Sunday, October 11, 2009

daydream.. again..

home sweet home!!!!

Last Raya holidays both hubby and I took the chance to visit our first newly bought single storey house.. which is still under construction. To our surprise it has so much improvement compared our last visits a few months ago... Of course, as how surprised we were, we are excited too.. heheee.. it is expected to be completed by May 2010.. insyaAllah...

Coincidentally the Homedec Fair was held at nearby KLCC.. as we were in Klang.. so we dropped by to do a little survey... in about 2 hours there, not so much we could do as we need to rush back to T'ganu at nite so we just collected the brochures and pamphlets and some contact numbers too..

This is what I imagine my house could be.. Im not really into plastered ceilings or any downlights.. but Im more into the cabinets, furniture and electrical appliances.. heheheheee... sangat materialistic aku nih..

my dream kitchen cabinet.. with island..
but it maybe a problem since the provided kitchen area is rather small..
a lil renovation will do..
enhancing the space of the kitchen..

my dream bedroom.. with wardrobe cabinet..
simple and yet elegant.. but my bedroom also rather small..
maybe the room need to be extend first..
hence another renovation will be needed..

Can I add another one? I would like to have an office space for both of us..
*all pix are googled

My house consist of 4 rooms.. the room next to the kitchen area might be divided into two.. to give more spaces to the kitchen and a small room as the office area.. boleh ke gitu? now, this question is for my dear hubby, En Amir.. not to be answered but to be fulfill.. hehehhehe.

Best betul.. daydream again.. Macam la banyak sangat duit tok laki ku itu.. ehheheee.. but again daydreaming cost us nothing, isnt it?


chucky said...

kalau nk renovate umah,sile kontek saya,i will give u a very gud price

ell_jay said...

serious chucky? the best price meaning cheapest? dan harus juga terbaik dari ladangkah?