Sunday, April 12, 2009

zoom in : TERENGGANU

ever since i have moved here, i have yet write any special entry about my new home... only a few pieces about dungun a few months ago.. and a bit about tasik kenyir.. well.. without any doubt terengganu is one of the most beautiful land i have ever been to.. i believe most people would agree with me.. :)

last friday, as i was on my way to KT.. my husband and i dropped by this place.. called Marang.. have not plan to but there was a traffic jam that made us to stop by the roadside.. plus.. cik abang tiba2 nak makan ABC.. tepi pantai..

this place is a slightly further from rantau abang.. but the view.. i think it is as good as rantau abang.. or maybe rantau abang is much beatiful.. because we have not been there yet.. but still.. i couldnt help falling in love with the view.. and the breezy evening really lifted my mood up..

here are some snappies..

if i have my own kiddos.. maybe they would be running over the glossy sandy beach.. playing with it.. tossing at each other.. and i would be screaming for them not to mess up their hair and clothes.. hehehe.. angan2..

bengang.. ABC dah habis... at first the waitress told us there were still some of it.. after being seated baru tau.. rupanya dah habis.. kalau tau.. we would have been looking for other kedai.. so we have coconut juice instead..

just the two of us..

after quenching the thirst.. we went on the road again to KT.. actually we went to mydin mall.. cik abang was looking for a few stuffs for his office.. just a quick one.. but still i managed to get a new bangle from habib's.. heheheh..

on the way back to dungun.. cik abang brought me to this place called SEBERANG TAKIR.. he said there is a restaurant ala2 pak tam selayang.. kedai "gelas besar"... i was amazed seeing the various size of glasses... takde gambar.. malu sebenarnya.. nak amik gambar banyak2.. hehehe.. nampak benor jakun..

abang ordered mango juice in a medium size glass.. and a milky carrot juice for me in the smallest size of glass.. abang's juice cost RM3.oo and mine was RM1.70... although mine was the smallest, i could not finish it.. but abang.. selamba ajek dia bagi habis semua.. on the side note: it always him who finished up all the left overs.. but it is me who always gain the extra kilos.. menyampah..

makan lagi.. this time.. a plate of nasi lemak for each of us.. and a two ringgit of keropok lekor.. again i did not finish my nasi lemak.. because it was serve with sambal ikan tongkol@aye.. i just couldnt.. hmmm.. anyway the keropok there was the best i ever had.. every one thinks losong is the best.. WAS!!! not any more.. seberang takir's keropok is more famous now.. i strongly suggest it!! :)

gendang gendut tali kecapi.. kenyang perut suka ati.. heehhhehh.. so we headed home.. i was exhausted.. not because of the shopping but of full belly!!! kenyang gila.. alhamdulillah.. rezeki..

when we were on our way home.. there were still a traffic jam in marang.. i forgot to mention earlier.. there was an expo there.. in terengganu there are not much of entertainment.. so when a feast like this is held.. most of the people would never miss it..

yang snap picture ni bukan apa.. just discovered the function of " night snapshot" on my camera.. more like testing it.. since i was never able to get a nice night time picture before... these not even the good ones but at least the view is clearer than i used to have.. hehehhehe...

there are more beautiful places in terengganu.. i will give u more.. my very own experience.. through my own perspective.. while i am here.. :)


apis585 said...

heard bout the famous jus gelas besar place tp xberkesempatan visit lagi...wahhh..sebegitu besar gelas rm3 ajer...bestnyaaaa...harus kalau aku pegi order size L sbb selalu kalau mkn kat kedai sure aku order 2 gelas air(yg normal size laaa heheheh)

Nurul Hayati Idris said...

rindunya seberang takir...umah aku dkt area ctu dolu...btw,kalu ko perasan,kat jln yg byk selekoh kt area sbrg takir tu,ada rumah,tp sbnrnya gerai atap zink wrna biru.very delicious kepok lekor in town tau.then,dkt c2 gak,ada gerai roti paung paling sdp kt ganu.biasanya org yg dtg dr luar,msti singgah kt gerai2 ni...

::Cikgu Liza:: said...

apis - kuatnya ko minum.. but i can understand why.. hehhehe.. macam mana nak prepare those 'milk stock' if badan tak cukup liquid kan.. ye tak?

anyway.. harus pergi tempat itu.. buat la rombongan cik apis & cik jai ke terengganu.. :)

yati - lama tak dengar kabo.. are u still in oz? nanti bila back for good, ko balik sini ke?

by the way, have been to seberang takir waktu malam.. tak perasan sgt area dia macam mana.. have heard about the famous roti paung@pound.. and aku ingat kopok lekor pak san la yg paling best.. rupanya ada lagi yg lebih best.. hmmm.. harus pergi lagi aku ni kan.. hehhehe..

chucky said...



haku ko said...

teacher kurut. i was quite for almost 2 weeks due to nizam's condition and my baby's condition. sedih la both of them tak sehat, but now alhamdulillah, dah ok.

.:nhalilah:. said...

kat situ mmg best.. the gelas besar restaurant.. kalo dtg KT mmg pi situ.. lama betul aku tak makan kopok losong.. betul ke kopok losong tu dah tak sedap?? suka gak jalan dr dungun-marang-kt.. view sgt2 shantek okeh!!

::Cikgu Liza:: said...

chucky - ko ada kazen kat sini rupanya.. ha ah.. abang akak pun ckp memang femes.. akak ni je baru tau... eheheh.. tapi tak larat la nak minum bnyk2..

haku ko - i see.. ok.. take care of urself too ehhh..

ila - ekk... ko biasa kat sini eh? schoolmate aku kata kopok losong dah tak best mcm dulu.. skrg famous seberang takir punya..

Nurul Hayati Idris said...

kt oz lg.2011 br blk msia.kene bond 7 thn,so,lama la aku duduk kat kuala tganu tu.Nnti,ko n hubby bleh la singgah.Bidah & family dh dtg kt rmh aku di tganu last year...kepok losong xsedap lani.Rasa gatal je lidah bila mkn.sbrg takir nya kepok yg sdp skang ni....Dungun,aku slalu lalu je bila nk blk banting.Kalu ko masih ada kt dungun nnti,bleh aku p bertandang nooo...

::Cikgu Liza:: said...

yati - aku rasa ko dah bagitau dlm FB yang ko attach dgn UMT.. tapi aku lupa.. eheheh... insya allah.. aku gi rumah ko nanti.. aku tunggu ko..:)