Friday, April 3, 2009

sanity keeper

what's in a life of this so called cikgu liza? hmmm... i have been asking that question over and over again.. have u ever hit that point? have u ask urself the same question like i did? what answer did you get? did u get the answer? did u answer it? is it my mid life crisis? i thought only men would get it.. or am i not thankful for what i have now?

i was born in a family of 7.. magnificent 7.. though the upbringing was not as beautiful as others but every family has their own story.. and being the eldest certainly was not easy.. the memory of me bashing my brother so merciless is still vividly in mind.. yup.. i was a fierce sister... and yet i have quite a good education background.. i think.. i have a degree which qualify me enough to get quite an ok job.. i mean i have been doing various job before i became a teacher.. which now i love being one.. i was in love several times, betrayed and in love again.. with the only man who i think.. is a bless from god.. and is my husband now.. so.. i should be thankful.. i must be thankful for this life.. and i realized.. i do.. i am so grateful.. now.. i am relieved.. i still have my sanity..

dear readers.. i think blogging keep me sane.. whenever i was about to get angry over some ridiculous thing.. apart from all the rituals as a muslim.. writing is another way to channel the mess out of my mind in the right way..

the main issue is i was a tad bit angry with MR MZMRIZA this afternoon.. because he did not iron his baju melayu for the solat jumaat prayers.. so the issue got us into a minor quarrel.. it ended up into a small cold war.. and then he went for his jumaat prayers.. and i went for prayer too.. started blogging and i realized it was all my fault.. maybe i was bz in the kitchen preparing lunch but i should have gotten his baju ironed earlier on.. which i was totally forgot to.. sorry abang..

i was also a bit tensed for the reason that i am going to be the MC for my PIBG meeting tomorrow but i am having quite a bad flu and cough. They said the rest of the school requested that i should be the MC since according to them, i have a lovely voice... at first i was quite over the rainbow but then i realized that i was the only one who can speak standard malay flawlessly.. i think so.. since most of my colleagues are local... i hope that i wont be coughing a lot through out the event.. which i am now avoiding all the cold drinks and hot foods.. sound like a singer preparing for a big concert though..

i also got a new task yesterday. My HM had personally wanted me to prepare a booklet on the school profile and create a new design for the school's flag.. though she did gave me some idea but i am not that creative.. quite angry in the beginning since there is a lot of other delayed task but now i realized that my HM believe in me.. and i should feel that this is an honor instead of a torturing task.. well maybe its actually a torture since the school will be evaluated for the ALS but i have to give my best for the school.. i must think positively.. you go girl!!!

its such a relief when i was able to let it all out.. friends.. thank you for spending some time to read my silly and absurdity thoughts..

and sometimes.. it would be good if i have the chance to get myself treated like this.. spa anyone?



Si Comel said...

hee~ get well soon ya~! mkn ubat tau!..

apis585 said...

mkn lozenges n drink warm water just before u start mc-ing
n for remedy, gargle with saltwater Insyaallah...

chucky said...

kak liza,
hope all wells ends wells je ye....

emmii said...

true...writing is one of the method to release the emotions especially when there is no one there for us to talk about them. like i did, no husband around except once in a fortnight. sometimes i feel like my life is quite similar with yours during your life in here but thankfully it will be until this month of July. all i have to do is 'sabar je lah'...

::Cikgu Liza:: said...

comel - antibiotik aje tak makan lagi.. ubat batuk mcm2 jenis dah, lozanges pun.. thanx ye!!

apis - yelah.. lupa pasal saltwater tu.. pernah buat dulu2.. thanks for reminding me..

chucky - ha ah.. takut gak ni.. sekali bgn pasi esok.. hilang pulak suara.. hahhahah..

sis emmi - what else can do except being super duper patient.. and yes.. internet sure is helping when we are all alone.. its ok.. just hang in there ekk..