak cubit ko..kikikiki..i'll also becoming 30..seriously..mcm tadak achievement yg membanggakan..still not enjoy with my job...huhuhuu...

Us said...

Cik jijahhh... Happy Birthday!
Da 30 da yerr... aku masih 20-an lagi..jangan jeles.Hahahaha...

Moga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan achieve your azam awal tahun haritu...kekekeke

Maintain cun kay!

cik jijah said...

chuckyyy... hehee.. ok gak tuh.. thanx;)

apis.. insya allah..thanx :)

zue.. hehehhee... makin lebar dah pipi aku nehhhh.. bout ur job.. takpe.. ada rezeki nanti..:).. anyway thanx!

eroyyyyy... hehehe.. sila standby ok.. kang even dah officially masuk siri 3 tak sedar plakkk.. ehhehe.. anyway thanx!!

Ashikin said...

ish2 kelab apa la ni jijah.. kalo sume checklist dah bertanda checked tu, nk mencarik ilmu akhirat pulak la ni kan kan?

btw happy birthday cik jijah. semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan doa cik jijah utk pjg umur dimakbulkan tuhan..

cik jijah said...

ashikin... hehehe.. club 3 series lah sayang.. tapi bukan beemer... tak mampu la plak... hehehe.... anyway.. thanx for the wish.. insya allah semuanya.. :D