Friday, October 23, 2009

He was not that into... ME!!!

Last Ramadhan, there were days when I had been in no mood to teach so that one day I planned to make some Raya card with the Year 1 pupils.

There is this particular boy, Irham who I liked to tease for his blabby mouth, sometimes naughty and mischievious too... He maybe naughty but he is so smart and honest. Once he got 86% for his test and he came to me asking," teacher, kenapa markah kita banyak, kita buat tipu2 je" ... hehehheeeee..

That day, while creating and making the Raya card, I joked and teased him..

Cikgu Liza : Irham, buat kad untuk siapa, buat untuk teacher ke?
Irham : Dakkkkk.. kita buat untuk orang lain..
Cikgu Liza : mana boleh.. Irham kan boyfriend teacher..
Irham : tak mbohhhh.. mana ada kita boyfriend teacher..
Cikgu Liza : Alaaaa.. Irham buat la.. Selamat Hari Raya teacher..
Irham : tak mmmbbbooohhh.. ( panjang nada tanak dia)

I giggled and left him to see the other pupils.. when he suddenly called me up and came closer to show his card.. it was the ugliest ever!!! hehehee.. but something that were written caught my eyes..

and Irham said, " cuba teacher baca.. kita suka sapa.." bersungguh-sungguh dia!!!

I burst into laughter.. He was actually so determined to prove that he was not into me!!! heheheee... budak umur 7 tahun..

Irham even said more," kita geram tengok kak teh.. "

I asked him back," kenapa geram kat kak teh? nak cubit pipi dia ke?"

Irham simply answered, " tak tahu laaa..."

Hehhehehehehee... Kids kids.. anak2 kecil ini sangat cute.. so honest..

the lucky girl.. kak teh @ nasreen najah.. :)

Irham.. my boy.. teacher loves you even more!!


chucky said...

sangat jujur
cikgu,sile jangan perasan ye

@tune® said...

xkan cikgu jeles kot?

ell_jay said...

wahaiiiii kazen2 ku..

u ollsss yg jeles kat i sebenarnye kan.. hikhikhik..